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Great News Today For 'WarHammer' Fans, More New Games On The Way Soon!

Bigben and Games Workshop are happy to announce their partnership for the development of a console and PC game based on the renowned Warhammer Fantasy Battles IP.
This adaptation of the franchise will be the first Hack and Slash game to unfold in the Warhammer world. The game takes place in the Old World, a dark and bloody continent devastated by the wars against Chaos. Dive into the heart of the Warhammer story, become a hero and battle to survive the desolation.
To be Repairable or Not To be Touched, is the big legal battle now racing across the United States of America!

In a gritty vintage video games store in Manhattan’s East Village, a man who only wanted to be identified by his PlayStation username, GorillaStump, explained his passion for repairing video game consoles. Years ago, he turned those skills into a job that’s now entangled in legal battles across the county.
They call American, the land of the free, but when it comes to protecting the those video gaming consoles, the ESA and various gaming publishers it lobbies for, are now fighting to remove the 'little-man' operating in shops across america, from picking up a screwdriver and replacing your burned out blu-ray laser, or removing those pennies your kids slipped inside, or replacing that cracked screen or case.
I Took Gamer Drugs For A Week And This Is What They Did To My Body

One Hard-Core Pro Gamer, shares his 'drug filled' video gaming experience with Kotaku, and its an interesting read for sure!
DON'T DO DRUGS! -- Was the message in front of every Arcade machine when you booted it up, and slipped in some quarters, but they were talking about those 'illegal kind' and that was the '80s, now we are in the 2010's and gaming has become a top money-making eSports career, and if not that gamers are also streaming 24/7 their game plays via Twitch with millions of followers, so of course sadly gamers are looking for that 'quick fix' to keep on gaming, as Coffee, Jolt and other normal things are no longer working, and god forbid trying the old-age natural way of SLEEPING, because we all know they have not invented a way YET to stream your Dream-State-Gaming!
Second big 'legal lawsuit' news today, first with Nintendo against flashcarts, and now this one against 'cheating services'.

A company that created and sold bots and scripts that allowed players to cheat at League of Legends has suffered a major defeat to developer Riot in the courts.
Another big lawsuit settlement news today, in this case it is Riot vs. Cheaters, and they won with $10 million claim against the $15 a month 'service', and even took control over all the 'cheating service' websites.
'Conan Exiles' recouped its development costs in less than a week.

It's easy to disassociate game developers from the success or failure of their titles. The average gamer might not notice if a company's most recent releases aren't selling well, and would be none the wiser if one of their favorite companies was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. That's where FunCom was before it decided to make Conan Exiles.
When it comes to producing a new A++ game title, an studio can go belly-up in a flash over development costs, and even if the game is hit and sells millions, the money flowing back in, might not come in fast enough to save the studio, to allow it to continue working on another game, so when FunCom decided to invest in producing another 'Conan' game it was a big risk, it was boom or bust, but lucky for them and us, it was 'boom', and they are now around still for us hopefully to enjoy...
Doting dad uses £20 Xbox parts and 3D-printer to create prosthetic arm for infant son at home to dodge year-long NHS wait

Crafty Ben Ryan taught himself product design to make 'revolutionary' artificial limb when medics refused to help his two-year-old son who lost left arm to a blood clot after birth.
This is worse thing a parent can live thru, seeing something horrible occurred with their tiny loved one, but no problem this dad went right to work, and what came in handy was the Xbox Kinect accessory, he was able to use it to help him recreate an working prosthetic arm on his 3D Printer.
France vs. Bolivia

Ghost Recon Wildlands is, for most of us, a video game. For the governments of France (home to publishers Ubisoft) and Bolivia, though, it’s now a cause of national beef.
Could two countries start a war over just a simple thing as video game, well not yet, but it has caused a major diplomatic incident between France and Bolivia as they fight over how Ghost Recon Wildlands is too close to reality and not a work of fiction like Ubisoft is claiming.
“It’s Dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

Rob Green runs a nice 'gaming loot' creation company out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and they have recently branched into making a nice lineup of custom Gaming Themed Neon Lights, that are a perfect fit for adding a touch of class to your video gaming workspace!
FanFitGaming has been taking the Twitch streaming community by a storm outfitting many of their popular Overwatch streamers with these cool Gaming Themed Neon Lights that blend in well with the pro-gamers backdrop of accessories in his daily gaming workspace, and now they are offering up these cool gaming loot treasures to own yourself via their online website, which is packed with other neat loot.
Back to Pandora

James Cameron’s largely theoretical pop culture universe built around his 2009 movie Avatar just got theoretically bigger.
I am sure you heard by now, that they decided to make a few more Avatar movies, the movie that basically started the whole 3D craze, and well why not of course have some great video games to go along with the new movies, since now we have new generation of gaming consoles to enjoy them on, so its just been announced at GDC 2017, that Ubisoft again has been given the task to go Back to Pandora!
Toronto researcher examines 'empathy games' in UNESCO-commissioned paper!

For years, video games have had a bit of a PR problem.
Gun-heavy games like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty are often cited as bad influences, especially on children, because of their emphasis on graphic violence.

Yet another study into the problems of video gaming, but this one looks at the effects of playing 'empathy games' like This War is Mine, and seeing if games like this are the solution to the world's problems, maybe even reduce violence to point of world peace as end goal!
Moore will take up his new role in June.

Peter Moore is leaving his role as Chief Competition Officer at Electronic Arts to become CEO of Liverpool Football Club.
When it comes to decades of 'video gaming', there has been one figure-head at almost all of it, and that is 'Peter Moore', from his early days at SEGA until the death of Dreamcast, and then moving onto Microsoft for their launch of the original Xbox console, and then finally moving into managing EA and EA Sports for over a decade, now he has decided at age 61 its time for new chapter in his life that does not involving video gaming any more, and instead it will be taking up his life-long passion in managing an 'football club' and none other than the world-famous Liverpool one, which they announced all the details on their website yesterday.
Burglar falls 130ft to his death while trying to steal neighbour’s Xbox

A burglar fell 130ft to his death after trying to steal his neighbour’s Xbox from their 13th-floor flat. Jason Heywood had broken into the flat directly below his own, and was attempting to hoist himself up to his balcony afterwards.
What do you do when you live above someone that is happy playing games all not on their Xbox, but you are not, well no problem you climb down to their floor from your balcony, steal their Xbox console, and then try to climb back up, but the Xbox ended up killing him!
Story, Kojima’s Involvement

Fans of stealth game franchise Metal Gear may still see a Metal Gear Solid film come to fruition. This is good news for gamers who want to see the famed Solid Snake in live action.
Well it seems the movie project to turn Snake from 'video gaming character' into big screen action hero is coming along, and surprising enough it seems Kojima might still be involved with the project, so that is good news all around for loyal fans of the gaming series.
Now Available in Digital

Whoa. An orchestra is already epic enough, but then you add a black metal vocalist to it and ... what did I just watch? Awesome. Read all the official press details below and catch a snippet of the full show by watching the embedded Youtube preview below!
CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher series of games, announce the digital release of the Video Game Show — The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt concert from the 9th Film Music Festival in Kraków. The video is now available for purchase on YouTube.
World’s Premier Track Bike Criterium Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary

RockStar Games are very happy to announce the return of the Red Hook Criterium Championship Series 2017. Please see their full press release below for the complete race schedule and all other details.
Rockstar Games is proud to announce the return of the Red Hook Criterium Championship Series in 2017, now enjoying its 10th consecutive year as the world’s premier track bike criterium.
All thanks to Richard Spencer for spawning a new era of 'video game' craziness!

Remember that video of white nationalist Richard Spencer getting punched in the face on the day of President Donald Trump's inauguration? Of course you do!
These days, thanks to the ease of developing for mobile phones, and producing 'flash/unity' games for web browsers, when something crazy happens in the real world, it quickly spawns an whole new era of stupid games to enjoy playing for a while on our devices! :)
To hospital after news spreads of PlayStation 4 theft from their Children's Cancer Ward. - There's still good in the world!

Last week, it was reported that thieves broke into a hospital's child cancer ward in Wellington, New Zealand and stole a bolted down PlayStation 4. The device had been used to help children through their chemotherapy sessions and was used by around 15 patients.
To think some horrible low-life robber, would walk into a 'children's cancer ward', and unbolt a PS4 console and remove it is just so horrible to imagine it could happen, but sadly it did, and as the news spread across the social networks, gamers open up their hearts!
Valve plans new system along with fee increase

Valve is set to drop its Steam Greenlight system — which allows customers to vote on small-scale and fledgling projects — in favor of a more streamlined system.
The new system is going to be called 'Steam Direct', and instead of community voting up or down a project, the developers will just need to fill out a simple form, submit their game, but now instead of paying a flat $100 fee, they could be charged up to $5,000 depending on the type of game they are submitting, below is some of the details of the new system, with more info coming out in later on this month.
If you've been using Microsoft's gaming consoles for long enough, then you'll remember the Xbox Media Center, also known as XBMC.

Over time, XBMC was ported to other platforms, stopped being supported on Xbox, and became Kodi.
But now, thanks to the fact Xbox One console allows for Windows 10 apps under their UWP system, the developers behind Kodi are busy polishing up their popular media center to be sent off to Microsoft soon for UWP approval, which means we will see Kodi return on Xbox.
(Trailer) Nilfgaard arrives!

If you're looking for a good reason to revisit GWENT, the addition of Nilfgaard might just be it.
CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher series of games, announce the release of the latest update to GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, introducing a new playable faction — Nilfgaard.
More information about the new faction, as well as content and changes introduced in the...