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XBox One Console Takes 2nd Spot

February 2018 NPD Results have been leaked on the ResetEra Forums and it does not look good for the now year-old Nintendo Switch, sales have finally lost their momentum as figures are down 30% and PS4 is back in its #1 Spot.
Will Other Markets Follow?

It seems that Vita has been 'officially' discontinued in the Spain market area, with speculation this just the start of goodbye Vita! :)
Developer eeply has released a fork of the PS4-Linux codebase, which now supports PS4 Slim and Pro models.

Running Linux on the 'exploitable' PlayStation 4 firmwares, has been a little tricky, and previous versions only supported older 'PS4 models', but now @eeply has released an 'Linux Loader' that supports both PS4 Slim/Pro along with the required HDMI output driver.
RELEASE: March 19th, 2018

Hot on the heels of the PS3Xplolit v3.0 release, comes a new REBUG firmware along with HAN Toolbox support, so check it out! -- PLEASE NOTE: Even tho there is early 'HAN Support' you still CAN NOT update your OFW PS3 over to CFW REBUG, even with everything that has been released yet. -- In the meantime, enjoy this new release and support 'Team Rebug' with an donation! :)
OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://rebug.me/official-rebug-4-82-2-cobra-7-55-lite-toolbox-2-02-15_rev1-mar-19th-2018/
Send nothing but your best!

Shipment 1944 has been added as a playable map in Call of Duty®: WWII, available free to all players on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC:
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Yet another up and coming @DeViL303 and @pink1 project

Its only been a few days since the PS3Xploit v3.0 SuperSlim Jailbreak was released and already scene developers are producing great new tools for it, to help make it easier to handle pkg installs, on your non-CFW-compatible, but now fully 'HAN Enabled' PlayStation 3 console. :)
The long wait is over, you can now 'hack' / 'convert' / 'mod' / 'debug' / 'install' anything you want on any PS3 you want!

Dust off your PlayStation 3 console, slide open the cover on your SuperSlim, throw out your game discs, as PS3Xploit v3.0 is here for all!
Call of Duty: WWII's ST. Patrick's Day Community Event

Operation: Shamrock & Awe, Call of Duty: WWII’s St. Patrick’s Day-themed community event, has begun. From now until April 3, Call of Duty: WWII gets a St. Patrick’s Day makeover, with a new limited-time Multiplayer playlist, two time-limited gear collections and special Orders and Contracts that yield special items and weapons.
This weekend is time we move our clocks forward, and now we can Spring Forward our PlayStation Vita's also!

You going to lose more than an hour's sleep today, as most likely you will spend the whole day awake updating your Vita handhelds! BUT REMEMBER to read thru all the Pros/Cons/FAQ below, as its not as easy as moving your clocks ahead one hour, so be careful! :)
RT @qwertyoruiopz: 'ready to pwn'

We Always Get What We Want... As... Greatness Awaits...
NEWS SOURCE #1: @modrobert (via) Twitter
NEWS SOURCE #2: @HydrogenNGU (via) Twitter
NEWS SOURCE #3: @qwertyoruiopz (via) Twitter
Holy Grail for PS4 v4.55, has bought back one of the most-famous 'scene' developers to the next-gen console world!

@STLcardsWS reports recently on PSX-Place, that @deank of PS3 'multiMAN' fame is returning soon with an new 'mM' for PS4.
Top-Selling Series in Call of Duty History Makes its Return 12th October
Mark Calendars for the Community Reveal Event 17th May

Black Ops is back!
For more information and the latest intel on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, check out: www.callofduty.com, www.youtube.com/callofduty and follow @Treyarch and @CallofDuty on Twitter and...
Plus Sony Files New IPA Patents For Upgraded PlayStation and Virtual Reality Controllers

It is that time of year again, Spring is in the air, and rumors are fresh as we fast approach the big upcoming E3 2018 conference at the start Summer, nothing better then get the rumor-mill going at full-pony-power with the latest PlayStation 5 rumors, details, patents, etc. :)
!! Now Updated to work with v4.55 !!
A cheat application for the PS4, its from a Chinese developer, but its super-easy to work with!

Great little app, works well. Within seconds, I was able to max out PP on the Dead Rising 1 HD Remake and I'm no expert so if I can do it, anyone can do it!! If anyone is used to RTM modding on ps3 or the cheatengine on PC, you should be able to pick this up very quickly. It is a very simple tool to use. FYI, if anyone cares to dig in, PM me your findings and I'm going to start a spreadsheet and will upload to google docs to keep track of codes.

Our admin @GaryOPA was nice enough to give us a section on the forums so I've been adding to that instead. Please feel free to pitch in!!

EDIT: Getting this to work on 4.55 is a little more complicated than on 4.05.

Download the 4.55 cheater (attached below)
Download jkpatch for 4.55 (attached below)
Extract both...
But sadly @TheFlow says you will need to install it from your existing hacked Vita v3.60 firmware setup!

The PlayStation Vita Scene is finally moving forward from the v3.60 standard, but sadly you can't yet install it directly on newer firmwares.
Coming Soon - Exciting PS3Xploit Features for SuperSlim PS3 (and) all previous NON-CFW compatible PS3 models!

Currently, the only way to mod an PS3 SuperSlim is via ODE hardware, and its not perfect, you end up with 'disc-swapping' and 'file injection' and other issues, and the only other way is an very long time wasting 'game injection' method via your PS3 HDD and USB Backup, and you have to redo the whole long process for each new game added.

But no more, soon the world of the un-crackable PlayStation's consoles will be set free for all to enjoy on the latest official Sony v4.82 firmware, all tho there will still be some tiny quirks leftover, it will still be a ton easier to finally be able to Jailbreak the SuperSlim. :)
The Russian Dancing Ducks are happy as they are getting the best grains for their v4.55 PS4 consoles!

Let's not beat around the grass here, we all know not all ducks just want 'homebrew' and with the previous v4.05 PS4 setup, they were limited in the grains they could enjoy, but now with the dropping of the 'v4.55 holy grail' they can enjoy much better quality of feed.
Just remember if you're now playing the latest shit, don't forgot to feed the ducks aka (purchase some grains), or they might just get angry and stop you from crossing the road soon into the better playground area called 5.0x :(

NEWS SOURCE: @m0rph3us1987 (via) Twitter
Say Goodbye to v4.05 - Say Hello to v4.55

The last 24 hours in the PlayStation 4 Scene has been crazy, first with v4.55 KSploit released by @qwertyoruiopz then ALEXZZZ9 from Russia with Love releasing the v5.01 webkit exploit, now things have been merged together, ported forward from v4.05 by @SpecterDev so we can all enjoy upgrading our PS4 consoles to v4.55 firmware and soon start enjoying the new flow of 'warez' (latest backup games) from the dark web!
So from the above it seems @Mathieulh is suggesting all we need now is the following 'payload' ps4_455_holygrail.bin (67.7kb) for our PS4's to fully enjoy this release! :)

PROJECT HOME: --> https://github.com/Cryptogenic/PS4-4.55-Kernel-Exploit
Slim System Refurbished Machine

The PlayStation 3 500GB Console will provide you and your family with hours of fun and entertainment. Take your gaming, viewing and listening experience to a higher level with this unit. And best of all the sale price is currently only $159.99 when ordering using the coupon code US1486 before this offer ends on March 27th.
>>> 4rom ru5sia w.th l0v3 <<<

More interesting PS4 news I missed out on due to Twitter failing. ALEXZZZ9 has released a proof of concept (PoC) exploit for PS4 webkit 5.01, this gives userland execution.
PROJECT HOME: --> https://github.com/ALEXZZZ9/PS4-5.01-WebKit-Exploit-PoC