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Hey, Dad... - The Touch is Broken on your Game Boy... - It does not work any more!

We all have seen the videos of '90s tech meeting up with 2010's kids of today, and here is yet another one, how can you use an handheld gaming device without 'touch', young kids today have no idea what 'buttons' are there for on devices like Nintendo Game Boy Color. :)
NEWS SOURCE: Small Child Cannot Comprehend...
Play classic CD games and more on your modern TV

Yet another Retro Gaming System has appeared on IndieGoGo, but this one is bit different in that it contains an CD/DVD Player to allow you to play your original Classic gaming discs, and also has optional adapter for 'original cartridges', instead of other Retro systems that purely just run emulators with SD Cards, this one contains extra hardware to allow 'original discs & cartridges' to play directly, and so far at press time they have raised 26% of their $50,000 goal and published an impressive list of features and specs. as listed below:
What 12-year-old, with $1 million, doesn't demand video games be integrated into their epic treehouse?

So your only 12 years old, and you have million bucks to spend on building an Epic Treehouse, but for some reason you don't integrate any video games into it, seems like a total waste of your million bucks if you only 12 years old and getting yourself an Epic Treehouse.
Hidden NES Golf Tribute To Iwata Found On Nintendo Switch Consoles!

After a few busy days and mainstream media attention the usual suspects over at #switchdev on EFnet managed to figure out how to trigger the hidden golf game (title: flog titleID: 01008BB00013C000) in the Switch console. From plutoo on twitter...
As far as corporate Easter eggs go this one had a humble reason, respect with hats off to Nintendo in honor of their fallen CEO Satoru Iwata.
10ahu over at AssemblerGames has released the Die Hard 64 Prototype ROMs for Nintendo 64 from Bits Studios

This was a game planned for a 1999 release by Fox Interactive but it was cancelled.
OFFICIAL SOURCE: Die Hard 64 ROMs (via) AssemblerGames
NES Classic Edition Returns to Stores in 2018

More units of Super NES Classic Edition will ship on its Sept. 29 launch day in the U.S. than were shipped of NES Classic Edition all last year, with subsequent shipments arriving in stores regularly.
There are some games we cannot let go off. When the online gaming system arrived, things were still a little blurry, and innovation has not focused so much on the quality of sound and images. The major thing was that the new technology was the rave of the moment, and everybody tried to get access to it. In those days, lots of amazing games were developed and enjoyed, and because new ones are always coming up, they’ve not been looked into again as time passes by.

However, with the arrival of high definition graphics and sounds, it will be good that some of the best-selling and breathtaking games of the olden days are remade in HD resolutions. Some of them, in particular, deserve this and they are listed below.


One of the most unusual and influential jRPGs of its time, the Mother series has a complicated history with the western audience. The first game was not released here for a long...
Public Urges Nintendo: Don't Make Less Than 80 SNES Classics!

Everyone here, remembers the horrors and nightmares of trying to purchase an NES Classic Mini Edition last year, it was just super-hard to find, and Nintendo even tho they produced a few million it was not enough to met demand, but this time around with the SNES Classic Mini Edition, big 'N' is promising they will be producing more than enough so don't be sucked into using an eBay'er!
Nestlé has been accused of copying Atari's classic arcade game Breakout in a KitKat marketing campaign.

Atari is on a comeback phase, so they are not taking too kindly to anyone using their 'classic gaming images/design' for their own marketing, as such KitKat and Atari are going to war over their recent campaign, that Atari claims is to similar to their Breakout game.
Turn your Nintendo Switch into a mini arcade cabinet with this case design!

3D Printing is all the rage these days, and with home-based printers so affordable now, and website offering downloadable plans either for cheap or low prices, people are coming up with all kinds of neat ideas, and this one turns your Switch into an Mini Arcade Cabinet! :)
Charles Amble has loved video-gaming since he was a kid, but now he has quit being a gamer and going to travel instead!

Would you be able to part with your prized video gaming collection, to instead take up another form of life, in this case, Mr. Amble did just that, he was able to find a buyer for his large private collection, and now going to use the money to buy a boat and travel with his wife.

The developer d3m3vilurr, known for his contribution to the PlayStation Vita scene with his backup dumper, vita-savemgr, comes back with a new version of ak2i_ntrcardhax_flasher.nds. Under this name hides a software that will allow you to prepare your older DS flashcart by updating it for the recently released NTRbootHax, but for usage with NDS / NDSL handhelds instead. WARNING: The program has only been tested under Nintendo DS Lite and with a AK2I flashcart and R4i Gold, the author asks not to use it with an Nintendo DSi.
SNES-RD/PAD Projects - USB SNES Cartridge Reader Firmware & USB Adapter Firmware for SNES Type Controllers - By amilkovich!

Everyone loves Retro these days, and big 'N' has reunited the SNES fans with their upcoming release, but in the meantime you can basically build your own cool Mini SNES, and with the amazing projects by 'amilkovich', you can even physically enjoy real cartridges.
One of the best Early Arcade Games from the Japanese Arcade Era, is finally getting an Retro Inspired Reboot!

One of the earliest successful computer and arcade games is returning to PCs this September. Heiankyo Alien, developed originally by the University of Tokyo's Theoretical Science Group (TSG) is receiving a modern retro inspired reboot by MNM Software out of Tokyo Japan.

While the game did have quite a bit of success in the arcades in the early 80's, it was overshadowed by games created by major development firms such as Namco and Nintendo. But this amazing arcade game from our past still has a large cult-like following in Japan.

The current iteration of the game takes some heavy graphical cues from other retro inspired reboots such as Pac-Man Champion Edition DX. The game is currently on display at the...
Console games are the core of the gaming world, as they are second biggest gaming market, slowly being outgrown only by mobile games.

Since the console gaming started its journey in the 1970s, it has gone a long way from games with two dozen pixels and four bits of sound to photo-realistic graphics and VR experiences that we can enjoy nowadays. And yet, there are certain old classic games that we enjoy no matter how far the technological progress is taking us.

The Most Influential Retro Console Games

Here is a retrospective on the games that had a huge impact on the industry, to the point of influencing the face of future console games. And they are still as enjoyable to play as they used to be back in the day.
  1. Space Invaders. Space Invaders was released in 1978, at the dawn of video games, and it became one of the most iconic video games period. It was a shooter: player...
Prosecutors: 6 charged with making fake Pac-Man games in Santa Clara

Gamers still have love and passion for Arcades, but finding the old cabs and restoring them is costly, and most retro gamers, just want to play the games, so there is big business in importing Pandora all-in-one-boxs, loaded with hundreds of the old classics, and installing them into new wooden cabs that look like the originals, but sadly it still against the law, as the games are still trademarked and copyrighted.
Beloved Fan-Favorite Arcade Classic Sci-Fi Tube Shooter Tempest 4000™ Heads to Console and PC in Time for Holiday 2017

Atari®, one of the world's most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers, today announced Tempest 4000™, a visually stunning, action-packed shooter based on the classic arcade game, Tempest®, will be available this holiday season on current generation consoles and PC. Developed by legendary game designer Jeff Minter, Tempest 4000 remains faithful to the original fast-paced gameplay while adding exciting new features and gorgeous graphics for audiences on the most popular contemporary platforms.
Charge up those busters, it’s time to blast through the Blue Bomber’s past!

In this follow up to Mega Man Legacy Collection, which featured the original 8-bit classics, players can journey through several eras of classic side-scrolling Mega Man action spanning 16-bit, 32-bit and the return to 8-bit games, tackling the nefarious Dr. Wily and his diverse Robot Masters.
The Famous D-Pad as we now know it, could had been alot different!

Nintendo is credited with inventing the 'famous D-Pad', that replaced the original Arcade 'JoyStick', but between the death of the JoyStick and the birth of the D-Pad, there was one attempt that failed, which was nicknamed the 'boob shaped controller'. :)
RetroArch_PlayStation _3_PS3.jpg
Team LibRetro did it again, the latest RetroArch is dream to use and enjoy for Retro Gamers on their PS3 consoles!

Everytime, RetroArch releases a new steady build version, its magical how they been able to emulate so many consoles and games on your PlayStation 3, the latest release v1.6.3, of course includes builds for the Vita, Wii U, Android, iOS, but the PS3 stands out the best.