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Yet Another Homebrew Scene Utility Release For All To Enjoy!

PlayStation Scene developer 'codestation' is back with a new update to his HENkaku-Server for Android devices, now at v1.8 it supports the latest HENkaku Release 8 and VitaShell, to allow you to fully enjoy the power of your v3.60 PS Vita handheld.
The one problem with enabling HENkaku on your Vita, is they you need Internet access, and sometimes that is not possible when you are on the go, and offline installers for HENkaku generally only work on your Desktop PC, but again when you are on the go that is not an option, but most people carry around with them a smartphone, and lucky for those using Android phones, with this app all you need to do is enable your phone's WiFi hotspot, and bang from your v3.60 Vita you can access the Server and switch over to HENkaku mode!
Yet Another Homebrew Scene Utility Release For All To Enjoy!

PlayStation Scene Developers 'SilicaAndPina' are back with a new update to their GUI Frontend for the PSVimgTools with a number of cool new addons, and improvements for all to enjoy trying out on their PlayStation Vita handheld or PSTV device.
This is a GUI Interface For Team Molecule / Yifanlu's PSVIMGTools Which is a tool that can be used to decrypt & extract PSVita Backup Files (.psvimg) Providing you knew the AID of the account that created the backup, this works on every firmware to this date, including 3.63. and probably all future firmwares.
PS4 JailbreakMe author has recently Tweeted he was able to Pwned v4.50 PS4 and the same should work on v4.55!

The PlayStation Scene is on fire today, after @qwerty sent out a quick tweet that he pwned v4.5x on the PS4 consoles!
We reported before on PS4 JailbreakMe, and so far Luca's public work is only for the old v4.06, but it seems the famous iOS Jailbreak'er has figured the newer v4.50, and it should also run on the latest v4.55, all tho currently he has no plans to publicly update his exploit website.
After the news was posted he confirmed on Twitter, that 4.55 can have both userland and kernel attacks, but currently he has not...
v3 Changelog is packed with tons of amazing new features and game compatibility improvements!

TheFlow has been busy over the Easter long weekend, with first teasing, and then pumping out a brand-new v3 of Adrenaline!
If you been looking for something to do over this boring Easter weekend, don't worry after reading this news you will be hopping around happier than a kid that just found and than ate all the Sunday's Easter eggs. As this new Adrenaline release will get your Vita juices flowing!
WinPDFReader by JarlStudio does more than just Display PDF files on your Xbox One console!

Microsoft has decided to officially 'ban' emulators, but that has not stopped eager developers in trying to find a way around the rules, even tho it might cost them their account to publish apps, another one has slipping thru the cracks and it plays PSX games!
And JarlStudio is not planning on stopping, he going to use his new found trick to quickly publish and N64 emulator and PSP emulator.
Yet Another Scene Release To Enjoy Using On Your v1.76 PlayStation 4 PlayGround WebKit Exploit Interface!

Spanish Scene Developer 'j0lama' is back with a neat 'memory editor' tool that designed to run on v1.76 PS4 Consoles!
Hopefully, in the near future we will see updates to the newer PS4 JailbreakMe exploit for v4.07 and lower firmwares, that will allow 'PlayGround' Tools which currently need the full-exploitable v1.76 firmware to run like this new one just released by 'j0lama':
The first and only save editor for PlayStation 4!

Giving you access to some of the most popular games for the PlayStation 4, Save Wizard for PS4 MAX allows you to cheat on YOUR save allowing never before seen amounts of money, max ammo, character stats and more!
You have seen before the various rumors of an PS4 Save Editor/Cheat Device coming, and then one released for Japanese only PlayStation 4, but now finally an updated and improved Save Wizard for PS4 MAX has been launched for all non-Japan markets.
@specterdev - Takes an in-depth look at how @qwerty recently released JailbreakMe magic for the PS4 does its job!

Not too long ago qwertyoruiopz released a functional (and surprisingly stable) exploit for 4.0x firmwares. No - it's not the same as the Pegasus exploit which could have been used in ChaitinTech's jailbreak chain, but it uses some similar concepts.
The PlayStation 4 Scene been on fire since @qwerty (aka) Luca of iOS exploit fame, released his JailbreakMe Webkit RCE Portal for playing with using the PS4 Web Browser found on mainly the v4.06 firmware, but there was no repo of the code itself, so recently...
Plus Cleaned-Up & Commented Version of @qwerty code is now published into GITHub Project Page!

@SpecterDev is a good expert when it comes to the original v1.76 WebKit Exploit on the PS4 console, so when @qwerty started his new updated WebKit RCE project page for v4.0x firmwares, SpecterDev decided to follow along the development of it daily!
And now he has cleaned-up the original code, and even ported it forward to v4.07 firmware and backwards to older firmwares, and commented it and published it onto his GITHub page, for all to enjoy and setup on their own 'web server' or to improve on it more!
Yet Another Scene Update To Enjoy!

PlayStation Scene Developer 'jjkkyu' returns with a new update to his handy-dandy 'TrueAncestor BACKUP Retailer' app for PS3 consoles.
If you like playing with your PS3 HDD, and injecting 'games' into the backups for it, etc. then this app is for you!
Enjoy! :)

NEWS SOURCE: TrueAncestor BACKUP Retailer v2.20 (via) PSX-Place
Yet Another Scene Release To Enjoy!

Nintendo Scene Developer 'Rinnegatamante' with a little PlayStation Vita Utility called 'Vita Object Loader', check it out today!
Not much is know about this new homebrew Vita app, except what is listed below, I guess it can be useful for testing overclocking! :)
As usual for more info, check out the official links below:

DOWNLOAD NOW: --> https://vitadb.rinnegatamante.it/get_hb_link.php?id=223

OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://vitadb.rinnegatamante.it/#/info/223
A software that transforms your PS Vita into a two-in-one device!

PlayStation Scene Developer 'TheFlow' is back with another amazing update to his 'Adrenaline' software for the PlayStation Vita.
Hot on the heels of the PSP M33 10th Birthday release, we now also have a new 'Adrenaline' to enjoy installing on our Vita handhelds!
@qwertyoruiopz - Nothing to kernel in 5 days. GG Sony!

@qwerty has been hard at work on his recently released Jailbreakme for PS4 consoles running v4.06 or lower firmwares, and he has gone from having nothing to a fully working WebKit RCE with basic 'kernal access' in just 5 days, and no its no April Fool's either!
It all started out a few days ago, when it launched his new website: JailbreakMe PS4 4.0x, which when you visit via your PS4 web browser on console running a firmware v4.06 or lower, you given a series of options to play around with, but for full kernel r/w access you will need to be on v4.06 as this exploit supports all non-4.50 firmwares, but right now it specifically targets 4.06 due to rop gadgets being hardcoded, and @qwerty progress is moving along so fast, that @CTurtE has even Tweeted he...
As of today, M33 for PSP along with 'Despertar Del Cementerio' are now officially Open Source!

As promised the M33 Team has reunited for the 10th Anniversary and have released their 'source' under GPLv3 to everyone to take a look at and remember the Retro Gaming days of running modded Custom Firmware on their PSP (PlayStation Portable).
Dust off your PSP, and yikes relive those glory days that made MaxConsole so popular when everyone was busy with M33 and running an amazing collection of 'homebrew games', 'emulators' and other (cough) stuff, that underground grey area called 'backup games'.

3.90-M33 --> https://github.com/mathieulh/3.90-M33
Adds NTFS Support

PlayStation Scene Developer 'jjolano' is back with another great update to use 'OpenPS3FTP' utility for PlayStation 3 consoles running CFW, this one adds in NFS Support, which will come in handy, as alot of other utilities like SMAN, and WebMOD also have NTFS support!
Here is all the details on this great update, enjoy! :)
Library for using PS4 Controllers in Monogame

PlayStation Scene Developer 'mystborn' is back with another great scene release, this one is 'library' to alllow 'Monogame' to use the PlayStation 4 DualShock controller.
Here is how you can use the PS4Mono Library to add full PlayStation 4 DualShock4 controller support to your Monogame, which is easy to use platform in producing games on many different systems and in a way it is very similar to Unity when it comes to programming.
PSN spoofing back on

PlayStation Scene Developer 'Yifan Lu’ is back with another awesome update to his HENkaku/taiHEN exploits for the PlayStation Vita handheld that is of course running firmware version 3.60
Sadly no update for anything higher than v3.60, but lucky for us on lower firmware PSN is back, because with some weird magical dust he added into this release he was able to get v3.63 spoofing fully working again after Sony broke the previous setup with their last update.
Yet Another Homebrew Utility For Your PlayStation Vita Handheld To Enjoy!

Appdb Tool can trigger a database update or completely reset your database WITHOUT losing your icons/folders layout!
Nintendo Scene Developer 'luck' is back with a cool little useful utility to have on your PSTV or Vita's to help you reset your database.
Enjoy! :)

OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://vitadb.rinnegatamante.it/#/info/204
At the arrival of the latest version of Henkaku, many users complained that Switchkaku was no longer working.

The developer Kylon has therefore studied the subject and reworked the utility by proposing it to us in version 2.0.
As a reminder, if you have a PS Vita under firmware 3.60, you can benefit from HENkaku and taiHENkaku. The first is the stable original hack while the second is still in Beta. We all agree that the second one is still in testing, but we need it to take advantage of Adrenaline.

An interesting choice is to install HENkaku or install taiHENkaku, but this was before the arrival of SwitchKaku, a tool originally developed by "Luck" and which will allow you to easily switch between HENkaku and taiHENkaku according to your needs.

As usual for more info, latest downloads, please check out the following page:

A Simple but efficient TXT Reader

Pathway27 just in time before the GekiHEN contest ended, has submitted another way to enjoy reading TXT files on your PlayStation Vita, now its no 'Kindle' but hey still amazing to see what the portable Sony can do thanks to all this cool new homebrew to enjoy!
Bookr Mod Vita was based originally on Bookr & bookr-Mod for the PSP, but pathway brings this release to Henkaku and it is a very useful utility.