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Switch Game Scene Warez Releases Are Getting Better Now!

There been alot of Nintendo Scene action recently, and on the dark underground 'net side even more action with BigBlueBox releasing at first Proper Complete Switch Game Cartridge Dumps, but now their recent 50th Switch game warez ,nfo release file contained also some very useful NCA 'key encryption' info! :)

Still missing is the NCA 'body keys' which there is three of them so far, that is what is needed now before actual dumps of like 'Super Mario Odyssey' can be unpacked, but of course none of these 'warez' releases are any good without a nice Team-Xecuter modchip with CFW running, or the Rumored Switch Flashcard, but it looks like it all going to be coming together very fast over the next few months For Switch owners to enjoy, so Stay Tuned as the Switch is on Fire! :)
Just a clever 3D Printed Fake? - (OR) - Is the NXFC really coming soon in Summer 2018!

There has been lots of Nintendo Switch Scene News recently, first with the 34c3 Conference, then with Team-Xecuter video, then later on Team Fail0verflow Coldboot Exploit Demo, and now recently @NicoAICP whom developed the 'XCI Reader' app has announced on his Twitch channel that an actual Nintendo Switch Flashcard is currently in development with a planned release in Summer 2018, but all was shown was clearly an 3D Printed Case, with discussion that PCBoard is still in development design stage and it will be sold both as DIY Kit and also fully-assembled, but you can only flash one actual Switch game at a time onto the device.
The team behind popular 3DS emulator Citra have announced an emulator for the Nintendo Switch called Yuzu, just 10 months after the console first hit stores.

The Internet was destroyed yesterday when Yuzu was announced on Twitter, that a emulator for Switch is in development, of course right now its just a basic framework of code on GITHub which you have to compile yourself and it doesn't do much, but it is start and it has caused the 'net to start dreaming of playing Super Mario Odyssey in 4k at 60fps at some point in the near future on their PC Gaming Rigs.
If you into playing around with compiling code, and trying out NRO binaries on your PC to see what works and doesn't, check out their official GITHub page, and their official development...
Time to Dust Off your Nintendo Wii U console, as @hexkyz has published an write-up on Wii U BOOT1 Code Execution!

The Holy Grail of Wii U exploits is finally available as public knowledge thanks to the amazing write-up by @hexkyz on his research.
Introducing the newest 3DS cheat device CYBER Code Freak for 2DS/3DS.
Coming this February.

CYBER Code Freak for 2DS/3DS is a cheat device (with physical components) for 2DS and 3DS. This one has more advanced functions than Save Editor as it allows gamers to directly create their own codes and adjust game parameters.
"We made a nice scroller for Switch"

Hot on the Switch scene hype started by Team-Xecuter with their 'TX Logo' booting up instead of 'Nintendo' on the Switch console, Team Fail0verflow has decided to release their own video that goes even more, adding a nice 'demo scene scroller' to the boot-up process.

But others have pointed out clearly fail0verflow video shows it running on v3.0.0 firmware based on the final 'home screen' ending, so not the latest Switch firmware, and other developers have pointed out they didn't replaced the start-up logo which is at start-up, before state2, so clearly TX has a way to access the lowest level of firmware state1 or state0 to be able to resign the logo graphics area.

NEWS SOURCE: @fail0verflow (via) Twitter

Mini TV Handheld Game Console Game Console for Nes Games with 500 Classic Built-in Games

Do you feel bored in your free time? Do you want to find something wonderful and meaningful to do? If so, this video game console would be your good choice. As right now, you can purchase the NES Family Recreation Video Game Machine for the amazing unbeatable webshop Sale Price: only $17.99 when ordering today using the Coupon Code: UU1604, but you need to hurry as this offer Only Valid until Jan. 19th so check it out today as there are 500 different built-in classic games in it, and playing it, you would gain the fun of your childhood and the fun with your family, which is very suitable for amusement and recreation in family.
Hot on the Heels of the earlier big TX Switch news, and soon after the 34c3 conference, comes more Switch scene newz!

@plutoo tweeted a screenshot of the homebrew launcher for Switch which is work in progress hinting it would be released on February the 1st, 2018.
Looks promising so far. :)
In the light of a recent presentation at the Chaos Communication Congress in Germany we've decided to come out of the woodwork and tease you all a bit with our latest upcoming product.

Team-Xecuter has been Rocking the Xbox scene since 2002, and now they are entering the world of Nintendo with a big Splatoon, teasing an announcement that they have fully cracked the new Nintendo Switch and will release a product soon that works on all firmwares, even better than the recent 34c3 announcement last week, so check out their official TX teaser video below:
A long time ago in a console far, far away….
Episode IV
Ezflash Reform

It was almost two decades ago that the Gameboy Advance system was released and people are still playing it. With AGS-101 backlight mods being abundant these days and plenty of flash cart options being available over the years, there is still demand for the most compatible and technologically advanced flash cartridge for the GBA.

We will see how feature packed and capable the latest flash cartridge is for this console: The EzFlash ReForm.

This is the MaxConsole Official Review of the latest Gameboy Advance Flash Cart product from China. We will cover the operation and configuration of this simple to use flash cartridge as well as testing several ROMs, including many that have been problematic to run on other flash cartridges and emulators. This flash cart is based on the Ezflash IV and supports...
The big Switch Talk at 34c3 is now over, see below for the complete 1 hour video that amazing to watch!

Previous years in Germany, we have seen amazing hacker developer talks from Team Fail0verflow on advanced subjects like PlayStation 3 and Wii and Wii U hacking, and last year alot of good things appeared soon afterwards for the Nintendo 3DS handheld like SoundHax, and this year the 34c3 conference had an super-duper one hour talk hosted by @Plutoo, @Derrek and @Naehwert, which got into how they cracked the Switch wide-open using the Tetris game as the credits launch a 'web browser' and homebrew is now possible!
The Skinning Contest is Now Over, and 3 Lucky Winners Have Been Selected!

StarGate 3DS is fully in-stock at various resellers around the world, and many customers have already gotten their units in just before holidays, and as you know we here at MaxConsole have been running a DS Menu Kernel Skinning Contest since Dec 7th, and as promised when the contest was over on Christmas day, we have now selected the 3 lucky winners whom will now will be getting some FREE StarGate 3DS FlashCarts for their work!
For the recent XCI game dumps I release a Information Reader/Extractor/Injector called XCI Reader

Recently, various underground warez groups have been re-releasing previous Nintendo Switch Cartridge Dumps in the proper XCI format, and now @NicoAICP has put together a XCI Reader for them with even feature to extract or inject a CERT, now all we need is that a nice Switch Flashcart to appear, or some CFW action after the upcoming 34c3 talk is over that will spill v3.0 Switch secrets! :)
The hidden Switch tribute to Iwata's passing has been scrubbed clean from the latest Switch firmware release!

Soon after the Switch was released, scene developers discovered there was hidden executable code called 'FLOG', and it turned out to be triggered on Iwata's passing to better life, and it was fully playable version of NES Golf with even two-player Joy-Con support!
But big 'N' has removed it and replaced it with 'signed' garbage in their latest firmware update for the Switch, so R.I.P. FLOG! :(

NEWS SOURCE: @SciresM (via) Twitter
A bootloader for the 3DS console, written by derrek, profi200, d0k3

The 34c3 conference is still a few days away, but Nintendo scene developer @derrek has already decided to release some nice xmas eve presents for the Nintendo 3DS handheld, in this case fastboot3DS which gives you new ways to quickly launch homebrew, utilities and other tools directly from main boot-up partition, opening up more neat options for developers and end-users on their 3DS consoles! :)
A mod of BootNTR which will allows you to choose the version of NTR you want to load (and it is also much faster than regular BootNTR)

Also just in time, and hot on the heels of the latest Luma3DS v9.0 release, is an updated BootNTRSelector v2.10 by @Nanquitas with much needed bug fixes! :)
Please see the GITHub release link below, for the latest stable builds and and various .3dsx or .cia files for your 3DS handheld! :)

NEWS SOURCE: BootNTRSelector v2.10 (via) GITHUB
Noob-proof (N)3DS "Custom Firmware"

Just in time for the 2017 holidays, @AuroraWright is back with amazing update to his Luma3DS CFW for Nintendo's handhelds! :)
Might be close to the holidays, but Team Stargate is still hard at work!

After reports and feedback from the first early reviewers, they have released a few bug fixes for the DS Menu Kernel System Files.
@123ab on PSXTOOLS.de has released Easy to Install Update Packs for those wishing to have a emuNAND v11.6

As you all know it has been a long time since Gateway 3DS has officially released a new launcher.dat that allows for latest emuNAND v11.6, but you can with the right steps, produce a Frankenstein Update, but now now @123ab from PSXTOOLS.de has made up Easy to Install Update Packs for all models of 2DS/3DS systems for both European and USA firmwares, to get your system updated with ease.
Amazing Enough An New WebKit Exploit Found On the Now 11 Year Old Nintendo Wii Console!

This new webkit exploit has been named FlashHax by its designers and is based on a code execution via the Internet Channel which is still available on the now retro Wii console and is very reminiscent of how webkit exploits are running on newer consoles like the PS4.

The main advantage of this FlashHax is to be able to launch only through the network, therefore there is no longer a need to use or own an SD card to install it.

Hopefully in the near future this evolves to an online homebrew store where the exploit will be integrated to trigger and you will be able to easily enjoy homebrew games and emulators without having to install any file on your Wii console.

Here is the current FlashHax guide: