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Open-Source Homebrew Game for usage on SNES Emulators!

There is an new SNES Homebrew Game out, and it is called 'Super Apocalux' and was designed by 'DanielTheSilly' to be played on emulators that support SNES games, and was not tested or designed to work on the real SNES hardware, so this an 'emulator' game!
Dust off your 'emulators' as there is a new homebrew game in town to check out by the new kid on the block, enjoy! :)
Cluster is here. I'm back!

More simple installation, new fceumm core and that is just the tip of the iceberg for this amazing new update by Cluster!
Cluster is finally back, and here he is with yet another one of his mind-blogging updates to 'HakChi2' that turns your NES Mini into a must-have, as if it was not hard enough to find one to purchase, now it will be even harder, as more people 'mod' their NES Mini's. :)
Basically the same in sales as the Nintendo Wii U console!

The official Raspberry Pi magazine just announced that over 12.5 million of the affordable little Linux boards have been sold since the original Pi was launched in 2012.
The Nintendo Wii U console is just around million more sold when compared to the Raspberry Pi, the little board that everyone originally thought would never become popular, really has taken off and spawned a whole range of different sizes and horsepower versions.
Keeping the legend alive.

Dreamcast enthusiasts have made playable an unreleased racing game found on a devkit.
SEGA might have killed off their DreamCast console decades ago, but not for the fans of the system, they are still enjoying finding out all its secrets, and in this case making a game recently found on devkit, fully playable so all can enjoy seeing the racer come alive! :)
The first Sinclair ZX return was an success, but the second one, the portable idea, is not working out so well for backers!

Over the past year, a company named Retro Computers Limited promised to ship its Indiegogo backers a portable gaming device modeled off the original ZX Spectrum.
Yet another crowd-funding project quickly going down the drain fast, leaving the backers with no product in their hands to enjoy, but the money is long gone into, the risk that many crowd'ers are now figuring out sadly, but their previous funding story was massive success, so why didn't their second round at producing another great retro console work out, TheVerge below looks into the reasons.
Tons of major improvements for all platforms and emulator cores!

The kind of Retro Emulators has just gotten a ton better, with Libretro team releasing a new 'stable' version v1.5.0 for all to enjoy!
Grab your backup ROM's, load them up on your HDD or MicroSD and grab the latest build of RetroArch and pick the platform of your choice from PSVita, Wii U, PS3, Android, iOS, MacOSX, PC, Linux, Raspberry Pi you name it almost every classic console system from the past is supported on almost every current gaming platform out there, all you got to do is supply your own collection of ROM's (how you get those is not up to us to judge), the rest is easy as pie!
You can use the new Joy-Con's from your Switch on your NES Mini Console!

Nintendo Switch controllers are flexible, if flawed — the latest hardware they work with is the NES Classic, via 8bitdo’s $17 Retro Receiver, and a new firmware update available now for that little dongle.
Even tho the Joy-Con Left might have some 'Bluetooth' distance range issues, it does not mean its not a wonderful little controller to use, and now besides using it on your Android and PC and Mac as we previously reported earlier this week about, you can now use it on another Nintendo Product, that prized NES Classic Mini that sold by hundreds of thousands this past holiday season and is still hard to get, but if you do happen to own one you will be glad to know you can now game away using your Joy-Con's or Pro Switch controllers.
Live Long the LCD Screen, with its Simulated Raster-Lines CRT Effect for that Retro Experience that is not GONE BY-BY!

The classic arcade cabinet will soon be all but extinct. The niche market of manufacturing CRT televisions has officially hit a wall and the experience of playing a classic arcade game as it was originally intended will be a very rare thing in the near future.
CRT Tubes are not basically gone the way of the DO-DO Bird, with less then 30 of those nice 29" Arcade style tubes left to purchase for Restoration projects, after that you will be stuck using a bad used CRT with wear-in patterns, or trying to adjust to simulated LCD usage.
A Tool to Encrypt / Decrypt XP.INT (Cheat) FIles

@STLcardsWS reports from PSX-Place, that cool new tools have been released for the PSX, the original PlayStation 1 console, that started the whole new era of video gaming all those decades ago, and yet here we are still seeing sceners develop new tools for it!
When it comes to PSX, 'cheat devices' were one of the first unofficial things that occurred during the early days of PlayStation video gaming, from GameShark, to Action Replay to others, but now we have some new tools thanks to the efforts of 'krHACKen' for all to enjoy!
“It’s Dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

Rob Green runs a nice 'gaming loot' creation company out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and they have recently branched into making a nice lineup of custom Gaming Themed Neon Lights, that are a perfect fit for adding a touch of class to your video gaming workspace!
FanFitGaming has been taking the Twitch streaming community by a storm outfitting many of their popular Overwatch streamers with these cool Gaming Themed Neon Lights that blend in well with the pro-gamers backdrop of accessories in his daily gaming workspace, and now they are offering up these cool gaming loot treasures to own yourself via their online website, which is packed with other neat loot.
Emulation on PlayStation Vita is Improving Fast!

This nightly build requires the HENkaku homebrew loader for PlayStation Vita, and your Vita has to be on older firmware v3.60
Once a handheld or console gets 'hacked', the main thing people love to do with it is see how well it plays games from other systems, and RetroArch is a modular multi-system emulator system that is designed to be fast, lightweight and portable, and the developers have been improving it nightly and its at stage that it runs well on your PlayStation Vita handheld, with support for many other systems, plus it has features few other emulator frontends have, such as real-time rewinding and game-aware shading.

Check out the current nightly build at the download link below, its nice ready to go 209mb package, all you need is to add your games!

Now its easier to ever to unlock your Official NES Mini from Nintendo and make it play tons of Golden Retro Classics!

Why leave yourself limited to the 30 NES ROM's that Nintendo has chosen for you on their NES Classic Mini, when you can play the full complete library of NES Games, and even more so, by adding in support for PSX, Sega and many more Retro consoles.
If you been following the underground modding scene for Nintendo's #1 Hot-Seller these days their NES Classic Mini Edition, then you should know by now that when it comes to modding it to the max. the best tool to use out there is 'HakChi2' from the developer ClusterM and he has recently updated it to v2.13e with tons of more features, more support for other retro consoles and much more!
Developer D_Skywalk informs us its now possible to run PSX Games on your NES Mini!

The wonders of the NES Mini from Nintendo being modded via hakchi2 gives us now even original PlayStation One games!
You can now amazing enough turn your Nintendo into a Sony, something that never occurred in real life but was originally planned by the Nintendo Sony partnership until they decided to split up and each go their own way, launching the NES and PSX, but now you can merge them basically back together thanks to new core called 'PSX_ReARMed' from RetroArch Libretro Team for usage on your NES Classic Mini.
For your convenience find attached below the current version of the new PSX_ReARMed' core for you to starting Retro gaming right away, and to...
ColorWare is producing a limited run of their custom PS4 PRO RETRO design consoles!

For only $899 you can enjoy owning one of twenty-five very special PlayStation 4 Pro consoles designed by ColorWare to look and feel like an PlayStation One, you know that original PlayStation that started it all, way back in 1994 before you were even born! :)
If you are true gamer, and you been saving up to buy the new Crash Bandicoot when it comes out soon, then you will have to break open your father's piggy-bank and get enough loot to order one of these cool babies that does everything a PSX did, except load discs via its pop-up cover top.
It took Piotr Delgado “The Mexican Runner” Kusielczuk 91 hours to beat Miracle Piano Teaching System, an NES game created to teach kids how to play the piano. (To pull it off, he had to teach himself how to play piano.)

That was the longest. He’s also spent 39 hours with the billiards game Championship Pool, 37 and a half hours with the shoot’em-up Ikari Warriors, and more than 16 hours playing Q*Bert.
We all have heard the stories of loyal video gamers collecting every single NES game ever made, produced, boxed, or sold, but really what is the fun in that, anyone can spend a ton of money buying old 30 year old games and storing them in boxes on their shelves, but the real fun is playing them all. I mean what the fuck are video games for, they are to be enjoyed, so rip open that $10,000 package of an unsealed never played before NES cartridge, slam it into your 30 year old console, pick up...
Game Boy Advanced is not about Metroid, Castelvania or Legend of Zelda.

There are more games to it than these overblown titles bathing in rays of nostalgic glory. We played in more then three games as kids – why are most of them suddenly forgotten?
Today, in the era of Internet, a time when GBA ROMs download takes but a few seconds, we can finally honor some of our favorite games by playing them once more. I wonder how they’ll go right now, once you are a mature adult (you are a mature adult, aren’t you)?

So, what are some of the best games you played as a kid but totally forgot about today?

Super Monkey Ball Jr.


A monkey inside a ball racing on a track filled with obstacles – who came up with these ideas back in the day, anyway? And yet the game was a huge success. Jaw breaking complexity...
Mail sacked.

A Nintendo fan's project to digitally preserve every SNES game has ended in defeat after the US Postal Service (USPS) lost a package containing 100 cartridges.
One of the major problems with the golden era of Super Nintendo Gaming, is that a good percentage of 'cartridge dumps' from the gaming days gone-by, are not perfect, but Byuu was trying to change all that, by correctly dumping all the original cartridges all over again, but the right way with no bad sprites and other raw data, but sadly the project has ended since the most recent shipment has disappeared with no hope in sight of it ever appearing again, so we will be stuck with playing 'bad dumps' let again on our SNES emulators.
Scalpers are going to be soooo happy if this is true.

Nintendo has reported they sold-thru 1.5 Million units, and had increased production to supply demand, but now there is rumors they are stopping all production in April and retailers will be getting only a few more shipments and then its no more NES Classic Mini.
Seems strange Nintendo would stop 'production', but maybe they were not happy it was 'hacked' and now can play many hundreds of ROMs and different systems also like Sega and SNES and Gameboy, or Nintendo needs production space for the upcoming Switch, or maybe they are going to release NES Classic 2 for Holiday 2017, and it was never in the plans to keep making the current Mini model.
The Switch version of new Street Fighter, looks like it will have some 'special unique to Nintendo' modes added!

A new image of Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers’ Nintendo Switch box has surfaced online recently, confirming a new first-person mode called “Unleash! Ha-Do-Ken.”
Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is in development for Nintendo Switch and it looks like it will contain some new modes!
Gameboy, MegaDrive, SNES and More now playable on NES Mini, all thanks to MadMonkey, HaxChi2, and RetroArch!

If there was not a reason to look for the still hard to find NES (Mini) Classic Edition, now there is a reason, as RetroArch is working on the micro-console, giving you more than 30 old NES Games, infact you can now upload your ROMs for GameBoy, MegaDrive, SNES!
We have reported on before the progress of hacking the NES Mini, and the fact you can upload as many NES ROMs as you want, but now even better news, you are no longer stuck just playing old NES games, you can now enjoy things like SNES, Gameboy, MegaDrive.