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Save Wizard for PS4 MAX @ps4savewizard
Does the impossible yet again, releasing brand-new 'cheat/save files' for Sony's latest blockbuster PlayStation 4 Game!

We have blogged before about how great Save Wizard for PS4 MAX is, and it just got a ton better earlier today, as not only does it support the latest PS4 firmware v5.53 for your Sony PlayStation 4 consoles, it now has 'cheats' and 'saves' for the very latest big game 'God of War' which was just released earlier this month, not to mention their amazing software is just an one-time purchase, with up to 3 PSN accounts, and vast library of thousands of cheats and hundreds of games across all regions! :)
IDC for the Nintendo Switch's Secure Monitor, version 5.0.0.

Just when you thought @fail0verflow had the 'last word', scene developer @SciresM fights off one more round, with release of the 'IDC' file so those with 'IDA PRO' can poke around and study the Switch Secure Monitor (TruztZone) firmware version 5.0.0, so check it out:
NEWS SOURCE: @SciresM (via) Twitter
Welcome to ShofEL2 and Switch Linux, fail0verflow’s boot stack for no-modification, universal code execution and Linux on the Nintendo Switch (and potentially any Tegra X1 platform).

@fail0verflow decided to have the 'last word' in the on-going 'scene drama', by releasing things 48 hours early, and at same time taking one more 'dig/poke' at the other teams, saying they 'found this bootrom bug first', but at same time saying others found it also! :)
MaxConsole presents to you: Ezflash Omega
The final and ultimate Gameboy Advance flash cart

The list of features below will be demonstrated in this official MaxConsole review for your enjoyment and decision on purchasing this product. We will test and see how this flash cart performs and if it lives up to expectations.

List of features:
  • GBA game copy and play, no client needed
  • Fast patch engine, instant game load speed, additional manual patch engine to support modified rom
  • Hardware based direct save to SD card.
  • Cheat
  • Save states
  • Real time clock
  • Sleep
  • Hotkey customizable
  • 256Mb PSRAM supports all games, instant load
  • 512Mb Norflash, keep your favorite games
  • GB/GBC/NES game copy and play
  • System on chip level recovery mode, prevent upgrade dead
  • Support FAT16/FAT32/EXFAT, 128MB-128GB SD card
  • Firmware and kernel both are...
Since there is no point 'hiding' it anymore, Plutoo has decided to release his GITHub Repo also!

Since things are going to moving forward soon with 'higher' Switch firmwares, @qlutoo has released his v3.0.0 source code for nx-hbl, check it out below:
OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbexploit300-obf
Switch Linux / Switch U-Boot / Switch CoreBoot / Switch Arm Trusted Firmware

Nintendo 'scene' is on fire today, and @fail0verflow has decided to release their GITHub Repo pages to the public for viewing, most are still 'work-in-progress' and no official tweet has been announced yet by the team, but they do say to 'stay tuned' to after April 25th. :)

f0f GITHUB links:
So from the looks of it, soon we will have full disclosure after their 90-day window closes in the next few days, so Stay Tuned! :)
A port of @flat_z 's encdec emulator to C.

Scene developer @notzecoxao informs us on Twitter, that ZeroTolerance has released a much better/faster version of 'ps3encdec':
NEWS SOURCE: @notzecoxao (via) Twitter
Team Fail0verFlow says 'stay tuned' because after April 25th, good things will come soon!

@fail0verflow was feeling a little down after all this recent 'scene drama', so they decided to knock it up a level and throw in their 2 cents, but added a bit that their own exploit disclosure is coming soon!
For More Drama, Follow Them On Twitter: --> https://twitter.com/fail0verflow
Or Follow Us For All The Real Scene News: --> https://twitter.com/MaxConsoleTweet
UPDATED: @RedGuyyyy - Releases Build v08 with GSU performance improvements!

@RedGuyyyy continues to fix up his Super FX support for sd2snes by releasing another new buld with some great bug fixes:
An official Game Boy Advance Port of Super Block Jump made by the same creator of the scratch game.

Sterophonick has been working on his new game for almost two years now, and he has finally finished it!
NEWS SOURCE: Super Block Jump v1.09a (via) GBADev
Unlaunch.dsi is the first ever [released] bootcode exploit for DSi consoles.

It's been crazy day for 'Nintendo' on heels of Switch drama, an 'coldboot exploit' for their old DSi is now out! :)
Manjaro Linux PS4 v2 is now available and incorporates the latest contributions from the Psxita team and the latest Linux kernel from Eeply.

Logically, all PS4 firmware 4.05 / 4.55 (FAT / SLIM / PRO) should now be able to launch and use Manjaro Linux, which I pre-configured by default.
@ktemkin - Ahead of schedule, ReSwitched releases the documents that were to be released on June 15th, 2018

The Switch 'scene drama' is on non-stop rollercoaster, with Team ReSwitched developer 'Kate' released their disclosure report early!
@ktemkin accelerate the timeline a little ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

After all the recent 'scene drama' with first the Tegra X1 Bootrom and Bug leaks, developers from Team ReSwitched decided to push their GITHub Project Page live early, check it out below, but sadly nothing useful can be done with it yet:
                                      *     .--.
                                           / /  `
                          +               | |
                                 '         \ \__,
                             *          +   '--'  *
                                 +   /\
                    +              .'  '.   *
                           *      /======\      +
                                 ;:.  _   ;
                                 |:. (_)  |
                                 |:.  _   |
                       +         |:. (_)  |          *
A day after the Tegra X1 Boot ROM (Nintendo Switch Leaked, now another big anonymous leak has occurred!

The 'scene drama' has not stopped, as now the same anonymous source has released the details on the Tegra X1 Bug, which also takes digs at all the various scene developers:
Going to be an uphill battle now, to see whom of the above list comes out on top of all this ongoing Nintendo Switch 'scene drama'.
Modding Project by @WiiuGold, turning an Amazon DIY Mini-Cab into nice finished box for your Retro Switch Gaming!

The other day, I was chatting with @WiiUGold from GBATemp, helping him out with some info on getting his ESP8266 device working on his Switch using the @RetroGamer_74 payloads, and he posted some cool 'Mario Cab' photos, and then decided to show his thanks for our MaxConsole UnderGround help, by making another 'Switch Cab' this time with an skin matching our site, so check out the cool photos below of the whole building, sanding process, and the finished artwork afterwards, then all you got to do is slide in your Nintendo Switch console like shown in his early Mario one and enjoy some cool-ass Retro Gaming in pure Arcade style! :)

(Click the Continue Button below to see all the photos on how it turned out!)

UPDATED - 04/23 He is now working on third cab (the yellow one), in honor of the upcoming Team-Xecuter Switch Modchip, and we added more photos of his modding projects, and if you want to do something similar check out the links below:

Source Link for Cabinet: --> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071FVY1JG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_yC91AbXKHMN9Y
@WiiUGold Mario Cab: --> https://gbatemp.net/threads/fake-news-1-0-esp8266-chip.501348/page-2#post-7924599
@q3k Also releases matching .IDC for the leaked ROM, so now everyone can enjoy combing thru it looking for exploits!

Earlier today, a similar anonymous source that previously leaked the 'master_key_03' (trading card version), has now leaked the Tegra X1 Boot ROM (Nintendo Switch).
It's of no use to any end-user, and all important teams have this file long time ago, and its missing all the 'ipatches' that are added onto it by Nvidia and Nintendo with each new firmware revision, but still packed away inside this 96kb file is whole bunch of bugs that most likely have all been corrected with the upcoming 'Mariko' T214 silicon die of the newer Tegra X1 which still at least 6 months away, but if you do want to comb thru it, attached is the matching IDC file from @q3k released earlier on Twitter:
Enjoy, and please remember that sharing in the scene is caring about the scene! :)
UPDATED: 201804.22 - With HACToolGUI v0.03a and all the released keys in the right format, ready to go for you!

There has always been 'scene drama' over posting and leaking of 'keys' that are needed, and there is going to be more fights soon as you can see above this news story, the Tegra X1 Boot ROM (Nintendo Switch) has now leaked, and it also seems to include a unknown Switch SHA1 keyhash F8001BE1190CAED74BBDDAD78667877C84D1A128 so for sure there is soon going to be more updates, in the meantime enjoy our latest 'pirate flag' package for your own internal in-house Educational and Research needs! :)
; ========================
; By ub3r1337 on 201804.17
; ========================

Microsoft is getting set for E3 to kick off this summer and ahead of that event, Microsoft is adding some new features to the Xbox One.

Do your eyes get tried when playing for many hours on your Xbox One? -- Even tho, you upgraded your monitor with 120hz support, the poor outdated XB1 still is throwing you horrible flicking 60hz refresh to your tried eyes, well soon you will be able to wipe the tears from your eyes, because May is just around the corner and its blooming not flowers, but features for all those with Xbox One consoles.
After the Switch brought in $30 billion (U.S.) since its debut last year, Nintendo’s new line of interactive cardboard accessories, Labo, might signal a new direction for the company.

Before there was 'video gaming' there was LEGO bricks, now LEGO can barely stay afloat, but big 'N' thinks the future of 'young gamers' is 'cardboard' in this case LABO for their Switch which has not really captured the 'under-16' crowd, so there is alot of optimism for their sheets of cardboard that you can turn into toys which interact with the console, but so far its not taken off with investors, they are waiting to see if it will be big 'N' next 'billion-dollar' hit, or will it flop like pile of wet worthless cardboard that it really is! :)