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The fastest growing spectator sport in the world is attracting the best pro gamers on the planet: should we be surprised that the top ten are all male?

With a global audience in excess of 700 million and tournaments vying with each other for increasingly large prize pots, eSports are set to become the dominant spectator sport of the 21st century.
Professional gamers, who are increasingly regarded as ‘athletes’ by their fans, are now earning serious money playing games such as Dota2, Counter Strike and League of Legends.
Don't Have Kids!

Dad gets upset his PlayStation 4 console has stopped playing blu-ray discs, everything else works fine, but no disc action!
He decides to take it upon himself to fit his own PS4 and after a bit of work, was able to figure out the problem his PS4 was having!
U.K.-based project part of effort to diversify developers

Sony has announced plans to sponsor a "bootcamp" for girls who want to work in video games and technology.
There has been alot discussion recently, that there is not enough 'female' game developers in studios across the world, but Sony is stepping up to the plate and aiming to help change that by 'Sponsoring' a 'Bootcamp for Girls', with the hope they will take up an career in gaming.
GPU Usage in Homebrew!

All Vita fans rejoice! Developer ‘xerpi’ who is probably most well-known for libVita2D has started dabbling around with libgxm! Libgxm is the Vita’s 3D graphics API.
Wololo's Blog is reporting that 'xerpi' is getting polished together a library for homebrew authors on the Vita to fully use the GPU, which means we will have soon have very much better emulators and homebrew games to enjoy on our modded Vita handhelds.
@Ryuzaki-MrL has released a simple way to get Old 3DS handhelds into the Virtual SNES gaming action!

Originally Nintendo only allows owners of the New Nintendo 3DS handheld, to buy and install SNES VC ROM's, but no longer thanks to the hard efforts of Ryuzaki-MrL he has designed an OldSNES Injector so all those with the older consoles and enjoy them!
The following is the main instructions on how to use his OldSNES Injector, please visit the official GITHUB for more info and updates:
The Best Real money slot Apps are getting more and more attention these days. The pool of potential online casino game players is just growing more and more.

This is making it easier and easier for developers to get the inspiration and the motivation that they need. They know that their work is important and they know that a lot of people are going to be getting a lot of very real use out of their apps.
The best of the slot apps for real money are going to have a few things in common. People are always going to disagree over which of these games are going to count as the best and which of these games are the most notable. The list is going to change very quickly as well. This is a niche that is just too broad at this point with too many entries for any one of them to stand out in a way that is so obvious that it is going to force absolutely everyone to agree. However, certain real...
That was the claim back in 2012, but now the Ohio State Univ. has retracted the 'paper' regarding the subject matter!

A 2012 paper on the effects of violent video games authored by Brad Bushman, a professor of communication and psychology at Ohio State University, along with Jodi Whitaker, who’s now a professor at University of Arizona, has been retracted following its inability to meet scientific standards after peer review.
Violent Video Games is always a subject of many studies and research papers, but in this case, the 'Boom: Headshot!' paper that been quoted from in many other studies over the last few years, as now been retracted by the original univ. sighting errors in its peer review.
By comparison, the Wii U sold around 13 million units over its first four years.

Research firm DFC Intelligence released a report this week in which it predicts that the Nintendo Switch will sell 40 million units by the end of 2020.
Nintendo has only stated so far short-term goals of selling 2 million units during the launch window of the first 2 months, but analysts are predicting the Switch will infact do better than their previous Wii U in terms of lifetime sales, with Switch reaching 40 million by 2020. :)
The console crushed all it’s competitors in terms of digital attention

GamesBeat has partnered with attention analytics company, which measures TV advertising in real-time, to bring you a monthly report on how gaming brands are spending their TV ad dollars and which commercials are generating the most digital response (iSpot measures actions across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all major search engines).
Every year analytics firms look into how the top-brands push their marketing out to consumers via normal channels like TV Ads and Youtube, etc. and this year Microsoft with their Xbox One brand was the #1, spending the most, and pushing the most, compare to the others like Sony with its PlayStation ads, and Nintendo as usual was on the bottom of the list of the top five.
#GamerGate - Actor calls out hypocrisy at high levels within the industry without naming names

Actor Ashley Judd singled out the games industry as part of a TED Talk that confronted the abuse of women online. Although Judd made the speech in October, the talk just made its way to YouTube a few days ago. She scorned the industry for its callous treatment of women, and specifically for its hypocritical stance on GamerGate behind closed doors.
Just when you thought you heard the last of GamerGate, and the subject was dead, up pops another big debate over it, this one is how 'video games' are making tons of money with 'misogyny' and that it must end, but Ashley didn't name any studios in her talk.
Next Step in Cracking The Rest of the Vita handheld is Now Possible!

Thanks to the amazing work by @St4rk, we now have the Wiki updated with listing of the special developer unique PFS keys, that are key into ripping apart the internals of the Vita game itself, allowing for possible cheats and mods, and other neat things to be done now!
The PS Vita PFS keys have been posted in the HENkaku wiki (mirror) by St4rk. So what are the PFS keys?
So there you go folks, almost everything on the Vita has fallen down for us to explore and pick at, all we need now is something more than ARK for v3.61 and later firmwares, so we can enjoy the very best on the latest,...
Nintendo's Wii Virtual Console, might be running infact pirated ROM's with unofficial headers to make them work!

A video released on gaming site Eurogamer today alleges that Nintendo actually did something it has demonized for years: downloaded a third-party copy of a Super Mario game from the internet, re-jigged it, and sold it back to consumers through the Virtual Console.
It has been discussed for a few years in underground forum sites, that Nintendo was using emulators were based on unofficial info and designed with help of open-source ones and even pirated dumped ROM's from their original cartridges were used for their official Virtual Console, but now finally full solid proof that big 'N' is just as guilty of being a full-fledged pirate as some of their own loyal Nintendo consumers are has arrived, read on for more details and watch the video proof...
Build a cuboid paradise on a liquid-cooled console, as the gods intended

Somewhere in an alternate universe there’s a Dreamcast 2 and, presumably, a Dreamcast 3.
And, in that alternate universe, our doppelgangers are able to play Minecraft on their console of choice.
But for us, stuck here in this hellish timeline, we’ll have to settle with a clever clone for the original Dreamcast, now available for free online

Never say Never, when it comes to loyal fans and their never-dying love for the retro console called 'Dreamcast', and surprising enough you can now enjoy the mind-blogging graphics of the ever popular MineCraft game on your old favorite the Sega Dreamcast console!
New Video: Watch Players Become Gods in Conan Exiles
Take control of towering gods and watch entire cities crumble as you dominate the open-world survival sandbox on January 31st
TODAY: New developer stream on, see avatar gameplay in action

Friday, Friday, Friday!
That means some new Conan Exiles awesomeness, as well as a new stream from the team, which will take place at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 19:00 Central European Time at
Watch it! There'll be some news!

Today's video highlights Domination in the World of Conan (conveniently also the title of the video). Check it out below!
Focus Home Interactive Partners with White Wolf Publishing to get this New RPG Game out for both PC and Consoles!

Exciting news for World of Darkness fans! White Wolf, Focus, and Cyanide (Blood Bowl, Call of Cthulhu) are teaming up to adapt Werewolf into a video game for consoles and PC.
Paris-based video game publisher Focus Home Interactive is pleased to announce its partnership with White Wolf Publishing, license owner of the famous World of Darkness universe (Vampire The Masquerade, Werewolf, Mage Ascension).

Read on for full details about the brutal RPG:
The Nintendo Switch, a device many consider the Japanese company’s last chance in the console market, will go on sale on March 3 in the United States.

It has a unique proposition – it can be a TV-based device, a table-top console (using an included monitor), and a DS-style handheld – but is it what gamers want?
Perhaps more importantly, is it what Nintendo needs?

Nintendo is up to something. The Switch's portability means that it will inevitably eat into the market for the DS handheld. Consequently, the device may represent an effort by Nintendo to consolidate its hardware businesses following its recent move into mobile development. The DS is already losing ground to the iPhone in Japan.

Mobile support is an increasingly essential part of gaming, with even traditional table-top games like slot machines making the leap to iPhones in recent years. For many brands, it can be a way to get a new,...
Virtual reality heavyweight HTC has set aside $10 million to create new VR tech and experiences that will "create positive impact and change."

The cash will be distributed through the Vive creator's new "VR for Impact" program, which is supporting the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals -- a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.
Virtual Reality might not be taking off as good as developers have hoped, but here is chance to make some 'impact' in the world, by coming up with new VR idea, and getting some money for it also, and at the same time helping to make the 'real world' a better place.
New releases Top the Charts!

All console sales have dropped a significant amount from last week overseas in the Japanese homeland of Nintendo, many having dropped to less than half what they sold last week.
The likely cause?

Nintendo Switch pre-orders go live on January 21st in Japan. Not just consoles, but games have also had a significant drop this week.
Also, hey, looks like Cave Story is coming to the Switch!

The Binding of Isaac developer Nicalis posted a picture to social media that may have shown just a bit too much of the Nintendo Switch’s user interface.
So there you have it the first two looks at what going to be the Nintendo Switch User Interface, looks very basic and simple, and looks like you can pick a dark or light theme depending on your wants and needs, but sadly its so simple that it reported that stuff like 'matchmaking' and 'voice chat' even fact is handled thru an app on your mobile phone, not part of the UI, and previous things like StreetPass on 3DS and MiiVerse on the Wii U is NOT going to be bought over to the Nintendo Switch at least not for the big launch!
Hello Hello! - This one is long, but it's not a bad read.

Today we've got a fun little informational release coming to you that covers the story and the characters of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.
Most of this is informational for those really interested in learning more about this upcoming AAA shooter hitting PC, PS4 and Xbox One on April 4th.