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Watch Below The Demon's Souls Game From For The PlayStation 3 Console Running On Super-Fast PC Desktop!

The development team being 'RPCS3', have pushed out another amazing update, with v0.0.3 Demon's Souls is now playable, which is amazing feat after seeing before Persona 5 being playable, of course other games like Red Dead Redemption are a joke still, but you do have to remember that both the Emulator and PC Gaming Rigs are only going to get better.
For Those Still On v1.76 - DEBUG-ENABLE Has Been Released! - Next Step is PKG Installs for (Piracy / Homebrew)

@modrobert writes: "j0lama has released info and payload how to enable debug mode for PS4 consoles with firmware v1.76. I had some fun briefly reversing the payload using radare2, more on that in this forum topic. Expect more PS4 hacking news shortly... ;) "

And since that post above from EurAsia earlier this week, it didn't take long for the 'next step' to be Demo'ed, with 'minecraft' being installed, and...

Sony’s legal quest to remove its leaked developer’s kit from the Web
Effort appears to be squashing leak discussion and homebrew SDKs as well.

Back in the day of when the PlayStation 3 consoles and 'scene' was hot, having a SDK leak was the norm, there was a few of them from time to time, but so far in the new PlayStation 4 era, it has been hard-pressed to get hold of actual full SDK without becoming an official Sony developer, but somehow 'KromeMods' got access and he leaked them over the weekend, but of course Sony sent out their army of Men In Black takedown bots, and almost all links have been erased from the internet's memory with legal threats also as usual! :)
World's First ModChip For The PlayStation 4 Consoles

The PS4 piracy scene has previously been limited mainly to modshops in the Brazilian area that had the game-sharing setup, but now a 6 wire modchip that works on 4.72 has been developed to make the process easy for the end-user to share games.
USA/CANADA PRE-ORDER NOW: --> http://www.modchipcentral.com/store/PS4-MTX-KEY-ModChip-USA-CANADA-WORLDWIDE.html
UK/EUROPE PRE-ORDER NOW: --> http://www.shop01media.com/en/MTXKey-MTX-PS4-Key-gamesharing-mod-chip
For more info, you can check out the attached DOC...
An Open Source PlayStation 3 Hacking System created under the Project Artemis initiative!

The developer Haxxxen unveiled yesterday on PSX-Place a new version of Artemis, the PKG that allows cheats on PlayStation 3 consoles. For those who do not know, Artemis is a kind of Action Replay that consists of an application and plug-ins, the first serving to apply the codes called Netcheat in your favorite games with disconcerting ease, and this update adds in the new function of 'codetype 5'. :)
Virus Locks System UI and some Functions :)

Back in late March, mete2221 from Wololo's Blog posted in the talk forums a 'virus' for the PlayStation 4 console which 'locks the system user interface and some functions', and if you happen to still be running v4.50 you can try out the demo here: http://ps4virus.tk/

Now, its really a silly name, its more of 'glitch', and a useful 'entry point' into the running system, and recently Logic-Sunrise user 'NeotikZ' has been able to take this 'glitch' and port it over to v4.71 as a new 'webkit' exploit, but at this stage there is no plans to release it.
ORIGINAL NEWS SOURCE: First PlayStation 4 Virus on 4.50! (via) Wololo
Seems like everyone's trying to produce these SD2VITA boards, so I did up my own version with a couple fixes. UAYOR

The very hot trend of converting the PlayStation Vita GameCard Port over to being able to use microSD cards instead is continuing with now @Gadorach releasing to the public a better design in Gerber format so that anyone can order up their own production run of adapters.
Mass production of microSD to Vita gamecard adapter has been started by Srident on Reddit!

After the first smaller batch of SD2Vita adapters from 'moredrugsmore3somes' were grabbed up within hours, another Reddit user called 'Srident' has stepped up to the plate to produce a much larger production run of SD2Vita adapters, but these will be big more costly, due to the usage of 'gold-plating' on the contacts, which is better for long term usage and durability, so the extra cost is worth it in long run.
Set of tools to run PS Vita game dumps from SD card or from binary image, have been published by Motoharu on GITHub.

Of course Cobra BlackFin for Vita was the first product to do so, but it was never updated for newer firmwares and being commerical it was of course not open-sourced, but Motoharu a long time ago reserve-engineered most of BlackFin and designed a hardware adapter and code to dump the PS Vita games themselves directly from their Gamecard, and now recently XYZ demoed a working PoC of running an microSD as Vita gamecard with a rough adapter, and since then Motoharu has published all his dumping info and codes.
June 29th - Now with 208 Games & 11692 Cheat Codes / v4.71 Update / Lifetime FREE Support

The developers behind the Save Wizard for PS4 MAX have recently updated their app to include full support for PS4 consoles running the latest v4.71 firmware and now their library has over 208 games in all regions with more than 11692 different game cheat codes, and best of all the license will no longer be limited in time to 24 months, all updates and support will remain FREE for lifetime after purchase, and it is still possible to configure 3 PSN IDs and activate 3 clients at any time, which brings the increased price down to really only 20 dollars per user account!
No plans currently for it to be released or crowdfunded!

Yifan Lu's idea to crowdfund an PlayStation 3G Vita to microSD Card Adapter has been so popular it already sold-out the extra 500 boards that he recently added to the IndieGoGo project page, and now we have an amazing new PoC video just released that shows its possible to convert the Vita GameCard port to be a microSD Adapter, as long as you can install custom modules via HenKaku or Enzo on your v3.60 handheld.
Useful for real-time modding/editing of games running on PS4 v1.76 consoles!

PlayStation Scene Developer 'DaBlackPantha' no longer has time to work on this PS4API which is similar to the 'cheat/modding engines' on the PS3 which he ported over to the basic only working Jailbreak on the older PS4 v1.76 firmware, and it can be used for basic real-time modding/editing of games, and since he can't finish/cleanup the code he is releasing it in the hopes someone pick up the project fork it over and improve on his original work, and maybe with luck we could see in the future PS4API on higher firmwares.
Latest ProDG for DEBUG/TEST PlayStation 3 Consoles Running Firmware v4.70 Has Been Leaked!

If you are lucky enough to own a PlayStation 3 developer DECH or DECR or just a PS3 SDK, you now have the opportunity to enjoy ProDG for PlayStation 3 v470.1.0 which has just been leaked for you to enjoy playing around with.

Besides this nice fresh scene leak, @Sn0wFr1tz has hinted he looking at privately sharing the full PS4 SDK to trusted scene developers, so we might see some more good scene news regarding PS4 scene action in the very near future.

DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: --> ProDGForPlayStation3v470.1.0(Leaked_By_01cedric_and_Sn0wFr1tz).rar (86.02mb)

NEWS SOURCE: @Sn0wFr1tz (via) Twitter
EAPDev - Experimental Toolchain FreeBSD 9 for ARM Cortex-A8

A week ago, long-time scene developer BigBoss (aka) @PSXDev was telling us through his Twitter profile that it was possible to take advantage of a vulnerability in the Cortex-A8 ARM running under FreeBSD 10. The PlayStation 4 is also equipped with a Marvell PJ4C B0 rev 1 (Marvell core) chip that benefits from this architecture ARM Cortex-A8, and fits that the Orbis OS system that is integrated is a derivative of FreeBSD 9. This chip is used to manage the Ethernet network, and as such 'Stack Clash' is very likely possible on the PS4.
v1.09 Now Released By rsn8887

PFBA Vita_mod: Modded version of Portable Final Burn Alpha for the Vita. Quick release with my additions/changes to Cpasjuste's awesome PFBA emulator for Vita. Big thanks to Cpasjuste for a great codebase. This release page might be ahead or behind Cpasjuste's repository depending when pull requests are merged, etc.
MRGhidini has updated his GUI to v1.5 for all PlayStation Vita users to enjoy!

This is a graphical interface for the PSVIMGTools Team Molecule / Yifanlu Which is a tool that can be used to decrypt and extract backup files PSVita (.psvimg). You just need to know the AID (QCMA Key) of the account that created the backup. For more info please see the 'README.MD' on the GIT page.
If you been enjoying this GUI please think of doing a DONATION via PayPal to the author, in the meantime for the latest info check out the official GIT:

Enjoy Both Gaming Worlds In One Slim Sexy Box!

Have you ever wanted to own both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but didn't want to take up all that living room space for both consoles, or just wanted one nice box to display to the envy of your gaming buddies that you can play both Xbox and PlayStation games on one!
Unlocks your Vita's web browser to allow 'downloads' of non-media-files!

The FloW has released a plugin for the PS Vita web browser which removes the download content restriction originally limited to media files.
Of course you need a PlayStation Vita running v3.60 and HENKaku to use this, but finally it nice to be able to download anything you want via Vita's web browser, and combine this with the recent 'keyboard' plugin and you ready to get alot more usage out of the web on Vita.
An Work-In-Progress Project By Volodymyr Pikhur In Getting The AES And HMAC Keys From The PlayStation 4 Console!

Recently, @vipkhur on posted a teaser video of his FPGA setup that he is using to try to attack the PlayStation 4 motherboard.
His idea is to attack the IPL and capture the 'keys' via waveform and then decrypt them into HEX data, and of course this project is in its very early stages, plus he using it as a way to teach himself FPGA and 'attacking vectors' so it might take him a while, plus we have no idea at this stage if he plans to publicly release his completed work, but either way it looks like a wonderful project to follow and we wish him the very best of luck and look forward to seeing more updates as he makes progress in his attempt to recovery the PS4 AES HMAC keys. :)


NEWS UPDATE: Yifan Lu added a 'batch' of 500 adapters to his IndieGoGo Project Page!

Yifan Lu has started a project on Indiegogo to fund a 3G to microSD card adapter for hacked PlayStation Vita handhelds.
When world-famous scene developer 'Yifan Lu' launch his neat project idea to replace the Vita 3G modem with a MicroSD adapter, it was within hours 100% funded, and now its over 550% funded, as such as bonus for all the backers and ones dying to have an 'adapter' for their hacked Vita handheld, he has added a batch of 500 adapters to be included as perk, and they are going fast, so if you have not supported this project yet, now the time to do so! :)