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BUT... It is worth it to stay on 3.0.0 and miss out on Super Mario Odyssey and wait for some great homebrew instead!

Recently, Wololo's blog pointed out that silently PegaSwitch library has been updated to allow usermode execution of code, which means for those on v3.0.0 you will be able to run homebrew now, once it is produced, and so far only bad attempt at getting the original old DOOM code running as proof, and 84% of people voting for RetroArch to release on the Switch next, over 17% for the Xbox One console, there does not seem much reason to stay on v3.0.0 since the latest games like Super Mario Odyssey needs higher firmware, but you never know what good things still might occur for the older exploitable firmware, so its tough choice as we enter the holiday gaming season.
Soon reviewers will have in their hands the World's Best Nintendo 3DS Flashcart

After a brief period of usual production delays of brand-new hot product, the team behind Stargate 3DS, the next big revolution in Nintendo 3DS in flashcart technology, they have released a short statement informing when reviewers will be getting their units, and when finally shipments will start going out to resellers for all to enjoy!
So stay tuned, the revolution of StarGate 3DS is almost here just in time for everyone to enjoy during the holidays! :)

Cluster has released a NES/SNES/N64/SMD/DualShock gamepad to NES Mini, SNES Mini or Wii remote adapter.

The design is based around an ATMEGA16A microcontroller with 16MHz crystal oscillator (also supporting ATMEGA8A @ 8MHz without N64 support). The project is still in Beta phase and packs an impressive set of features. You can play NES mini, SNES mini and Wii virtual console games using original NES/SNES/N64/SMD/DualShock gamepad. You can also connect Wiimote to PC via bluetooth and use original NES/SNES/N64/SMD/DualShock controllers with emulators.

Project home: https://github.com/ClusterM/nes2wii
The talented developer Plutoo informs us that he has managed to write arbitrary code in the Kernel of the Nintendo Switch!

First of all, all we know for now that this Kexploit that Plutoo is Tweeting about is that it was not obtained alone, and he informs us that a lot of work has been done to achieve this, and he wishes to thank all those who participated, but he keeps the list anonymous.

Sadly, all this current work by developers is done on the older Switch firmware v3.00, and this Kexploit most likely was reached using the previously published SM:Hax details by Team ReSwitched, and if could be possible to port it to work on other newer firmwares, there would have to be alot of work in finding new possible entry points because sadly all the old ones were patched when v3.0.1 was released.

Of course there is no plans to release this Kexploit info to the public, as everything being done remains in private...
Another Major Step In Figuring Out The Internals And Finding Exploits On The Nintendo Switch Hybrid Console!

Recently, scene developer 'SciresM' reported on Twitter that the Tegra 210 bootrom has been dumped by hedgeberg and haxandeor of Team Reswitched, which is good news for the Switch scene, as things are moving forward fast since the last big v3.0.0 exploit news.
Another Great Exclusive Scene Hardware Review by Our Very Own 'ReadTimeSave' Member!

Six years ago, Nintendo released the Nintendo 3DS: their current handheld console with updated copy protection measures built in. We have seen numerous flash cards come out ever since the Gateway 3DS hack which involves a glitch, launching its firmware from System Settings -> Other Settings -> Profile -> Nintendo DS Profile. To counter the 3DS and DS flash cards, Nintendo has regularly released updates to thwart piracy.

The current trend is to install CFW without the need for a flash cart to be inserted and the R4i-B9S flash cart does that and more. You can use it to unbrick 3DS consoles as well as convert the cart to DS mode. In doing so, you can launch DS titles from its MicroSD card slot. This flash cart is advertised to work on all models and all versions of 3DS and 2DS systems.

Let’s take a look at the R4i-B9S...
Proves the SNES Mini from Nintendo is basically the same as the NES Mini, and of course now totally 'hackable' with hakchi2!

Cluster has released hakchi2 with support for the new SNES Classic Mini from Nintendo. You can find the release in his GitHub repository or in the download section here.
The SNES Classic went up, and hackers got to work

Earlier this week, we reported on the fact that the Star Fox 2 from SNES Mini Dumped and we even shared it the file with the world, but now bootleggers have decided to cash in with the 'dumped' rom file and are flashing it to cartridges complete with a nice label.
Written in Microsoft Small Basic, and allows usage of your Wii Remotes to play 1-2 Switch Simulator on your PC!

When the Nintendo Switch got released, one of the most popular 'party games' is the 1-2 Switch game, and now homebrew developer 'EP8Script' has redone the game itself on the PC using just images and sounds from original and simulating the mini-games in Microsoft Small Basic, and adding controls to allow usage of Wii Remotes to better simulate the motion action of the Switch Joy-Con's.
Family Recreation Video Game Console for Nes Games with 500 Classic Built-in Games

Do you feel bored in your free time? Do you want to find something wonderful and meaningful to do? If so, this video game console would be your good choice. There are 500 different built-in classic games in it. Playing it, you would gain the fun of your childhood and the fun with your family, which is very suitable for amusement and recreation in family. You have seen how popular the official NES Mini was, but now you can own a similar machine with over 500 games, so check out the NES Game Machine Mini TV Handheld Game Console today, as currently its available for only $21.99 when ordering for limited time only using the following Coupon Code of: YYMNES which gives you $4 OFF.
Dude was able to dump the Star Fox 2 ROM onto a cart with a Super FX2 chip and apparently it works

Nintendo's latest hottest retro gaming toy for this holiday season is launching tomorrow, but alot of retail big box stores broke the street date earlier for the Nintendo SNES Classic Mini Edition, as such hackers right away got to work in ripping it apart, first they found out that it was 100% the same motherboard as the last year NES Classic Mini Edition, as such it was very easy to use existing tools like 'hakchi2' to dump the NAND contents, and of course find that previously unreleased SNES game called 'Star Fox 2' to see if it was possible to run on SNES Emulators and of course a real SNES hardware console, and it seems that is it totally possible to do so! :)
SNES Classic Mini Comes Out Tomorrow, But It Seems It Will Be HACKABLE Very Easy Like The NES Classic Mini

SNES Classic Mini is selling out like hot-cakes, and some stores have already 'broken street date', which means we have teardowns and already hackers have taken a look at the 'NAND Dumps' and looking to see how easy the previous NES Classic Mini 'hakchi2' will work!
Hidden NES Golf Tribute To Iwata Found On Nintendo Switch Consoles!

After a few busy days and mainstream media attention the usual suspects over at #switchdev on EFnet managed to figure out how to trigger the hidden golf game (title: flog titleID: 01008BB00013C000) in the Switch console. From plutoo on twitter...
As far as corporate Easter eggs go this one had a humble reason, respect with hats off to Nintendo in honor of their fallen CEO Satoru Iwata.
10ahu over at AssemblerGames has released the Die Hard 64 Prototype ROMs for Nintendo 64 from Bits Studios

This was a game planned for a 1999 release by Fox Interactive but it was cancelled.
OFFICIAL SOURCE: Die Hard 64 ROMs (via) AssemblerGames
Enjoy The Exclusive Video Preview Below!

Stargate 3DS is getting closer to full shipping launch, in the meantime the development team has released a exclusive video preview of the launch Stargate 3DS features, and review samples are due to be shipped soon, and more great 3DS scene news is coming, so stay tuned!
Finally Cubic Ninja is useful again if you have Old (Classic) N3DS handheld still laying around to enjoy exploiting into it!

smea has released ninjhax payloads for old 3DS with firmware 11.4 and 11.5 at http://smealum.github.io/3ds/ and http://smealum.github.io/ninjhax2/.
OFFICIAL SOURCE: --> https://twitter.com/smealum/status/899033293273784320

NEWS SOURCE: New Ninjhax payloads for old 3DS released (via) EurAsia
StarGate 3DS will be available in September 2017 and already pre-orders have started!

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by long-time scene group about their new upcoming 3DS Flashcart, and were given a private demonstration of working on the New2DSXL and latest v11.5 firmware, using the upcoming MagnetHAX and other great things which have since become public last week, as such the team as decided to its time to announce their brand-new amazing 3DS Flashcart which they are calling 'StarGate 3DS', which is due for release next month in September, and pre-orders have already started on their site.
Turn your Nintendo Switch into a mini arcade cabinet with this case design!

3D Printing is all the rage these days, and with home-based printers so affordable now, and website offering downloadable plans either for cheap or low prices, people are coming up with all kinds of neat ideas, and this one turns your Switch into an Mini Arcade Cabinet! :)

The previously known sm:h (aka smhax) bug for Switch which was being exploited privately by a selected few is now plugged in Switch firmware v3.0.1 and made public for that reason. The bug which exist in firmware v3.0.0 and below allows for access/registration/unregistration to/of any arbitrary service with full permissions if the user creates a new 'sm:' port session but bypasses API initialization.
OFFICIAL SOURCE: --> https://twitter.com/SciresM/status/898210175013834754

NEWS SOURCE: Switch smhax plugged in...
@SciresM - Our switch 'emulator' (for debugging/RE) is now public - huge kudos to @daeken who's a wizard!

With that simple Tweet above from @SciresM, he set the Switch scene on fire, with the words 'Switch Emulator', but don't be fooled, this will NEVER play games, it just is basically a cpu line-by-line microcode emulator to allow for other scene developers to run Switch sysmodules, step-thru-code, and test out exploits, and see what is occurring on a very deep micro level, without the need of running it on actual hardware, basically full real-time-debugging, with all the data you wish for and much more, plus total single-step code execution.