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This week, 3DS hacking communities are clamoring over a so-called “ban wave” that permanently knocks systems offline.
Once the 'ban wave' news started spreading like wildfire across the 'scene forums', Nintendo issued the following statement to Kotaku:
But, right now people with 3DS's banned are still trying to pinpoint down what big 'N' is now looking for, is it CFW like Luma, is it using FreeShop, it is converted 3DA to CIA, is it converted GW saves, no one knows for sure what the 'triggerpoint' is right...
And its creator wants Nintendo to see it!

Arms isn’t out until June 16, but it’s already got an active fandom. If you need proof, here it is: Someone’s already gone ahead and made a 2D remake of it, called Arms2d.
That was fast, and it will not last long, as Nintendo loves to issue 'takedown' on fan games, but the creator wants that to occur! :)
Plus Firmware V140 has been Released for all Sky3DS+ owners!

SkyDock, an adapter worked with sky3DS+(V140), which enable you to get the private header from one of your original 3DS game card, and play online games properly.
The Sky3DS team have been quiet since early April, but then suddenly they have re-appeared on a new domain, along with nice brand-new product called SkyDOCK that can be used to 'dump private headers and keys' for from your original Nintendo 3DS cartridges and fully backup them complete to your Sky3DS+ Flashcart, and along with this device, a firmware V140 for all to enjoy was released.
Some are calling it the 'Pandora' of the 3DS era!

Back in the day, the original Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) was basically cracked wide-open once the Pandora battery was found, and clever modders at the time discovered a way to convert normal PSP batteries into Pandora ones, now its the Classic O3DS turn!
Recently, SIGHAX and Boot9Strap was released, but @SciresM (one of those that outlined Signax at 33c3), has decided to recent a few clues on what the next exploit step can be done on the 3DS, and it so far only works on the older Classic O3DS models (before the updated Newer/Faster N3DS ones), basically it works by using a physical Magnet to trick the lid switch until thinking your 3DS is closed still, and then you press and hold a few buttons, and the 3DS boots-up into special factory mode bypassing all security checks/firmware and loads the special ARM code you have crafted from an...
sighax is a BootROM exploit (revealed at 33c3) for the Nintendo 3DS/2DS/New3DS

It exploits a vulnerability in the RSA signature parser and allows you to run fake-signed firmware on any console!
Just under a month ago we reported that #SIGHAX Installer was in Development by @derrekr6 and now amazing enough it is out for all to enjoy trying out on their Nintendo 3DS handhelds in the form of early v0.2 beta release!
First Step Of Many Towards Reverse-Engineering The New Nintendo Switch Game Cartridges!

At early glance it seems Nintendo has upped the game to prevent Flashcards on their new console, by adding a extra 'security module' to each cartridge, instead of having just encryption on the console side like 3DS, its now on both sides of the bus interface.
As reported by @modrobert of EurAsia, there is a blog post on the Reverse-engineering site called Texplained regarding their recent progress on Decapping the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild game cartridge for the Nintendo Switch, it is a very nice in-depth 'teaser' to read, but the full report is not available yet, and sadly when it is they will add it to their 'online R-E catalog' for you to buy to read it all!
AcK77 as promised has gone Open-Source and Released his Simple Way to Clone Amiibo's onto NTAG215 Cards.

Even tho N2Elite (aka) Amiigo allows you to store Nintendo Amiibo's all in one handheld device, some people want to have multiple physical cards instead.
We reported before when AmiiBomb was in Development, but now the author has release his design that allows you to make your own Amiibo clones using Arduino, your PC and some affordable NTAG215 cards from Amazon.

Alain Fernandes - 2D/3D render code / Gfx / Concept

Similar to the 3D version of the NES emulator, and well now Alain Fernandes in just 3 days has just developed a new 3D emulator that works with Game Boy ROMs.
For the moment, this is a first version that allows only one ROM to be executed. It is necessary to rename the ROM launched in rom.gb, and to launch it with GameBoy3D.exe, the ESC key allowing to leave the emulation. For more Info, check out the official author's site.
OFFICIAL SITE: --> http://alain.shadows.free.fr/

NEWS SOURCE: Nouvel émulateur Game Boy en 3D (via) LogicSunRise
Fire up those ACA Neo Geo games to feel like a big shot

The Nintendo Switch is a versatile gadget, which is part of its appeal, but you can always rely on fans to find fun ways to take it back to the 'good old days'.
This smart modder figured out a way to play Mario Kart 8 better, but building an Arcade Dock for his new Nintendo System hybrid.
Mexico’s Federal Police yesterday intercepted a shipment of contraband goods headed for the US at Guadalajara Airport.

Inside was not drugs, or weapons, but vials full of live spiders hidden inside what look like fake Famicom games.
This is new one for the history books, as someone thought they could get away with importing some 'illegal spiders' by hiding them in some 'bootleg' Nintendo cartridges, maybe next time they should try some legit real cartridges, so as not to raise attention to it! :)
Web Installer Released, Many Bug-Fixes, And Other Improvements!

Nintendo Scene Developer, ClusterM is back with another great update to his 'HakChi2' tool used to mod the Classic NES Mini.
If you are one of the lucky 2.5 million owners of the now discounted super-rare impossible to get Classic NES Mini, you will be glad to know there is an update to the best modding tool out there 'HakChi2' by ClusterM is now updated to v2.17 and here are the changes:
The Sony CD-ROM part finally works!

Hardware hacker Ben Heckendorn, better known as Ben Heck, has reached a significant milestone in the repair of the famous Super Nintendo PlayStation device.
The rare prototype of the failed joint venture of Sony and Nintendo working together in building the next gaming system, before they decide to part ways and each go their own route, is finally fully working, thanks to some clever coding of homebrew TEST game for it!
07/05 – Android App 2.0.3 with Fast write mode and improved unlocking

The N2 Elite team has been updating their Android App on a regular basis now, and they have just released v2.0.3 which adds fast write mode and improves the unlocking along with some other nice improvements.
They also hinted that more cool stuff is coming soon, in the meantime here is the recent changelog from May 7th:
The new update is already available direct in their Official N2 Elite Resources section, and more info can be found on...
RETRO TUTORIAL by Mnecraft368

NOTE: This will require you to have hacked the NES Mini with HakChi2 and know the process of adding custom games to it.
Also you must have installed RetroArch to your NES Mini Console, before you can enjoy MS-DOS and Windows on it!

'Mnecraft368' has released a nice tutorial on how to get your Classic NES Mini console to be able to even run MS-DOS and Windows! :)
The DOCK idea is nice, but its not very portable!

While the Switch is a flawed console, I’m a big fan of Nintendo’s latest system because of its home console-portable nature
Nintendo would have you rather buy a bunch of extra $90 DOCK's and place them all around where you travel to, like work, or friends, etc. instead of just including an simple HDMI out on their portable Switch, but with a little work you can turn your DOCK into a Travel one! :)
It’s not perfect, but it works!

Nintendo has been noncommittal when it comes to virtual reality, even though it filed a patent late last year that could turn its Switch console into a VR device.
The Switch itself when the JoyCon's are removed is basically a 6.2" tablet, so in theory it could work like Gear VR, but instead of slipping in Samsung phone, you slide in a Switch, and one Youtuber decided to do basically just that and see how well Nintendo Switch VR works! :)
Now it will be easier in IDA Pro to rip-apart the Switch Executable Binaries and Study the Code!

IDA Pro loader to support Nintendo Switch NRO binaries. Still work in progress but it's a good start!
A few weeks ago we had a plugin for NRO in regard to RaDare 2, an reverse engineering command line tool, but now @pgarba has started work on a plugin for the more popular commercial tool IDA Pro which alot of underground developers use to explore code.
Finally some process has been made on SigHAX since the 33C3 event discussion about it back in late December!

Nintendo Scene Developer @derrekr6 teases an #SigHAX installer on Twitter, the tool should allow to Nintendo 3DS owners to execute unsigned code on directly on the BootROM which should be faster than the popular A9LH system which is currently used.
There is no word yet on when or if @derrekr6 will release his SigHAX installer to the public or at least document on how he did it, but for now with his tweet and picture, with hope that something will occur in the near future once he has made it more stable and reliable.
There been alot of speculation that this is also what Gateway 3DS developers have been working on for their next big release, but only time will tell when the big Gateway update finally comes out once the Easter Bunny...
That 2D prototype comes to life

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild began life as a two-dimensional prototype, with an aesthetic borrowed from the original The Legend of Zelda on NES.
Another amazing fan project has turned the old NES Zelda into an updated version based on the latest Zelda Breath of the Wild, but still keeping the nice retro 2D look, and it is currently playable on your Windows PC.
Open Source eShop Alternative

This homebrew software, originally coded by TheCruel, allows you to download software you own via an encTitleKey.bin file.
Since the arrest last week of TheCruel not for his popular FreeShop app for Nintendo 3DS, but for his horrible sick mind of deciding to watch child porn on his computer, people have been screaming for new FreeShop that will be updated, and just to be able to uninstall his since the growing boycott over his dark side, and as such Arc13 has taken up the task of forking his app and updating it for all to enjoy!