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It seems that Nintendo has employed or is in the works with the Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation which has gone on a copyright frenzy on youtube.

Various content creators have received one or multiple copyright strikes on youtube and have had their videos completely removed; some users have also been completely shut down!
Ahead of the Switch release, Nintendo is going on warpath again removing any videos to do about 'modding', 'flashcarts', 'homebrew' on the Nintendo 3DS, some YouTuber's think the crackdown is to make it look like their devices are 'secure' ahead of the big Switch release, or to put fear into the 'modders' out there to leave the 'Switch' alone or Nintendo will come calling, if you think you can post a mod! :)

So what do you think Nintendo's reasons are, and is it not strange they...
Story, Kojima’s Involvement

Fans of stealth game franchise Metal Gear may still see a Metal Gear Solid film come to fruition. This is good news for gamers who want to see the famed Solid Snake in live action.
Well it seems the movie project to turn Snake from 'video gaming character' into big screen action hero is coming along, and surprising enough it seems Kojima might still be involved with the project, so that is good news all around for loyal fans of the gaming series.
#NintendoMinute - Forgot all those fake viral videos of 'stolen' Switches being unboxed, this is the World's First Unboxing of a Switch!

The old viral saying goes like this: Once tou seen one unboxing, You have seen them all! Well that is not really true, when it comes to Kit & Krysta, there is no one else in the world wide world of social networking that can do an unboxing video like they can!
Now that Nintendo with its army of men in black have removed all those 'fake viral videos' of unboxing by hiphoptherobot with his stolen Switch that they even got back from him, and rounded up all those rogue employees, its now safe for them to release the first official real unboxing of a Nintendo Switch, and amazing enough 10 days earlier before anyone in the world has ever seen one being unboxed before!
PS4 exclusivity has now expired for Resident Evil 7's expansions.

All of Resident Evil 7's DLC, which was previously exclusive to PlayStation 4, is now available on Xbox One and PC.
If you been waiting to enjoy RE7 on your PC Gaming Rig or Xbox One, because it was not complete, then you no longer have to wait, as all the 'extra stuff' that was exclusive to the Sony Ponies, is now available for all to enjoy and get scared by, except for the 'VR Mode!'
However, the game will still come out in March.

A Nintendo Switch launch game has been delayed. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ will no longer release on March 3.
One less game will be available on launch day for the upcoming Nintendo Switch launch next week.
Developer Cyanide Presents The Making of a Goblin Video

We're less than a month away from the launch of Styx: Shards of Darkness! View today's new developer diary detailing the creation process behind the ambitious sequel below!
Cyanide Studio, developers of Styx: Shards of Darkness, today share in video form how they envisioned and gave life, personality, and soul to the main character of their game, the witty goblin Styx.
WWE Superstar John Cena Greets Visitors at the First Stop in the California Desert

To showcase this unprecedented new style of console gaming on the go, Nintendo is showcasing the versatility of Nintendo Switch across the country with highly visual, interactive living room-inspired spaces in places you would never expect, bringing surprises to every stop.
Imagine driving in the middle of the desert and seeing a couch, TV and video game system in the middle of nowhere, or skiing down the side of a mountain and seeing another one of these surprising setups sitting there in the snow, ready for a round of gaming.
Game Boy Advanced is not about Metroid, Castelvania or Legend of Zelda.

There are more games to it than these overblown titles bathing in rays of nostalgic glory. We played in more then three games as kids – why are most of them suddenly forgotten?
Today, in the era of Internet, a time when GBA ROMs download takes but a few seconds, we can finally honor some of our favorite games by playing them once more. I wonder how they’ll go right now, once you are a mature adult (you are a mature adult, aren’t you)?

So, what are some of the best games you played as a kid but totally forgot about today?

Super Monkey Ball Jr.


A monkey inside a ball racing on a track filled with obstacles – who came up with these ideas back in the day, anyway? And yet the game was a huge success. Jaw breaking complexity...
The Top Eight Call of Duty Teams Earned Their Share of $100,000 After Competing over the Action-Packed Weekend

The road to the 2017 Championship of the Call of Duty® World League (CWL) Presented by PlayStation®4 has continued with a big win from OpTic Gaming.
FaZe Clan, Rise Nation and Infused rounded out the top spots after three days of intense competition at CWL Paris Open, hosted by ESWC. As the competition concluded, OpTic moves one step closer to securing a spot in the first ever CWL Global Pro League, beginning in April.
Bethesda fans may not have Fallout 5 or Elder Scrolls 6 yet.

However, a Fallout 4 VR (virtual reality) game may be one fans are waiting for. If Bethesda’s venture into VR is successful, then this game can revolutionize the industry.
Unlike alot of other VR Games so far, Bethesda claims their version of Fallout 4 from 2015 being converted right now to VR will be the 'full game', not just some tech demo, or little extra-mission, from start to finish just like their original, you will be able to play it in VR mode.
Memory lane.

Nintendo of Japan has revealed digital download sizes for a number of Nintendo Switch games, including one that is too large to be stored on the console's 32GB internal memory.
If you want to take a trip down the digital memory lane path with your Nintendo Switch as, now finally 'digital purchases' will be tied to your account not your 'console/handheld' so it makes more sense to go 'digital' with this new generation of Nintendo hardware, the only problem is the 'games are huge' in fact one is already bigger than the internal memory itself, remember only 25.9gb of 32gb is free for storage space, and that space is also needed for DLC and Game Saves, since nothing is written back to your physical game cartridges.
@flat_z has been Tweeting out some very interesting facts regarding PS2 Emulation Support on the PS4 console!

If you been following Aleksey Kulayev (aka) Flat_Z recently on Twitter, you would have see he is knee-deep into figuring out the official PS2 emulation that Sony is using on their newer PlayStation 4 console, and it seems to be on the surface a much simpler setup than on the older PS3 console.
Here is a digest of all his recent Tweets regarding his work on ripping apart the PS2 Emulator found packed alongside the recent Max Payne re-release for the PlayStation 4 console, and from the surface it looks like there is only good things in store for all of us soon:
Already thanks to the recently discovered Octopus Exploit on the Vita's f00d Processor some good things are appearing!

We can finally fully rip apart Game Backups from the Vita handheld, and decrypt them to look into the internal workings more!
Amazing news already, thanks to the team effort to push into the Vita's f00d processor and unlock the final treasure chest of hidden lv0 keys, working tools have already appear that make usage of these new found 'secrets' and this set allow us to explore Vita Game files!
The Xbox One has a variety of games, although the one thing that the PS4 has over it is that more Japanese developed games are available on that system. Phil Spencer is hoping to try and rectify this.

A fan asked Phil Spencer on Twitter what are the chances of more JRPGs being released on the Xbox One. After all, several JRPGs were on the Xbox 360 but not many are available on the new system.
It looks like Microsoft is yet another trying for another bite of the Japanese market with their Xbox console, or if not to at least bring over those types of games to the 'western world' for their loyal fans, since Scalebound didn't occur like they originally had planned, so Phil is making a trip overseas to discuss development matters with a number of third-party publishers to see if they can change all that.
Most companies have already abandoned Windows XP and Vista, including Microsoft once Vista leaves extended support in April, but Blizzard is known for long-term support.

This is the company that is still selling Diablo 2, even producing retail disks for it last I checked, almost seventeen years after it was released (including a patch last year).
Well if you are an long-time fan of playing World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, or Diablo III, you might finally have to think about upgrading your PC, as their games will no longer support older 'operating systems' which means you will need Windows 7 or Windows 10 rigs!
Enjoy the Announcement Teaser Trailer Below!

For the final new game announcement made during their annual press conference, video game publisher Nippon Ichi Software America confirmed they would be bringing the strategy game Tokyo Tattoo Girls to audiences in North America and PAL regions.
Developed by Sushi Typhoon Games, this title will be available on both the PlayStation Vita and PC (via Steam) from an undetermined date in 2017.
From the days of Original Xbox Soft-Modding, using 'Bert & Ernie' modded fonts, and Krazyie's NDURE Installer

Time to dig out your old big bulky original Xbox console, and see if you can locate your original disc for '007: Agent Under Fire', 'Mech Assault' or 'Splinter Cell' and remember how you use to 'soft-mod' your video gaming machine in a few easy and fool-proof steps.
But before it all become easy with Krazyie's error-free, crash-proof, fool-proof NDURE Installer, there was alot of development steps in the Xbox scene, and one of the major ones was figuring out how to get 'dual-boot' and then 'tri-boot' to work using the 'Bert & Ernie' fonts, where you could load up different 'dashboards', like for example Open Empty Tray for 'Original Go Live Microsoft Mode', or Closed Empty Tray for 'UnLeashX' or 'Tray with DISC Inside' to load up Linux or something else special, and now some kind...
Forgot Silly Unboxing Videos, We Here At MaxConsole Are Showing You The Real Guts Inside That Make Switch Work!

You must have watched those first videos of Nintendo Switch retail unit from 'hiphoptherobot' in action a dozen times by now, but to a true hard-core scene gamer like ourselves, its what inside that really matters, so we bring you the first basic tear-down of an Nintendo Switch!
They said a picture is worth a thousand words, so no more text chit-chat to read, here are all the Switch photos direct from our source:
SW1.jpg SW2.jpg
SW3.jpg SW4.jpg
SW5.jpg SW6.jpg
SW7.jpg SW8.jpg
SW9.jpg SWD.jpg
SWB.jpg SWC.jpg
SWA.jpg Shield2017vsNSwitch.png
The last picture above is the most...
Nintendo continues to enthusiastically work hard to spread the word about how third-party developers can bring their games to Nintendo Switch.

They made an appearance at the Game Creators Conference 2017 this weekend, where they revealed that the Nintendo Switch dev kit price is approximately 50,000 yen ($450).
Nintendo was pushing hard at the recent GCC event in Japan, and one of the major points they stressed to smaller developers is that you can get started developing with their new Nintendo Switch for only $450 Dollars, which is alot lower price point then they previously offered with the Wii U, and still much less than what Sony or Microsoft are charging for their entry-level 'devkit' setups.
True Call of Duty Pro eSports Gamers have switched over to using 'Cronus Max' adapters for their PS4 gaming needs!

The Playstation controller issue doesn’t seem to want to go away, despite Sony’s best attempts to resolve the issue.
When the deal was stuck, to use PlayStation 4 consoles instead of the Xbox One, every one quickly found out that there was 'major' delay issue with the newer DualShock 4 controllers, and putting them in 'wired' mode just make the 'lag' even worse, the solution has been so far to switch over to use 'Cronus Max' adapters, because even the recently released improved V2 DS4's don't solve the issue.