Retro Is Cool

Game Boy Advanced is not about Metroid, Castelvania or Legend of Zelda.

There are more games to it than these overblown titles bathing in rays of nostalgic glory. We played in more then three games as kids – why are most of them suddenly forgotten?
Today, in the era of Internet, a time when GBA ROMs download takes but a few seconds, we can finally honor some of our favorite games by playing them once more. I wonder how they’ll go right now, once you are a mature adult (you are a mature adult, aren’t you)?

So, what are some of the best games you played as a kid but totally forgot about today?

Super Monkey Ball Jr.


A monkey inside a ball racing on a track filled with obstacles – who came up with these ideas back in the day, anyway? And yet the game was a huge success. Jaw breaking complexity...
Mail sacked.

A Nintendo fan's project to digitally preserve every SNES game has ended in defeat after the US Postal Service (USPS) lost a package containing 100 cartridges.
One of the major problems with the golden era of Super Nintendo Gaming, is that a good percentage of 'cartridge dumps' from the gaming days gone-by, are not perfect, but Byuu was trying to change all that, by correctly dumping all the original cartridges all over again, but the right way with no bad sprites and other raw data, but sadly the project has ended since the most recent shipment has disappeared with no hope in sight of it ever appearing again, so we will be stuck with playing 'bad dumps' let again on our SNES emulators.
Scalpers are going to be soooo happy if this is true.

Nintendo has reported they sold-thru 1.5 Million units, and had increased production to supply demand, but now there is rumors they are stopping all production in April and retailers will be getting only a few more shipments and then its no more NES Classic Mini.
Seems strange Nintendo would stop 'production', but maybe they were not happy it was 'hacked' and now can play many hundreds of ROMs and different systems also like Sega and SNES and Gameboy, or Nintendo needs production space for the upcoming Switch, or maybe they are going to release NES Classic 2 for Holiday 2017, and it was never in the plans to keep making the current Mini model.
The Switch version of new Street Fighter, looks like it will have some 'special unique to Nintendo' modes added!

A new image of Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers’ Nintendo Switch box has surfaced online recently, confirming a new first-person mode called “Unleash! Ha-Do-Ken.”
Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is in development for Nintendo Switch and it looks like it will contain some new modes!
Gameboy, MegaDrive, SNES and More now playable on NES Mini, all thanks to MadMonkey, HaxChi2, and RetroArch!

If there was not a reason to look for the still hard to find NES (Mini) Classic Edition, now there is a reason, as RetroArch is working on the micro-console, giving you more than 30 old NES Games, infact you can now upload your ROMs for GameBoy, MegaDrive, SNES!
We have reported on before the progress of hacking the NES Mini, and the fact you can upload as many NES ROMs as you want, but now even better news, you are no longer stuck just playing old NES games, you can now enjoy things like SNES, Gameboy, MegaDrive.
If you've been using Microsoft's gaming consoles for long enough, then you'll remember the Xbox Media Center, also known as XBMC.

Over time, XBMC was ported to other platforms, stopped being supported on Xbox, and became Kodi.
But now, thanks to the fact Xbox One console allows for Windows 10 apps under their UWP system, the developers behind Kodi are busy polishing up their popular media center to be sent off to Microsoft soon for UWP approval, which means we will see Kodi return on Xbox.
This is the official Trailer to the long awaited sequel to the C64 Retro cult documentary 'The 8-Bit Philosophy' a commodore 64 symphony.

Back in 2012, a very famous documentary was released covering the amazing history of 8-bit music and how it moved on from the homebrew C64 days to modern gaming consoles, and in the 40 minutes it was jam-packed with amazing interviews with musicians.
Now the group is back, with the long awaited sequel, and this one going to do in-depth with the 'Warez Scene' and interview leaders of various famous release groups like Razor1911, Fairlight and how they played both the 'good guy' and 'bad guy' with the gaming world!
CLASSIC GAMES, NEW FORMAT! - Mark Your Calendars: February 8th - (6am PST, 9am EST, 3PM CET)

Created for people who love to game, in terms of tech, design and content; Gameband Atari Edition is a powerful smartwatch, like no other.
Atari is back, they are teaming up with Gameband that made the popular 'watch' version of Minecraft so popular it sold in the millions the first day it launched, now they are coming back with round 2 on Kickstarter with an exclusive Atari only version of their 'Gameband' smartwatch.


So what do you think, would you buy and play an Atari Gameband Smartwatch? -- I...
@modrobert has recently uploaded the old Sega Saturn Switchless Mod info to his EurAsia website!

Retro Classing Gaming is the 'cool' thing to be into these days, so its time to go back and look at the days when ' modding' was also 'cool', and it was buying a PIC, programming it, bending the pins out, and then soldering in a few wires inside your 'gaming console'! :)
@modrobert writes: "I've added the ultimate Sega Saturn Switchless Mod by seb to the download section. This makes it possible to switch between 50/60Hz (vertical retrace rate) and to set the console to a region (EUR/US/JP) using the native reset button. Also started a forum topic for Sega switchless mods in general covering Saturn, Mega Drive / Genesis and Master System consoles."
Retro Gaming is the 'in thing' these days, and Nintendo with their 30in1 NES Classic Mini has sold a ton load of them!

Nintendo is selling a heck of a lot of NES Classics, its tiny retro Nintendo Entertainment System gadget with built-in games. The company revealed that it has sold more than 1.5 million to date, a figure that probably could’ve been a lot higher — the retro reboot console was a hot holiday seller, and was consistently unavailable despite immense demand.
Sadly, it still hard to get hold of one, but big 'N' promises that even with the Switch coming along, they are still going to be producing more lots of the NES Mini Classic Edition for all to enjoy, and now that 'hackers' have figured out how to expand the 30 library to 600 ROM's, it is even more worthwhile then ever to grab one for you to enjoy playing all those 30 year old games again that you grew up loving back then....

RETROBLOX Elevates Retro Games to a New Level Combining Innovative Cartridge-Compatible Element Modules, Disc Game-Compatible Optical Disc Drive, and Online Connectivity features to Create the Ultimate Living-Room Worthy Retro Game Console
RetroBlox Inc. (RBXI) today introduced RETROBLOX, the next generation modular retro game console. With Element Modules compatible with real retro game cartridges for systems like NES, optical disc drive compatible with CD games for systems like PSX, and connectivity that rivals current gen consoles the one console future is just around the corner.
With E3 2017 just around the corner, its time to Flashback 22 years ago, and see how it all started!

E3 today is a thunderstorm of neon spectacle. It’s marketing buzzwords and hip executives wearing blazers and t-shirts as they show us their hot new video game trailers.
After the crash of '83, there was dead era in 'home video gaming and computer', but by 1995 the market had recovered and E3 was born, here is some of the original footage of that era, complete with SEGA, SONY, and NINTENDO! Sorry XBOT's, Microsoft was not into wonderful new re-birth era of 'video gaming yet'! They were still busy playing number games in Lotus 1-2-3!
Gets Launch Trailer!

Arc System Works announced the release of Double Dragon IV on PC via Steam.
In order to celebrate this announcement, Arc System Works released a new trailer for Double Dragon 4 that can be viewed below.
Nintendo's Wii Virtual Console, might be running infact pirated ROM's with unofficial headers to make them work!

A video released on gaming site Eurogamer today alleges that Nintendo actually did something it has demonized for years: downloaded a third-party copy of a Super Mario game from the internet, re-jigged it, and sold it back to consumers through the Virtual Console.
It has been discussed for a few years in underground forum sites, that Nintendo was using emulators were based on unofficial info and designed with help of open-source ones and even pirated dumped ROM's from their original cartridges were used for their official Virtual Console, but now finally full solid proof that big 'N' is just as guilty of being a full-fledged pirate as some of their own loyal Nintendo consumers are has arrived, read on for more details and watch the video proof...
Build a cuboid paradise on a liquid-cooled console, as the gods intended

Somewhere in an alternate universe there’s a Dreamcast 2 and, presumably, a Dreamcast 3.
And, in that alternate universe, our doppelgangers are able to play Minecraft on their console of choice.
But for us, stuck here in this hellish timeline, we’ll have to settle with a clever clone for the original Dreamcast, now available for free online

Never say Never, when it comes to loyal fans and their never-dying love for the retro console called 'Dreamcast', and surprising enough you can now enjoy the mind-blogging graphics of the ever popular MineCraft game on your old favorite the Sega Dreamcast console!
Arc System Works has announced Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2.

The new and updated version of their fighting game will release across PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and arcades in Japan. Arc System Works is planning to release the game in arcades first sometime this spring.
It has been a while, since we had a good Guilty Gear game to enjoy, which was back during the era of Sega's Dreamcast, but finally its coming back for us to enjoy again on our PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles, and if you live in Japan the local Arcade itself! :)
'King of Fighters '98,' 'Waku Waku 7' and other classic titles are heading to Nintendo's new console.

The Nintendo Switch will support a handful of new games, of course, but it's also going to feature some fan-favorite classics from the Neo Geo era, Famitsu says.
Hamster Corp. has now officially announced in a PR, and on its Twitter account, that it will indeed release the five rumored Classic Neo Geo video games for Nintendo's new console/mobile hybrid that was finally fully officially revealed only a couple of days ago, and already the list of third-party developers that are willing to back it right away during its launch on March 3rd, 2017 is going rapidly!
It’s not as simple as drag-and-drop, but no screwdriver or hardware mods needed.

Battletoads on the NES Classic Edition? If you're willing to take a risk via modding, you too could add this and other games to your own little system.
We have already reported on the progress of unlocking the NES Classic in the past here on MaxConsole Underground, but this week things really sped-up thousand times, with two groups one based out of Japan and another from Russia (I guess with the Election 2016 hack behind them, they were bored and now able to better focus on Nintendo hacking), anyone is basically done, by following this simple English tutorial below you will have an unlocked Mini NES Classic Edition with the Game ROM's you want on it, instead of being limited to the 30 that big 'N' picked out for you to play, that is if you can find one to buy, as they are still in hot demand and this just going...
With Some Awesome Upgrades

Though there were several iterations and updates to Nintendo’s insanely popular handheld gaming system, the Game Boy was officially retired just over a decade ago. And while Nintendo has no plans to revive the portable console, a company called Retro-Bit is stepping up to bring the Game Boy back from the dead.
Retro-Bit has already produced a few classic consoles, with their Sega Generations one selling very well, and now they are taking on the retro handheld world, by producing an new GameBoy that can play all your original Nintendo games at nice affordable price! :)
In the 'better late than never' department

Michael Steil (Mist) had an interesting talk over at 33C3 about the original Game Boy, also covering a bit of the differences compared to the later Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance models.
Lots of great in-depth technical information squeezed into one hour which you can watch below with thanks to @modrobert for the heads up regarding this amazing talk regarding everything great and bad about Nintendo's famous Game Boy handhelds. :)