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Nintendo's Wii Virtual Console, might be running infact pirated ROM's with unofficial headers to make them work!

A video released on gaming site Eurogamer today alleges that Nintendo actually did something it has demonized for years: downloaded a third-party copy of a Super Mario game from the internet, re-jigged it, and sold it back to consumers through the Virtual Console.
It has been discussed for a few years in underground forum sites, that Nintendo was using emulators were based on unofficial info and designed with help of open-source ones and even pirated dumped ROM's from their original cartridges were used for their official Virtual Console, but now finally full solid proof that big 'N' is just as guilty of being a full-fledged pirate as some of their own loyal Nintendo consumers are has arrived, read on for more details and watch the video proof...
It’s not as simple as drag-and-drop, but no screwdriver or hardware mods needed.

Battletoads on the NES Classic Edition? If you're willing to take a risk via modding, you too could add this and other games to your own little system.
We have already reported on the progress of unlocking the NES Classic in the past here on MaxConsole Underground, but this week things really sped-up thousand times, with two groups one based out of Japan and another from Russia (I guess with the Election 2016 hack behind them, they were bored and now able to better focus on Nintendo hacking), anyone is basically done, by following this simple English tutorial below you will have an unlocked Mini NES Classic Edition with the Game ROM's you want on it, instead of being limited to the 30 that big 'N' picked out for you to play, that is if you can find one to buy, as they are still in hot demand and this just going...
With Some Awesome Upgrades

Though there were several iterations and updates to Nintendo’s insanely popular handheld gaming system, the Game Boy was officially retired just over a decade ago. And while Nintendo has no plans to revive the portable console, a company called Retro-Bit is stepping up to bring the Game Boy back from the dead.
Retro-Bit has already produced a few classic consoles, with their Sega Generations one selling very well, and now they are taking on the retro handheld world, by producing an new GameBoy that can play all your original Nintendo games at nice affordable price! :)
EZFlash Redux for the Nintendo 2DS/3DS/N3DS

Our very own Exclusive MaxConsole Hardware Reviewer is back with yet another one of her great reviews, this week she takes on the challenge of testing out the newly launched EZ-Flash ReDux FlashCart for the Nintendo 3DS handhelds, read on for all the Pro's and Con's of this new scene-related device!

Reviewer's Notes: During the review, please keep in mind that I did not take the time to freshly format the MicroSD card I used in testing, though it works perfectly fine in my Gateway cart. I am also using a very fresh N3DS with A9LH to launch the EZR payloads from boot. The firmware and payloads I was given may also not be the final versions, but rather a review/testing version and not the actual final product. I tried to emulate an "average user" when approaching the product, meaning I did not take steps a more advanced person would take. OK! Let's dive in!...
In the 'better late than never' department

Michael Steil (Mist) had an interesting talk over at 33C3 about the original Game Boy, also covering a bit of the differences compared to the later Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance models.
Lots of great in-depth technical information squeezed into one hour which you can watch below with thanks to @modrobert for the heads up regarding this amazing talk regarding everything great and bad about Nintendo's famous Game Boy handhelds. :)
v1.4 - The Unrestricted Patch

kit-kat (Toolkit-kat) is a MEGA toolkit chain with many useful features like Streaming, Pushing files to the 3DS wirelessly, Input Redirection for Controller users (GC for smash? :3), HostedNetwork Automation, And many many more.
Its only been out for a couple of weeks, and already the developer behind 'Kit-Kat' has updated his amazing Toolkit with a ton of more features, and improvements, with even 'streaming support' now, similar to NitroStream but with many nice features as follows:
Big 'N' finally takes the LEGAL ban hammer to sites hosting the Source Code for the 'homebrew' app called 'FreeShop'.

Once 'homebrew' was possible on Nintendo 3DS, and CIA installs were figured out, soon an app was designed called 'FreeShop' that enable pirates to fully download complete working Nintendo 3DS games directly from big 'N' own Digital eShop platform.
Well those with app installed still seem to be able to use it, but good luck finding it out there now as Nintendo legal bots are crawling the underground and taking down all sources for FreeShop even the uncomplied source code version hosted on GITHub. :)
SoundHAX / FastHAX / SigHAX

Three good things got released during today's 33c3 lighting talk that lasted one hour by developer Red regarding the 3DS and Wii U, nothing really great about Wii U we already didn't know, but the 3DS side had some amazing new exploits which were covered in detail.
The first is 'SoundHAX' allowing for the first time an offline exploit, not needing 'purchased' game using nothing but the native 3DS sound player, next up was 'FastHAX' which is better direct faster way of exploiting the Kernel 11 then the previously released SlowHAX, but the best part was saved for last, the new 'SigHAX' a breakthru on how Nintendo does its RSA checking on 3DS firmwares, allowing now developers to sign their own CFW, which will led soon to better things just like the last year release of A9LH at the 32c3 conference.
Pokémon ROM hack stopped by Nintendo four days before launch. In highly unusual move, Nintendo targets a ROM hack - essentially, a mod.

Nintendo issues a cease and desist order to the creator of Pokemon Prism, prompting the developer to cancel the game’s release just before it was due to launch.
For eight long years, Pokemon Prism been in development, and big 'N' never cared about it, until there was live stream gameplay for an hour on Twitch, then the men in black came a calling, and the project was wiped off the face of the earth, with only a faint memory of it.
FIX94 has updated this Haxchi and ColdBoot apps for the Nintendo Wii U Console!

FIX94 continues to amaze sceners as the improvements to his Haxchi which allows you to take over one of many different Nintendo DS games bought for Wii U Virtual Console and turn it into a forever 'booting-into-modded' operation on your console!
More updates have been released for Haxchi and the CBHC apps, check out all the details below from the official GITHub site:
With tools like this soon we will be able to region-change our GamePad and do other cool things like change the Boot Menu!

WulfyStylez has finally got around to rewriting his earlier tools and making them more useful. He Hopes this will inspire and assist Wii U owners out there with some useful hacks on the GamePad and more internal firmware research by developers.
The Nintendo Wii U scene just keeps on getting better, with finally a tool released to be able to play around with the firmware on its GamePad, and people are already figuring out how to change the locked-down region of the device along with more neat things! :)
By @dimok789 - Mocha CFW is a custom firmware that is derived from iosuhax.

It offers all the features of iosuhax and some additional features without the requirement of a fw.img on the SD card.
Furthermore it combines all the current features of a custom firmware such as sysNAND or redNAND with signature patches into one application with a configuration setting.
@Mrrraou - An implementation of the waithax / slowhax 3DS Kernel11 exploit released on GITHub.

Scene Developer @Mrrraou has developed a public implementation of the 3DS kernel exploit known as SlowHAX. This is a huge step forward for the 3DS scene, however it only works up to older firmware v11.1. While there are no user tools at the moment which take advantage of this development, expect tools very soon which can facilitate DSi downgrading among other newer hacks.

Here is how this might be very useful to 3DS owners in the near future, problem is Nintendo is pulling alot of the DSiWare games! :)

@SonyUSA writes: "Once a developer implements this into an existing DSi exploit installer (Such as Yellows8's), we will be able to inject and then downgrade directly from a single console instead of having to do the transfer method as described in Plailect's guide! My advice is to...
The UnderGround Nintendo Wii U Scene keeps on getting Better and Bolder and Bigger as everyday goes by!

Team WiiUBRU keeps on amazing sceners, with them now releasing their very own special 'GO' site which allows you to get quickly into 'modding' your Nintendo Wii U console right away without the any need to prepare a bunch of offline webkit browser tools on your PC and then networking to them to install any of current existing exploits or hacks that have recently been released!

@modrobert writes: "The guys over at wiiubru.com just made hacking the Wii U a lot easier. All you need is to have a WiiU with firmware v5.5.1 (latest) connected to internet and an SD card. This is so convenient for the user it's almost ridiculous, no need for a computer. Heads will roll in the Nintendo boardroom followed by firmware update releases."

@hexkyz has released a Major Update to his hexFW - Now implements a Menu; Recovery Console style!

The Nintendo Underground Wii U Scene keeps on improving everyday, and the CFW is slowly moving along, with another major update to the hexFW project by Mike H. (aka) @hexkyz with it now including a nice menu and recovery console style setup.

This custom firmware framework is still in its early stages, and is mainly for developers at this stage instead of end-users, but its still nice to play with since it runs via webkit browser exploit and loads from SD Card, it makes no changes to your internal NAND and therefore less chances of bricks or problems, and it now even includes utilities to dump all your unique Wii U OTP and SEEPROM info.

Nintendo is offering an incentive to the world’s finest researchers to find and report security vulnerabilities for the Nintendo 3DS family of handheld game systems. In coordination with HackerOne, Nintendo will pay up to U.S. $20,000 for the discovery of critical security vulnerabilities.

Nintendo is dedicated to providing video game fans worldwide premium entertainment in a welcoming and secure environment. To that end, Nintendo invites highly skilled researchers to find and address vulnerabilities on the Nintendo 3DS handheld system that could jeopardize that environment. Nintendo is committed to creating a better game-play experience for all through those actions.

For some reason, big 'N' has finally decided to crackdown on the Nintendo 3DS and are enlisting the help of those with mad hacking skillz thru a new Bug Bounty program launched on 'HackerOne' which has been very popular...
Dump RAW images from an Original Nintendo Wii U disc!

Finally, a way to make our own proper backups from our original Wii U discs have been released, with all the features you need like extraction of the disc key and full set of CRC32, MD5, SHA1 hashes to valid your WUD dump is complete and not corrupted!

FIX94 releases yet another amazing homebrew utility app for the Nintendo Wii U console, this one allows you to finally backup your own Wii U original discs to and SD Card or USB device for later (cough) loading the backup from loadline or other future game loaders.

Larger Backup NDS Game ROM Support Added via using DS Flashcards, including DSTWO and many more!

It’s been less than 24 hours since Wololo's Blog reported on the release of TWLoader 1.4 and Robz8 has already updated it to a new version v1.4.1. This updated release adds more support for DS flashcards that are/were on the market. It also fixes a bug with the displaying of box art within the launcher itself.

And while you are enjoying this nice very useful update, don't forgot to 'THANK' the developers for their very hard efforts to keep the old NDS scene alive and well in the new era of the Nintendo 3DS scene! :)

Several hackers will be presenting on console hacking at this year’s Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) in Germany.

Marcan, of Team Fail0verflow fame, will have another presentation on PlayStation 4 console hardware reverse engineering. Last year they demoed booting up Linux on a PS4, this year it will be more in-depth on how they were able to figure it out by themselves.

It seems at the next annual CCC event held in Germany near the end of December we will get treated to some more PlayStation 4 console hacking talks, with another presentation by Marcan and his Team Fail0verflow in regard on more how they did it last year!

@fix94 has released a big update to his amazing HAXchi for the Wii U scene, its now a stand-alone setup!

No more need for other external 'hacks' or 'scripts', you can now install HAXchi v2.0 just be using the 'homebrew launcher', and the correct previously purchased Nintendo DS Virtual Console game that this 'persistent' Wii U hack latches itself onto to launch!

If you been waiting for simple-to-setup and install HAXchi, then your wait is over, as world-famous FIX94 of Nintendo Scene Fame has released his big update v2.0, which now no longer needs a bunch of other scripts like ioshaxu, its an all-in-one installer system now!