General Video Gaming Industry Newz

Few industries change as quickly as video gaming, and 2017 looks to provide plenty more products that will revolutionize the way that we stay entertained.

It looks to be a big year for hardware as Microsoft aim to give us the most powerful gaming console of all-time with the Xbox Project Scorpio. This fascinating console is expected to arrive in the months leading up to Christmas, and as well as being fully VR-compatible, it will also be a true 4K system, unlike the recently released Sony PlayStation Pro.

This will enable 2160p, 60 frame-per-second content for gaming and streaming, and with 8GB of graphics memory, it’s clear that the Xbox Scorpio is going to be hard to beat.

But in light of Nintendo’s surprising console-handheld hybrid, it’s clear that processing power isn’t everything. The...
Thank your local pirate

Because one of the devs helped pirate it as a kid
Even big companies lose their own vault of archives from time to time, so when they want to go back and re-release an old classic, they sometimes have no choice but to ring up some 'pirates' to help them put together the missing pieces and re-create the old games! :)
NINTENDO SWITCH owners are waiting patiently for the release of Super Mario Odyssey, but they have at least one new Mario game they can play - but not on the Switch.

Super Mario fans are going to love this! As luckily there is one new Super Mario game they can play in the interim while waiting for Super Mario Odyssey to arrive near the end of the year for the Nintendo Switch!
Finally, a Super Mario game that everyone can enjoy and play, even if they are PlayStation or Xbox owners, they are welcome to join in!
One of the biggest rules in cosplay creation: Make it look real, but not too real. Why?

Because you end up with moments like the one in Grande Prairie, Alberta.
According to CBC News, an unnamed cosplayer was walking down the street in full Fallout gear, including a New California Republic flag.
It's 2017, but you can still experience the Internet of 1986 thanks to BBS enthusiasts.

Limited to an anachronistic 1200 bits per second, it took several moments for the green-phosphor ASCII art to scroll from the bottom to the top of the screen.
Anyone, remember the movie 'War Games' where the kid dials into Norad and starts a 'Nuclear War', well that was Hollywood version of modems and BBS's, but back then BBS's were real online communities that connect people together, the true start of forums like us! :)
Power To The Players has become Data For The Hackers

Video game giant GameStop Corp. says it is investigating reports that hackers may have siphoned credit card and customer data from its website —
Gamestop might have pissed off the wrong customer this time around, as it seems they have recently been the target of data 'hackers'.
Gold Circle Films and DJ2 Entertainment Partner to Adapt Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few as Feature Film

We Happy Few is a videogame set in an isolated English town in an "alternate 1960s" where government-imposed, drug-induced happiness masks gruesome violence and conceals a nefarious mystery.
One resident, free of the drug's effects, risks his life to learn why his home is a bizarre open-air prison. And that story was great as 'video game' and its been very popular, now we soon going to see how it plays out as movie when the adaption is finished being produced.
Following a lengthy struggle with financial insolvency, gaming peripheral maker Mad Catz has formally ceased all operation.

The company’s directors and officers have all resigned, and its assets will be liquidated. The company that spent nearly three decades pumping out PC and console gaming gear is no more.
The era of having top-quality third-party video gaming controllers are over, its time we got use to the fact only official original controllers will be our gaming console future, too bad, but its seems the buying world no longer loves having options to game on in our dirty hands.
Preview "The World of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3" on YouTube, Album Available on Streaming Services

This one's for the people who enjoy listening to game soundtracks. I frequently find myself listening to game soundtracks on Spotify while I work, so I suppose this is an easy sell for me.
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3's music was composed and produced by the composer who worked on The Witcher 3 and Vanishing of Ethan Carter, so give it a listen if game OSTs are your thing. Cheers!
Back To The World War 2 - Here We Come Marching!

Eurogamer sources have confirmed that a series of images leaked last week via YouTube are referencing this year’s entry in the long-running series, Call of Duty: WWII.
We already hear from GameStop that the last Call of Duty was so bad in terms of 'holiday sales', they were forced to close over 150 stores because of it, and now Activision has decided to save the series the only solution is to go back in time to a real dirty World War.
My Mass Effect playthrough was the most straight-laced, male heterosexual journey you could imagine.

I boned Ashley, despite her space-alt-right leanings. Then I boned Miranda, because I mean, I’m only human. Garrus was just my mechanic. The guy stuck at the bottom of my ship fixing shit.
It seems that 'female gamers' are really enjoying the new Mass Effect, in fact they all want to sleep with Garrus, the alien that at the bottom at ship fixing things, seems he is driving the girl gamers made crazy and they are all sex-crazed over him and can't get enough.
Earnings report blames big boxes, underwhelming AAA titles

GameStop is going to close about 150 of its stores this year in the wake of slumping holiday sales, according the company's earnings report on Thursday.
And the main reason seems to be that the latest Call of Duty game didn't sell as well as it normally does, leaving GameStop no choice but to close down some locations this year due to overall weak holiday sales.
Great News Today For 'WarHammer' Fans, More New Games On The Way Soon!

Bigben and Games Workshop are happy to announce their partnership for the development of a console and PC game based on the renowned Warhammer Fantasy Battles IP.
This adaptation of the franchise will be the first Hack and Slash game to unfold in the Warhammer world. The game takes place in the Old World, a dark and bloody continent devastated by the wars against Chaos. Dive into the heart of the Warhammer story, become a hero and battle to survive the desolation.
To be Repairable or Not To be Touched, is the big legal battle now racing across the United States of America!

In a gritty vintage video games store in Manhattan’s East Village, a man who only wanted to be identified by his PlayStation username, GorillaStump, explained his passion for repairing video game consoles. Years ago, he turned those skills into a job that’s now entangled in legal battles across the county.
They call American, the land of the free, but when it comes to protecting the those video gaming consoles, the ESA and various gaming publishers it lobbies for, are now fighting to remove the 'little-man' operating in shops across america, from picking up a screwdriver and replacing your burned out blu-ray laser, or removing those pennies your kids slipped inside, or replacing that cracked screen or case.
I Took Gamer Drugs For A Week And This Is What They Did To My Body

One Hard-Core Pro Gamer, shares his 'drug filled' video gaming experience with Kotaku, and its an interesting read for sure!
DON'T DO DRUGS! -- Was the message in front of every Arcade machine when you booted it up, and slipped in some quarters, but they were talking about those 'illegal kind' and that was the '80s, now we are in the 2010's and gaming has become a top money-making eSports career, and if not that gamers are also streaming 24/7 their game plays via Twitch with millions of followers, so of course sadly gamers are looking for that 'quick fix' to keep on gaming, as Coffee, Jolt and other normal things are no longer working, and god forbid trying the old-age natural way of SLEEPING, because we all know they have not invented a way YET to stream your Dream-State-Gaming!
Second big 'legal lawsuit' news today, first with Nintendo against flashcarts, and now this one against 'cheating services'.

A company that created and sold bots and scripts that allowed players to cheat at League of Legends has suffered a major defeat to developer Riot in the courts.
Another big lawsuit settlement news today, in this case it is Riot vs. Cheaters, and they won with $10 million claim against the $15 a month 'service', and even took control over all the 'cheating service' websites.
'Conan Exiles' recouped its development costs in less than a week.

It's easy to disassociate game developers from the success or failure of their titles. The average gamer might not notice if a company's most recent releases aren't selling well, and would be none the wiser if one of their favorite companies was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. That's where FunCom was before it decided to make Conan Exiles.
When it comes to producing a new A++ game title, an studio can go belly-up in a flash over development costs, and even if the game is hit and sells millions, the money flowing back in, might not come in fast enough to save the studio, to allow it to continue working on another game, so when FunCom decided to invest in producing another 'Conan' game it was a big risk, it was boom or bust, but lucky for them and us, it was 'boom', and they are now around still for us hopefully to enjoy...
Doting dad uses £20 Xbox parts and 3D-printer to create prosthetic arm for infant son at home to dodge year-long NHS wait

Crafty Ben Ryan taught himself product design to make 'revolutionary' artificial limb when medics refused to help his two-year-old son who lost left arm to a blood clot after birth.
This is worse thing a parent can live thru, seeing something horrible occurred with their tiny loved one, but no problem this dad went right to work, and what came in handy was the Xbox Kinect accessory, he was able to use it to help him recreate an working prosthetic arm on his 3D Printer.
France vs. Bolivia

Ghost Recon Wildlands is, for most of us, a video game. For the governments of France (home to publishers Ubisoft) and Bolivia, though, it’s now a cause of national beef.
Could two countries start a war over just a simple thing as video game, well not yet, but it has caused a major diplomatic incident between France and Bolivia as they fight over how Ghost Recon Wildlands is too close to reality and not a work of fiction like Ubisoft is claiming.
“It’s Dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

Rob Green runs a nice 'gaming loot' creation company out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and they have recently branched into making a nice lineup of custom Gaming Themed Neon Lights, that are a perfect fit for adding a touch of class to your video gaming workspace!
FanFitGaming has been taking the Twitch streaming community by a storm outfitting many of their popular Overwatch streamers with these cool Gaming Themed Neon Lights that blend in well with the pro-gamers backdrop of accessories in his daily gaming workspace, and now they are offering up these cool gaming loot treasures to own yourself via their online website, which is packed with other neat loot.