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PORTABLE HOME CINEMA for only $159.99 until January 12th!

6.5" FHD | 4300mAh | Glasses Free 3D

Right now, is the perfect time to get into the new era of 3D Smartphones as our sponsor Gearbest has on sale the newly released DOOGEE Y6 Max 3D Smartphone for only $159.99, but you need to hurry up and check it out today, as their latest Flash Sale ends on January 12th so you don't want to miss out on having your very own PORTABLE HOME CINEMA in your pocket, with its amazing crystal-clear 6.5" FHD Display and its long-lasting 4300mAh Battery, not to mention its totally Glasses Free 3D usage, Oh, and did we forgot to mention its still a kick-ass powerful smartphone for all your normal boring things like voice phone calls, and playing music, and...
YN85mm f1.8 AF/MF Standard Medium Telephoto Prime Lens Fixed Focal Lens

For usage on Canon EF Mount EOS 7DII 5DII 5DIII 5DS 5DSR 1D Mark I/II/III/IV 1DS Mark I/II/III 1DX 6D 80D 70D 760D 700D 650D Cameras

There is a major problem with most high-end professional digital cameras, they lack the proper real photographic lens on them, but no fear as Camfere is here to save the day as right now they have the latest in YONGNUO Standard Fixed Focus Lens on sale for only $210.99 and it might be too late to order one in time to save yourself from photographic holiday nightmare, but better to act now while its on sale, plus they are also offering up a nice Coupon Code: YONGNUO29 which gives you another $29.99 discount off the sale price, making it to the perfect time to grab one...
4K 1080P 120fps 720P 240fps Full HD Adopt for Ambarella A12S75 16MP WiFi Anti-shake Waterproof Diving 60m 2.0" LCD 166°Wide Angle Lens Sports DV Cam

Now is the right time to get into the growing world of recording everything you do outside in Real 4K video using the latest Andoer SO91 4K Action Camera which adopts advanced technology; Ambarella A12A75 CPU, 16MP CMOS sensor and 8 glasses 166°wide-angle lens, all these together helps you to create Full HD & smooth shooting, plus with Waterproofing up to 60m in its included waterproof case makes it great for recording excellent marine adventures, and it also supports WiFi & Bluetooth connection allowing you total freedom to control recording from your mobile phone, but we saved the best for last, all this is available right now from...
110 Degree FOV 60Hz Refresh Rate 3840 x 2160P 8.29MP IPD Adjustment Dual Gyroscope Protect Eyesight Support Steam

If you been looking for an affordable 4K UHD Virtual Reality headset that works with your PC Gaming Rig then look no more as right now Gearbest has on sale the PIMAX 4K UHD Virtual Reality 3D PC Headset for only $375 that is an 41% Discount OFF from their normal price, plus right now they are offering FREE Shipping so now is the truly perfect time as you relax over the Christmas weekend, to order yourself or that special loved one that super-duper amazing gift that might just be missing from under your Xmas tree this year, and to get yourself or your loved one into the new very popular and fast growing world of Virtual Reality with all its 360-Degree videos,...
CAMFERE Santa Discounts Up To 12% OFF And Valid Until January 15th

Santa Comes Early And Stays Long with CAMFERE, lots of great holiday discounts on all the very best in Digital Action Cameras and Accessories for a whole month long!

CAMFERE makes it the perfect time to do all your Christmas Holiday Shopping online this season, as they are offering up all the very best and the top-brand names in their annual Gifts Giving Season Deals on various items ranging from the very latest in Digital Cameras, Action Cams, 360 Cameras, and all the very best in their vast line-up of Camera Accessories with large discounts up to 12% OFF just be using on of the following special Santa Coupon Codes, plus there is no need to rush to make up your mind as...
VALID: 17th - 30th NOVEMBER

CamFere is running an wonderful BLACK FRIDAY SALE, and its on RIGHT NOW until end of November, with up to 80% OFF everything SITE WIDE, plus various amazing Coupon Codes to give you even more discounts as listed below depending on size of your order on checkout:
  • CODE: CAMFERE8 - 8% OFF (0 - $49.99)
  • CODE: CAMFERE10 - 10% OFF ($50 - $99.99)
  • CODE: CAMFERE12 - 12% OFF ($100 - $199.99)
  • CODE: CAMFERE13 - 13% OFF (ABOVE $200)
Here is a sample of some of the HOT DEALS that CamFere is offering during their UP TO 80% OFF SITEWIDE BLACK FRIDAY SALE, which is running RIGHT NOW until the 30th of November, but its...
For All Orders Over $80

CamFere is running an $11.11 OFF Sitewide Promotion, right now from November 10th until November 12th, everything on their vast webshop is $11.11 OFF for all orders on checkout totaling $80 or more in dollars.

All you have to do is enter the coupon code of: 1111camfere after selecting your items that you want, and just look at the following examples of specials from various brands of top-quality 360 Degree Cameras, to Digital 4K Action Sport Cameras, to the very latest in handheld Digital HD/4K Video Camcorders to even...
Deal Runs From November 8th until November 13th

CamFere is running the perfect promotion deal to browse thru as you watching the Final Election 2016 Results, because they right now they have an amazing deal on wide selection of their 360 Degree Cameras and all the best brand models at the best prices!

Once you enter the world of Virtual Reality and 360 Degree you will never look back to boring flat 2D photos or videos, why limit yourself to recording memories not the way we see, because that is old-school, these days with VR headsets and 3D TV's, there is no reason you should not be recording all your special moments in full 360 Degrees.

Check out the following amazing models available, and best of all they available with 10% OFF Discount, just enter the Coupon Code: 360camera10 when placing your order...
3.0" Rotatable LCD Screen Anti-shake 4X Digital Zoom Built-in Retractable Flashlight Video DV Recorder Cam Camcorder w/ Wide-angle Lens & UV Filter

CamFere has on sale right now, the amazing new Andoer CDR2 1080P 15fps Full HD 24MP Digital Camera for only $78.99, check it out in full below!

The Andoer CDR2 1080P 15fps Full HD 24MP Digital Camera from CamFere for only $78.99 is just the perfect affordable device you need to produce full HD images and videos. It features Face Detection/Smile Capture/Beauty Face shooting functions makes it also great device for self-portrait and group photos. Plus it contains an retractable flashlight enable you to take bright photos in dark condition, and those are just some of the amazing features it has, you can see more of them in the list below, along...
Totally Bluetooth Wireless For True Listening Freedom

NewFrog has on sale right now for only $19.99, the amazing Vodool Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Stereo in-ear Earphones, that with their amazing folding design and roll-up cords for earbuds, you will be able to transport them anyplace, to enjoy listening anywhere.

Vodool Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Stereo In-ear Earphones, when it comes to NewFrog they only stock the very best in quality in electronics like the Vodool brand and today's item is priced at only $19.99, which is another great thing about this online webshop, all their prices are below average and totally affordable, making their items great additions to your Holiday season shopping list, and also to treat yourself to nice gift, and...
Supporting Quad Core Intel Z8300 CPU Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Band WiFi

Gearbest has on sale right now, the amazing K8 Mini PC USB 3.0 Foldable Keyboard for only $199.99 and its not just a nice keyboard you can roll up and hold in your hand, it is also a full-featured Mini-PC, giving you total power no matter where you are.

K8 Mini PC USB 3.0 Foldable Keyboard is available currently from Gearbest and its only $199.99 and you can see from the pictures and features below, that this amazing piece of foldable technology is not just your average USB 3.0 Keyboard, infact its a fully-functional Mini-PC, give you the total freedom and power to handle all your computing needs on the go!

I bet you will agree with me that its well-worth the price, as you will be able to find alot of uses for this amazing piece of...
Any angle adjustable, and applicable for all types of vehicles

Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter that works with USB sticks, and plays both MP3/WMA formats, check it out below!

Vodool BC06 Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter from NewFrog for only $7.98 is an amazing deal and makes for a wonderful holiday gift, and is also perfect for yourself to listen to your favorite music while traveling with your kids on that long holiday trip down to see the grandparents this upcoming Thanksgiving, or even the other way around if you want to kick back to some golden oldies which you love so much and can't find on the radio anymore as you are traveling into the big city to see your grandkids, now with this wonderful Vodool BC06 well-built and totally affordable electronic item from...
With Dual USB Output for iPhone Samsung Phones

NewFrog has on sale right now for only $10.54, the new Vodool Universal Car Charging Holder, that has been updated with Dual USB Output and Full-Fuse-Protection, and designed for usage all most models of iPhone and Samsung mobile smartphones.

Vodool Universal Car Charging Holder with Dual USB Output for iPhone Samsung Phones for only $10.54 from NewFrog makes the perfect holiday stocking stuffer gift for someone special in your family, close friend, or co-worker, and at this amazing price why not grab a few of them, and don't forgot to include yourself on the your Xmas shopping list, because as you can quickly see from the following list of features and specs., this Vodool Car Charger...
Handles all the popular Memory Types out there, with full USB 3 read/write speeds!

NewFrog on has sale right now, the amazing Vodool USB 3 Digital Memory Card 4in1 Reader/Writer for only $6.78, and as you can see below from the list of features this device will make your life so much easier when it comes to transferring your data stored.

The Vodool USB 3 Digital Memory Card 4in1 Reader/Writer from NewFrog for only $6.78 is an great deal, because it handles all FOUR of the most common and popular memory formats out there, and its also been updated to USB 3.0 for those high-speed transfers, no longer will you be waiting for hours transferring gigabytes of data to or from your high-speed memory card, because your USB reader/writer is stuck in the dark ages of USB 2.0...
Hands-Free Head-Mounted Digital Video Camera Recorder with Wireless Bone Conduction

CamFere has on sale right now, the amazing hands-free head-mounted ORDRO EP3 Wearable 1080P 30FPS Mini Digital Video Camcorder with Wireless Bone Conduction microphone for only $53.99

ORDPRO EP3 Wearable 1080P 30fps Mini DV Camcorder from CamFere is right now available for the amazing low affordable price of only $53.99, just a slight touch, and then you can record what you see while enjoying yourself! No need for handheld or any mounting base! Support Bluetooth for answering calls and playing music. It offers 1080P 30fps video resolution and 5MP image resolution. Small and lightweight, extremely portable for recording happy moments, like making it totally easy to record your outdoor adventures as you are...
Car Wash Brush Dust Car Care Windshield Shine

NewFrog has on sale right now for only $4.45, their amazing 100% Micro-Fiber Window Cleaner with Long Handle.

Window Cleaner? -- Might seem a little strange we talking about a Window Cleaner, but not really as I have found this device that is on sale right now from NewFrog for only $4.45 very useful to help clean things more than just my car windshield, because it was so affordable I ended up buying a few more of them, because with its easy to use long handle and its 100% Micro-Fiber head, I found that it was the perfect tool to keep clean my nice 60" flat-screen LCD TV, before I found this device it was a real pain in the ass, and I was always missing a spot, thinking the game I just...
Gram Electronic Measure Food Spoon 300g/0.1g

Holidays are coming up and there is going to be alot of cooking, and being an gamer, I like to read cookbooks and do it right, and have no clue when it comes to measuring out the needed items, but thanks to NewFrog, that have a whole Digital Kitchen & Lab all in one handy-dandy spoon for only $9.48 making it so much easier to prepare those special holiday meals and no one will ever know!

So you been assigned some Kitchen duties this holiday season, and you had your gaming console taken away or its been taken over by invited guests, and you wondering how to make that special dish that your special loved one or spouse loves so much and you want to please her/him, so you want to get it just right, well no fear because even the top-notch video gamer, can become a top-notch overnight chef by using one of these wonderful...
Alarm Clock MP3 MP4 Movie Player with Remote Control Christmas Gift

CamFere has on sale right the now, an perfect Holiday gift for everyone to enjoy, imagine showcasing all your family special moments as guests come in and relax during this season, and now you can thanks to this amazing Andoer 8" Wide Screen HD Digital Photo Frame which is only $36.99, plus for limited time listed below is an coupon code giving you another 8% OFF Discount.

Holiday season is fast approaching and you need to spice up your living space, and also find some great affordable stock stuffers for various friends, co-workers, etc. and when it comes to finding top quality electronics online with great low prices this busy buying season, CamFere has you totally covered for example this week they have the wonderful Andoer...
This modular pen will inspire you at work, school or home

NewFrog has on sale right now, the perfect item to make your mind free and open to all the world of ideas out there available to you within your fingertips, as this Polar Pen Set for only $11.57 which you will soon see from the introduction below makes it happen!

Look over the amazing list of features below along with actual promo photos attached, and it will quickly shows you all the many different ways you can have fun and enjoy and open up your mind to doing various tasks no matter the source material of your creativity, being paper, touch, tablet, etc. this amazing tool the Polar Pen Modular Magnetic Pen Set from NewFrog for only $11.57 will flood your mind with so many different ideas so fast, that you might just have to buy more than one...
Waterproof 30 WiFi 2.0" LCD 150 Wide Degree Angle Lens Anti-shake Sports DV Cam Camcorder Car DVR

CamFere has available right now, the amazing 1080p 30fps Full HD 12MP Action Camera for the wonderful low affordable price of only $39.99, plus listed below is an coupon code that will give you another $8 DOLLARS OFF the price, so check it out in full today below!

When it comes to stocking Action Cameras one of the very best and most affordable webshop outlets online is CamFere, and each day they are always offering up yet another amazing deal to our MaxConsole Forum Readers, and today's pick is the latest 1080p 30fps Full HD 12MP Action Camera which can be yours right now for only $39.99, plus if you input the Coupon Code: camera8 when...