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GPU Usage in Homebrew!

All Vita fans rejoice! Developer ‘xerpi’ who is probably most well-known for libVita2D has started dabbling around with libgxm! Libgxm is the Vita’s 3D graphics API.
Wololo's Blog is reporting that 'xerpi' is getting polished together a library for homebrew authors on the Vita to fully use the GPU, which means we will have soon have very much better emulators and homebrew games to enjoy on our modded Vita handhelds.
Next Step in Cracking The Rest of the Vita handheld is Now Possible!

Thanks to the amazing work by @St4rk, we now have the Wiki updated with listing of the special developer unique PFS keys, that are key into ripping apart the internals of the Vita game itself, allowing for possible cheats and mods, and other neat things to be done now!
The PS Vita PFS keys have been posted in the HENkaku wiki (mirror) by St4rk. So what are the PFS keys?
So there you go folks, almost everything on the Vita has fallen down for us to explore and pick at, all we need now is something more than ARK for v3.61 and later firmwares, so we can enjoy the very best on the latest,...
@xmaxkatsu - PS4 v4.07 :) Flash+HDD S/N Bypass :) Unlimited PSN Primary Account Share Possible :)

Scene Developer 'xmax katsu' has recently Tweeted out a couple of pictures showing that he is working on PS4 Game Share Exploit
Clicking the above picture will show you all the details upclose of what he has wired into his PlayStation 4 console, which looks like Raspberry PI with his PS4 Console Nand Flash chip made external for quicker easier access and USB to SATA HDD adapter hooked-up.

Nothing more is available, but these pictures and his Tweet message, which claims it works on latest PlayStation 4 firmware, and bypasses the flash/hdd checks to make sharing of PS4 games unlimited, which means its based on the earlier Brazilian PS4...
Plus Toolbox 2.02.12 – Jan 10th. 2017

The REBUG Team (Evilsperm, Cyberskunk, Habib, Joonie and Abkarino) has released REBUG 4.81.2 Cobra 7.5 custom firmware for PS3 consoles along with Toolbox 2.02.12 all wrapped up and ready for your enjoyment.
This custom firmware is based on Sony's original PlayStation 3 firmware v4.81 release, but updated for the latest Cobra payload changes, and all minor bug fixes since their earlier just before Xmas release. You can find the related downloads as usual via their official site which is linked below. Read on for official changelog...
Special REBUG Custom Firmware designed for exclusive usage on Sony PlayStation 3 Development Consoles!

The REBUG Team (Evilsperm, Cyberskunk, Habib, Joonie and Abkarino) has released REBUG 4.81.1 DECR LE Cobra 7.31 custom firmware along with Toolbox 2.02.10 DECR ED for PS3 development models DECR-1000A and DECR-1400A.
You can find more info about these development consoles over at PSDevWiki. Please consider donating for their hard work, check out their official site linked below for more info and for the downloads. This custom firmware is based on the original firmware v4.81 release, and remember is only for usage on DECR-1000A and DECR-1400A consoles, so its of no usage for you if you don't own one, but not to worry as couple of weeks ago Team Codename:REBUG released their normal...
Soon after 33c3 was over, the team behind the Universal Flash confirmed they are working on PS4 Glitcher Attack!

During the 33c3 talk by Team Fail0verflow, Marcan mentioned that it might be possible to get better access to the PlayStation 4 internal memory, via an Glitching Attack similar in design to the famous RGH setup used by many Xbox 360 console modders.
We reported on the Universal Flash project earlier this month, on how they are planning on producing a flasher designed for all consoles, and now the team has shared recently the above amazing news that PS4 Glitcher is in the works, and they posted up the correct solder points using the info Marcan mentioned in his...
Won't Release Details of Updated Exploit from Last Year's 32c3 v1.76 Demo!

Marcan42 of Fail0verflow fame was at the CCC33 event this year, to explain how Fail0verflow exploited the PS4 hardware in order to run Linux on the PS4.
Yet another demo of the PlayStation 4 console running Linux on an more recent firmware, and yet another NON-RELEASE, with no plans to release publicly how the ksploit was updated to v4.05 after Chinese demo on v4.01 and from public info around the v1.76
Similar to previous couple of years, Online Holiday Networking with your Video Gaming Console, might NOT be possible!

If anyone in your house plans to do some online multiplayer gaming during the holidays, here's a heads-up. Hackers have issued a threat to knock both Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network offline.
Well as usual, the legit gamers wishing to play will be battling it out with those nasty hackers that wish to make gaming over the holidays an horrible experience for some reason that does nothing but hurt the innocent gamer at home, with the big corporations not caring at all that their networks go down almost like clockwork every year, which is easy to do since they already at the max. limits with all that at-home on holiday gamers trying to enjoy their xmas break with a few relaxing hours playing GTA or CoD or FFIV, etc.
@XxYuKux12345 has Tweeted recently he has developed his own PS4 CFW!

It seems an Japanese scene developer has coded his own Custom Firmware for usage on Modded PS4 Console and is working now on plans on how to sell the package which seems to be both a special hardware mod along with his CFW that you load onto your PS4.
Sadly, we don't have more info at the moment, and only badly translated info from forum users on other sites on what its all about.
Plus Toolbox 2.02.11 – Dec 16th. 2016

The REBUG Team (Evilsperm, Cyberskunk, Habib, Joonie and Abkarino) has released REBUG 4.81.1 Cobra 7.31 custom firmware for PS3 consoles along with Toolbox 2.02.11 all wrapped up and ready for Christmas.
This custom firmware is based on the original firmware 4.81 release. You can find the related downloads as usual via their official site which is linked below. Thanks goes to @hitman43 for the heads up. Read on for official changelog...
Current v0.1 seems to only support PS4 at the moment with also the need of a Teesny++ device plus of course soldering!

HybridComputers just leaked onto the Spanish Scene site 'Elotrolado.net' a new program named 'UniversalFlash' which is expected to dump all the current consoles to date, namely the PlayStation 4 and Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems.
Some of the members of the 'Universal Team' they are calling themselves are from the older Hades Team from the early Spanish PS3 Scene days, and their aim is to make this UniversalFlasher support all consoles in the near future, plus also offer a 'downgrading' system for PS4 Slim's (not the Pro series yet), and they are also talking about launching a KickStarter in the near future to support their app and hardware addons for the various consoles, maybe they trying to offer also a non-soldering way via flash clips as seen before...
Hacker group Phantom Squad have claimed responsibility for PSN outages last night.

Targeting several servers in a co-ordinated DDoS attack, Phantom Squad caused three servers to fail, as well as attacking 2K Interactive’s NBA 2K17 and EA’s Battlefield 1. Servers for GTA V failed briefly, too.
Already before XMAS, and Hacker Groups are attempting to shutdown our online console game networks, with PSN an easy target.
Another Great StarBucks CFW Release by Habib for modded PlayStation 3 Consoles

As we wait for Team REBUG to release their new CFW to support v4.81 operation, we have in the meantime the second best CFW out there for PS3 Scene'ers the StarBucks series by Habib with full Cobra v7.40 support, plus all the CFW patches you will ever need.

@modrobert writes: "Habib over at PSX-Place has taken a break from his exams and released a new custom firmware for PS3 based on original firmware 4.81 which now has Cobra 7.40 support. You can find the release in the download section on EurAsia as usual. This version includes new Cobra functionality and PS2 fixes."

Read on for the long list of impressive features...

RetroArch now supports the newly released Vulkan PSX renderer designed by TinyTiger

After a few teaser videos by the LibRetro Team on their Patreon page, the release that everyone been waiting for is now finally here, a very nice and smooth and perfect hardware renderer for all your PSX games retro classic emulator playing enjoyment!

You can read more of Tiny Tiger's in-depth review of how he emulated the hardware features of the original PSX design at the official blog site linked below, in the meantime here is short quoted part of his very in-depth study of the internal workings of the world's famous first PlayStation, and a good compare to other graphic processors at the time and even with the limits that Sony had in their design it still won over millions of users with its powerful gameplay and graphics.

Several hackers will be presenting on console hacking at this year’s Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) in Germany.

Marcan, of Team Fail0verflow fame, will have another presentation on PlayStation 4 console hardware reverse engineering. Last year they demoed booting up Linux on a PS4, this year it will be more in-depth on how they were able to figure it out by themselves.

It seems at the next annual CCC event held in Germany near the end of December we will get treated to some more PlayStation 4 console hacking talks, with another presentation by Marcan and his Team Fail0verflow in regard on more how they did it last year!

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ModChipCentral and GoCyberShop are running their annual 'Cyber Monday Specials' with 5% OFF all the wonderful scene products that Team-Xecuter products, plus many other amazing deals, so check it out now, as Cyber Monday will be all over is just over 24 hours from now!

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Here comes the stability. <--- Hmm, is that not want Sony loves to say on their firmware change logs!

In only a month's time that started with the announcement and release of the taiHEN framework and taiHENkaku, we end of this long holiday weekend with major update to the beta that brings with it much needed 'stability' so more Vita users can enjoy it better.

Wololo's Blog was updated recently, with a very important announcement that the newer taiHENkaku for our PlayStation Vita's that are of course still on v3.60 and should be (no reason not to be enjoying homebrew, emulators, and cough pirated games), has been updated to more stable Beta 5 release, that will allow you to go more enjoyment out of it, without too much crashing from now on.

PS4 Pro Pwnd by PlayStation 4 Devs via 0Day Exploit, Don't Update.jpg
@harryoke1973 has teased the Internet about the fact the PS4 PRO has been PWNED by an unreleased 0-Day Exploit!

The scene is on fire, as more confirmed reports come in that developers working on the PS4 console have found an exploit on the latest PlayStation 4 Pro console, lucky it ships with v3.70 firmware, so right now the key is NOT TO UPDATE as v4.06 burns ksploit!

Sadly, @harryoke is known for his graphical skills, so all we have is one of his latest videos to get us going on the hypetrain! :)

Hopefully, we will get some more hints about what is occurring in the PS4 scene world, but for now its good idea to go out into the crazy madness of Black Friday Weekend, and hunt down one of those brand-new PlayStation 4 Pro consoles and leave it original, untouched with no online...
@RichDevX has recently tweeted his progress on his SD card bridge device for the PS Vita memory card slot.

Plus below is the photo of his development board linked by RichDevX :) The project looks promising indeed, soon there will be no need to buy expensive PS Vita memory cards, can't wait for the official full retail release for end-users of the PlayStation Vita.

@modrobert writes: "Besides the breakout adapter which was finished long ago, it looks like he has completed the VHDL (or Verilog) FPGA simulation testing of the device hardware successfully. There are few posts with signal waveforms posted from the design tool, and he even had the PS Vita recognize a real 4GB SD card through the FPGA device which can be seen in this video.

@MrNiato has released a simple program & demo video on how you can use Sony's Exploit to UnBan Your PS3 console!

Back in late October, Console-Crunch posted about how it was simple to make your own CID's for the PS3 to unban your console, there was no more need to steal working PSID's from other consoles and reprogram yours to match to get back online with errors.

Now from the simple hex-editing tutorial that was posted, @MrNiato has released a tiny app to do it for you on PC, and video how-to.