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WARNING: Do not use this on 3xxx/4xxx PS3 models (aka Late Slim models / SuperSlim), you will brick those consoles!
Also, this is only for PS3 with previously installed OFW 4.82, not CFW.

Team PS3Xploit over at psx-place.com has released software tools for dumping and writing NOR/NAND flash on PS3 consoles with original firmware (OFW) 4.82 based on the previously released webkit exploit! Dumping supports both OFW 4.81 and 4.82. The PS3Xploit development team behind this impressive feat consists of: W (nonoscript, Research & Testing), esc0rtd3w (Debugging, Research & Testing), habib (ROP & Debugging), bguerville (ROP/nonoscript & Debugging). These tools allow dumping, patching and overwriting original firmware (OFW) 4.82 with a custom firmware (CFW). If...
The Black Fin is a peer-to-peer game cart sharing device for PS Vita that was released in September 2016

The Dev behind the Cobra Blackfin device has released the 'second leak' of his work, and also he explains some of recent "scene drama", which occurred after his 'first leak' of his work on World's First Backup Enabling Device on Vita.

Adieu: PS4 Kernel exploit for firmware 4.06 and below, fully detailed by team Fail0verflow

The PlayStation scene is on fire, first a bunch of v1.76 tools released, and then more recently @Qwertyuiop demo'ed a fully working v5.00 Kernel Expliot, and now Team fail0verflow have released complete details of the v4.05 ksploit that was demo'ed last year by Chaitin Tech.
Plus Leaked Video By @Flat_Z Showing Homebrew Working On PS4 Firmware v4.55

Recently, the PlayStation scene exploded with full open homebrew and piracy on v1.76 firmwares, but now @Flat_Z has demoed that is possible to port these released exploits over to firmware v4.55, and even more recently @qwertyoruiopz demoed that he is working on v5.00 webkit exploit, its only in its early stages, no code executing yet or kernel access, but it shows Sony still has some FW bugs!
No more just Linux running on v1.76 PS4's, it is now possible to play decrypted pirated game dumps, and homebrew!

It has taken a long time to occur, since the original exploits showing Linux running on the v1.76 PlayStation 4 consoles, but over the last week the scene has been on fire, after a series of rapid-fire tweets, updates, and teaser videos, it is now openly possible to play 'backups' on your v1.76 PS4 and also to play 'homebrew', and there is now homebrew SDK library in works, and soon alot more will occur on v1.76, so stay tuned to MaxConsole as the PS4 scene is finally on 'fire' and there is ton of updates coming out soon, so for now here is quick run-down on the recent big updates for v1.76 over the last week:

Quoted News Source #1:...
Atlus: "it isn’t the emulator itself we object to, it is the use of Persona 5... that we took issue with".

We have reported on the amazing progress of the RPCS3 Emulator before on MaxConsole, but sadly the development team posting videos of their PS3 Emulator playing 'Persona 5' has opened up a can of worms, with Altus USA taking the DMCA Takedown legal route to stop them promoting the fact their emulator can play their game, because one reason it is not perfect and still has 'framedrops' and other issues, making the experience worse than on actual PlayStation 3 hardware, but this is not the first time an emulator has come under fire, the most famous case was Sony vs. Bleem, when they developed an emulator to play PS1 games perfectly on the Dreamcast.
'motoharu' has released PSVGameSD which is an user application and kernel plugin for PS Vita that can produce Game Card Dumps and run them!

Shortly after Yifan Lu posted a comparison chart of current Vita dumpers with key points and general info. Lots of PS Vita hacking activity lately, all leading up to the final goal; to backup game dumps properly and play them. Thanks to all involved, much appreciated. BTW: Might as well stick the comparison into this post.
|                                                  | psvgamesd | NoNpDrm | Vitamin/MaiDumpTool |          
| ------------------------------------------------ | --------- | ------- | ------------------- |          
| Dumps physical games                             | y         | y       | y                   |          
| Dumps digital games, DLC, and updates...
TheFloW has released NoNpDrm for PS Vita which is a plugin that allows you to bypass DRM protection on any PS Vita content

Tweet by TheFloW...
  • Exports PS Vita content license keys as fake licences.
  • Bypasses expiration of PlayStation Plus and other timed licenses.
  • Allows you to run trial versions as full versions.
  • Allows sharing PFS encrypted content (unmodified non decrypted games) across multiple PS Vita accounts and devices using generated fake license files.
  • Imported games behave as purchased games and allow the use of game updates seemlessly downloaded from the Sony Interactive Entertainment Network (PlayStation Network) as long as these updates run on firmware 3.60 and lower.
  • Games can also be...
The Black Fin is a peer-to-peer game cart sharing device for PS Vita that was released in September 2016

Now the lead developer behind the Cobra Black Fin has partially leaked info from the project and shared his experience developing it with wololo.net
Apparently the developer never got paid by the Cobra producer.
What I remember about the Black...
Targets included Brazilian Minecraft servers and the PlayStation Network

Everyone remembers, the Mirai botnet attack wave that last October brought down all major services, but a new report suggests the original target was really PlayStation Network, and the attackers were a large group of 'Angry Gamers' that used the 'Internet of Things' malware to take over most of the world's connected devices to launch one of the largest attacks ever recorded so far on the Internet.
Scene developers '01cedric' and 'Swaqq' have released their online beta WEBRTM modding tool for Call of Duty on PS3!

New developments on the now Classic PlayStation 3 console are becoming increasingly scarce, but they still exist, mostly like the injection of games on OFW, but others want to cheat and mod their games while they still work on online via PSN and this new project by 01cedric & Swaqq does just that, and they nicely enough have released beta online interfact to change your SPRX and EBOOT files from your PS3 games, which you can then reinject them back onto your HDD to enjoy the modded extra special features of Call of Duty.
Nice Windows GUI tool for stuffing your PlayStation 3 games into your OFW HDD Backup Image.

It has been known for a while you can basically 'inject' games into your OFW HDD Backup on your PlayStation 3 console, but some of the existing tools are a little basic in converting and injecting, and it just happens SvenGDK didn't know they even existed, so as long-time scene developer he has generated his own tool called 'PS3 Convert & Inject' and the first release looks very nice and works well, and he will soon correct bugs and add more and other translations to it so everyone worldwide will be able to enjoy using it.
Long-Time Scene Developer 'XORLoser' Returns With A Nice Splash Of Key PlayStation 4 Information For All To Enjoy!

@modrobert writes: "After fitting a bunch of PS4 consoles with serial ports and flash pinouts, xorloser shared a diagram on Twitter showing the motherboard points to serial UART and Syscon for PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro consoles. You can find attached below ready to download directly. I have a feeling this will lead to something big, respect and thanks for sharing. xorloser also posted the flash pins used by the first PS4 modchip MTX Key:"
As my friend @modrobert from EurAsia points out above, this could lead to something 'big', we already seen the MTX...
Adrenaline is one of the most popular hacks that’s available for the PSVita so obviously someone would decide to add some extra feature.

uma0: is all the rage these days for PS Vita owners lucky enough to be on v3.60 firmware and enjoying all the modding stuff like 'Adrenaline' so lucky for us, PSX-Place developer 'BenMitnicK' has added support to Adrenaline for uma0: for all of us to enjoy!
RetroArch_PlayStation _3_PS3.jpg
Team LibRetro did it again, the latest RetroArch is dream to use and enjoy for Retro Gamers on their PS3 consoles!

Everytime, RetroArch releases a new steady build version, its magical how they been able to emulate so many consoles and games on your PlayStation 3, the latest release v1.6.3, of course includes builds for the Vita, Wii U, Android, iOS, but the PS3 stands out the best.
esc0rtd3w has released a way to dump PSID on your PS3 running OFW v4.81

It is now possible to get your unique PSID from your PlayStation 3 console, as long as you have NetFlix installed, even on OFW v4.81 :)
Two Of The Best Retro Gaming Emulators For The PSVita Have Gotten Recently Updated!

Scene Developer ‘rsn8887’ has decided to update some of Cpasjuste’s earlier emulator work in order to give a better overall retro gaming experience to PlayStation Vita handheld users. Both PFBA (Final Burn Alpha) and UAE4ALL2 (Amiga) got updated, here are the changelog details with thanks to Wololo's Blog:
PSN Ban Reports on Gaming Sharing Piracy Accounts!

The PS4 MTX Key ModChip has only been out for a month, and it looks like Sony has decided to crack down on this clone of the more costly Russian device that was privately sold to modshops since late 2015, so for now those wishing to use Game-Sharing modchips will have to be forced to stay on v4.72 and stay offline, which was recommended by the sellers anyway, it was never designed for online usage.
An clone of the MTX KEY ModChip

It has only been a couple of weeks since the big announcement of the PS4 MTX KEY ModChip and since then E3-Tech Team has resurfaced after a long period of silence since their glory days of E3 ODE PRO and before that E3 Flasher, but now that have announced the E3 Share which is basically a clone of MTX KEY chip with big more features, and hopefully a way to update it if Sony blocks it.
For some reason since the announcement on E3-Tech's...
You Can Now Play Retro PlayStation Portable (PSP) Games On Your Xbox One Console!

Thanks to the power of the UWP platform on the Xbox One, you can now use the PPSSPP Emulator on your Xbox One, as long as you have signed up for 'developer mode' feature, or have an hacked devkit/xbox, either way you can sideload this appx bundle similar to ReTriX. :)
NEWS SOURCE: PPSSPP s'invite en UWP sur la Xbox One (via) Logic-SunRise