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26/04 - Android App 2.0.2 - Support for all Mario Sports Superstars Cards

The N2 Elite team has been updating their Android App on a regular basis now, and they have just released v2.0.2 which adds all Mario Sports Superstars Cards along with some other improvements.
They also hinted that soon an update for the N2 Elite USB Read/Write device will be coming along for PC/Mac users!
The new update is already available direct in their Official N2 Elite Resources...
Finally some process has been made on SigHAX since the 33C3 event discussion about it back in late December!

Nintendo Scene Developer @derrekr6 teases an #SigHAX installer on Twitter, the tool should allow to Nintendo 3DS owners to execute unsigned code on directly on the BootROM which should be faster than the popular A9LH system which is currently used.
There is no word yet on when or if @derrekr6 will release his SigHAX installer to the public or at least document on how he did it, but for now with his tweet and picture, with hope that something will occur in the near future once he has made it more stable and reliable.
There been alot of speculation that this is also what Gateway 3DS developers have been working on for their next big release, but only time will tell when the big Gateway update finally comes out once the Easter Bunny...
That 2D prototype comes to life

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild began life as a two-dimensional prototype, with an aesthetic borrowed from the original The Legend of Zelda on NES.
Another amazing fan project has turned the old NES Zelda into an updated version based on the latest Zelda Breath of the Wild, but still keeping the nice retro 2D look, and it is currently playable on your Windows PC.
Open Source eShop Alternative

This homebrew software, originally coded by TheCruel, allows you to download software you own via an encTitleKey.bin file.
Since the arrest last week of TheCruel not for his popular FreeShop app for Nintendo 3DS, but for his horrible sick mind of deciding to watch child porn on his computer, people have been screaming for new FreeShop that will be updated, and just to be able to uninstall his since the growing boycott over his dark side, and as such Arc13 has taken up the task of forking his app and updating it for all to enjoy!
Currently only DoodleBomb is released, which is secondary user-land exploit used to run the Homebrew Launcher.

But, MrNbaYoh has recently stated he is working on a 'better than dooblebomb' and it will allow for first-stage kernel exploit!
Every time Nintendo blocks the old 3DS exploits, smart homebrew developers quickly figure out a new way around and release something new, its a total cat&mouse game between them and big 'N' and hopefully this new one will stay working for a while! :)
Ac_K is developing a simple way to modify/clone your Amiibo's via some easy to purchase hardware and your PC.

Ac_K usually see many questions about the Amiibo, N2(Amiiqo), Datel Power Saves, TagMo... And nothing was easy and cheap to do an Amiibo Clone Tag...
So he is glad to bring you AmiiBomb! A tools for windows, with cheap component used, for create Amiibo Tag (NTAG215).

For now the info he has published is just the parts you need to buy, and what is unreleased software is planning on doing and what it currently looks like, and a list of features he wants to finished before he releases it as an open-source project that you can complete.
Madmonkey has updated his HakChi2 for the NES Classic with a ton more features and improvements to enjoy!

This application can add more games (game ROMs) to your Nintendo Classic Mini or Famicom Mini. All you need is to connect it to a Windows PC via Micro-USB cable. No soldering or disassembling required.
Even tho Nintendo has officially stopped producing and selling any more NES Classic, the Retro Mini Console will forever live on with modders and hackers improving it, and ClusterM aka MadMonkey makes anyone an expert in modding it with his famous 'HakChi2' tool.
Yet Another Nintendo Scene Release To Enjoy!

The Best Custom Firmware for Nintendo 3DS Handhelds is back with a brand-new v7.0 release of Luma3DS by 'AuroraWright'.
The last major release of Luma was back in November, but no more waiting as finally v7.0 is here for all 3DS owners using CFW to enjoy!
Second Major Developer To Take A Look At How The Joy-Con Works On The Nintendo Switch Hybrid!

Unlike the first developer whom was studying the system solely on the Switch side of things, this one has decided to look at how it behaves on the Desktop PC side of things and too look at more then just the Bluetooth, but also the direct USB connection it has!
Nintendo Switch has one very unique and neat feature, the two LEFT and RIGHT Joy-Con's that can detach from the 'screen part' and become either two player handheld setup, or join together to form basically a normal 'Pro' looking controller, as such it has become a great focus point for developers and hackers to figure out how they work, and what else they can be used and modded to do extra!
Team ReSwitch has been looking at the 'cartridge protocol' on the Gamecards used on the Nintendo Switch hybrid!

Scene Development Team ReSwitch, first famous for releasing their 'PegaSwitch' webkit exploit toolkit, has also been busy studying other areas of the Nintendo Switch console, and recently they published their work-in-progress in analyzing the Switch 'gamecards'.
We have reported before on the 'Reverse Engineering' of the cartridge, but recently there been some nice 'logic analyzer' progress that has helped id some commands and the pinouts used for cartridge which is basically just a 'memory chip' mounted on small PCBoard.
Plus Nintendo now offers a Bug Bounty of up to $20k for details of Switch Security Vulnerabilities!

Specifically, Nintendo wants information on potential techniques that might enable piracy, cheating, or the dissemination of inappropriate content to children.
We have reported before on the 'HackerOne' program which Nintendo supports, and their 'thanks' page recently got updated with some 'nicknames' on whom reported a 'bug' to collect some cash, but no more info is know what it was, or how much they got! :)
@smealum @ylws8 - Releasing UDSploit, an Exploit giving ARM11 Kernel Code Exec on v11.3 3DS Firmware

Nintendo Scene Developers SMEALUM and YELLOW8 are back with splash releasing an older 'exploit' now that big N killed it!
@modrobert writes: "smea has released udsploit which is an exploit giving arm11 kernel code exec on 3DS with firmware 11.3 based on a bug found by yellows8 back in 2016. This exploit was released after Nintendo pushed out firmware 11.4 which effectively patches udsploit. I guess it's better that way compared to no release at all."
It’s been teased, it’s been joked about.

No one could quite tell if the April 1 article was a joke or not. Well, allow me to formally announce to you: it’s real. Every single word was true.
Turns it was no April 1st joke, there is real Nintendo DS Emulator now available on your PC to enjoy, originally the project was called 'mGBA', but now the author has officially released it as 'medusa', and its still an early work in progress, but it does basically run! :)
First system module has fallen :)) #switch

Plutoo using the now blocked 'webkit' exploit on v2.0.0 has been able to get into the 'NS' part of the Switch system modules!
Even tho Nintendo has released v2.1.0 and blocked current 'webkit' exploits, it does not mean developers have to update, because instead of playing games on the Switch, they are busy studying the inner workings, and Plutoo whom has alot of experience into developing exploits on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U has been looking hard at the Switch, and has recently stated that the NS module has fallen!
Of course right...
There's a new DS emulator in the town, and it's finally seeing its first public release!

melonDS is part of a second wave of DS emulators. There are a few other emulator projects that are part of it, which you might have already heard of.
Nintendo Scene Developer 'StapleButter' has finally released his first public version of an DS Emulator over at the 'kuribo64' website.
NO PC NEEDED! - Direct Usage of CodeFreak Wii U on your Japanese Wii U Console running v5.5.1

Cybergadets in Japan are back with another awesome new 'Save/Cheat' Device for video gaming consoles, this time they are rolling out one for the Wii U consoles running the v5.5.1 firmware, and no PC is needed, everything operates directly on the Wii U itself!
Have you been trying to complete all the challenges in Wii U game, but no matter how hard you try you can't do it, or do you want that 'special item' but you need the Amiibo to unlock it, well no more as thanks to CodeFreak developers you can now do all that and much more with your Wii U games, allowing you to max. out the items, money, purchases, skills whatever you want in your game save files.
Enjoy Until Nintendo Announces The Cut-Off Date For Wii Shop Online Services!

As of version 5.0-2874, Dolphin can do the unthinkable: you can now access the Wii Shop Channel from within the emulator.
Nintendo recently announced they are shutting down the DSi Shop, so most likely the Wii Shop will not be around much longer either, but good news is that you can infact access the Wii Shop now directly from your PC Master Gaming Rig using the Dolphin Emulator, so get busy grabbing everything you can, because whom knows how much longer your real life actual original Wii console will be able to! :)
A small set of applications created specifically for Cemu, an experimental Wii U emulator.

It gives you the power to backup Wii U updates, DLC, and titles directly to your PC, as well as launch Cemu with titles.
Nintendo Scene developer 'Tsume' is back with an amazing update to his 'MapleTree' project now, with v2 alot more can be done! :)
Yet Another Great Nintendo Scene Homebrew 3DS Utility Update For All To Enjoy!

This release fixes Cthulhu not working on the New 3DS and adds "accepted EULA version" setting for out-of-region online play. (Credits go to @SciresM for his EULASetter app.)
It has just been over a month since the big 'Cthulhu Returns' event, and now developer 'Ryuzaki-MrL' is back with nice update! :)
ClusterM returns with brand-new super-duper update to his 'HakChi2' Utility for the NES Classic Mini Edtion!

Retro Gaming on the Official Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition console, just got a hell alot better with this new HakChi2 Update!
Nintendo Scene Developer 'ClusterM' as usual is on fire, pumping out another hot new must-have update to his 'HakChi2' utility! :)