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By Zar for usage on CFW PS3's

Following developer Zar' s recent release of ManaGunz (a very useful ps3 homebrew/backup manager), the dev has a new release with PS2 CONFIG Editor that will write CONFIG files for your PS2 Games on PS3 CFW.
The above screenshot of this new app, may look boring on the surface, but underneath its packed with tons of bits & bytes and magical potions from PS3 Scene Developer 'Zar' from PSX-Place, and he has polished off another fine release that gives you freedom over the PS2 emulation side of your PlayStation 3 console running of course 'custom firmware', for all you enjoy messing with, here is all the details:
Thanks to the recent 'f00d' exploits and the recently released 'PSVIMGTOOLS' programs!

Yifan Lu’s psvimgtools have sent quite a ripple in the Vita community as most of us know. These tools all for firmware independent mods/hacks to be created which is simply awesome for those of us stuck on a higher FW. PSTV whitelisting is probably one of the most spoken about things when it comes to the Vita TV and here it is.
Wololo's blog is reporting due to the recent release of the 'PSVImgTools' we reported on earlier this month, its now very easy to 'Whitelist' your PlayStation TV console, even if its running on the latest Sony Vita firmware v3.63, and as alot of you know 'whitelisting' is needed if you wish to have your tiny 'playstation' play all the Vita games out there, instead of just the ones...
Developer D_Skywalk informs us its now possible to run PSX Games on your NES Mini!

The wonders of the NES Mini from Nintendo being modded via hakchi2 gives us now even original PlayStation One games!
You can now amazing enough turn your Nintendo into a Sony, something that never occurred in real life but was originally planned by the Nintendo Sony partnership until they decided to split up and each go their own way, launching the NES and PSX, but now you can merge them basically back together thanks to new core called 'PSX_ReARMed' from RetroArch Libretro Team for usage on your NES Classic Mini.
For your convenience find attached below the current version of the new PSX_ReARMed' core for you to starting Retro gaming right away, and to...
RemotePlay PC developer 'Twisted' has released an major update progress status of all good things coming very soon!

There been alot of progress recently with the 3rd-party version of RemotePlay for PlayStation 4 owners to enjoy using on their PC.
Twisted has started a new thread over on his forums regarding the update progress he has been coding into his next big release.
Just when you thought the PS3 Scene was dying off, something amazing new and fresh appears for all to enjoy!

@modrobert writes: "Dean (aka deank) of multiMAN fame has started development of a new tool for PS3 with CFW called sMAN which is webMAN and sLaunch in one plugin."
Modrobert from EurAsia has recently informed us of the amazing progress that Dean from multiMAN fame has been making with his new project that merges webMAM and sLaunch into one, and that just wonderful, it makes you want to dust off your CFW PS3 and try it out!
@flat_z has been Tweeting out some very interesting facts regarding PS2 Emulation Support on the PS4 console!

If you been following Aleksey Kulayev (aka) Flat_Z recently on Twitter, you would have see he is knee-deep into figuring out the official PS2 emulation that Sony is using on their newer PlayStation 4 console, and it seems to be on the surface a much simpler setup than on the older PS3 console.
Here is a digest of all his recent Tweets regarding his work on ripping apart the PS2 Emulator found packed alongside the recent Max Payne re-release for the PlayStation 4 console, and from the surface it looks like there is only good things in store for all of us soon:
Already thanks to the recently discovered Octopus Exploit on the Vita's f00d Processor some good things are appearing!

We can finally fully rip apart Game Backups from the Vita handheld, and decrypt them to look into the internal workings more!
Amazing news already, thanks to the team effort to push into the Vita's f00d processor and unlock the final treasure chest of hidden lv0 keys, working tools have already appear that make usage of these new found 'secrets' and this set allow us to explore Vita Game files!
Has the final level of the Vita internal security, been pulled back to unveil the plaintext of the lv0 Secure Vita's Kernel!

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that a team of developers in the Vita scene are working on last 'holy grail' of the Vita's security setup, the famous lv0 'f00d' processor and it seems they are finally able to get into it, and have nicknamed it the 'Octopus Exploit'!
So far not much is know what this 'Octopus Exploit' is all about, or when it will be fully disclosed but its been teased all day on Twitter.
Recent changes includes support for PS4 v4.50 BETA Firmware!

Remote Play PC is a Windows application currently in Alpha stage that allows you to stream and control PS4 games on your PC.
If you been using and following the development of the Remote Play PC, you will be glad to know it now supports the latest v4.50 firmware which is currently being beta-tested by Sony with their various PS4 insiders, plus alot more features have been added. :)
Xploder is the ONLY PlayStation 4 Cheat Software in the World!
With our exclusive "re-signing" technology you can instantly use any other PS4 save as your own!

Hunting around for cheats online can be tricky involving risky flashing or chipping of your console and carries high risk of damage, invalid warranties or getting your profile barred from PSN! No more risk taking, let Xploder do the hard work for you.
A few days ago, we announced the Cyber (aka) Codefreak PS4 Save Editor, and now this new product comes along, all tho it basically looks 'similar' on the surface it is not, and does not have all the same features.
Launching in March 2017, an Easy-To-Use PS4 Save (Cheat) Editor for with Full Support for over 80 PS4 Games!

Codefreak been around for a while, and now they are busy putting the finishing touches on a very nice PS4 Save Editor, that you will soon be able to quickly edit your game stats, max. exp. and unlock all your trophies on over 80 different PS4 Games from both blu-ray disc format or PSN digital download!
The team is an little upset, as leaks of their upcoming product was slipped out via Twitter and two sites, so its time for us to clear the air, and publicly release what is available, thanks to one Japanese Reseller that has already posted up info regarding the PS4 Save Editor.
Earlier this year we have seen the PFS keys released for the Vita, now the next step RIF keys are appearing one by one!

PlayStation Vita scene is on fire in 2017, earlier we had PFS keys released which allows us to explore the internal 'file system', then yesterday we had the news that the 'f00d' processor has been exploited, and now the next step has appeared the some RIF keys added.
The Vita Development Wiki is growing in leaps and bounds, and today Jonnie pointed out that the RSA Modulus and Exponent Keys have started to be added, these are the key parts to unlock'ing RIF files which control the authorizing of PSN downloads which is controlled by 'f00d', now with the keys in hand, and the 'f00d' exploit being finalized, we will soon have the power to control PSN authorizing of demos, etc. and other neat things!
RSA modulus and Exponent

    RSA Exponent : 0x10001
Team Molecule has found a way into the f00d system (aka) lv0 the part of PS Vita that has been untouchable until now!

The very top-top-level of security is now been overridden on the PlayStation Vita, as Team Molecule has finally done the impossible they have found a way to get into lv0 system that special Toshiba MeP core that controls all the rest of the cryptographic tasks.
Actually first public f00d hack, enjoy!. was the headlines that scrolled across the Scene News Ticker early this morning, and with it soon afterwards the scene forums across the world in every language was burning up hot on the news, as the impossible has been done, well really only the basic start a public perfect working example of 'f00d' hack, now its up to the other professional and talented Vita scene developers to turn it into the final step, which most likely will be an true real CFW that can just be...
Over 2.5 Million Gamers’ Accounts Now Leaked Online!

Two popular gaming forums 'XBOX360 ISO' and 'PSP ISO' were hacked back in 2015, and all account passwords, email addresses and IP addresses were all just recently exposed and of course forum users are advised to change all of their accounts' passwords asap!
These two hacks occurred almost a month ago, but now the 'databases' have been made public and added online to various 'pwned' sites, and other forum sites like here on MaxConsole and GBATemp have seen a major rise in illegal login attempts of using the now decrypted leaked passwords on similar gamer nick logins, so remember if you have a BAD HABIT of using 'same passwords' on multiple sites, PLEASE STOP DOING THAT and CHANGE THEM right away!
IDC has released simple tools on GITHub to rip apart those nice PUP update files released by Sony for your PS4 console!

Finally, we can start to look deeper into how the PlayStation 4 console upgrades its firmware, with this handy new tools by IDC!
Have you ever wanted to see what is inside the PUP update file for the PlayStation 4 console, well now you can thanks to this new tools recently released on GITHub by scene developer 'IDC', we can now take a peek into the insides of the PS4 firmware upgrade packages.

Sadly, it only works on the very old first launch model PlayStation 4 consoles!

Most are aware of Sony's PS Plus 14-Day Free Trial, but according to @UmarDaBest559 there is a glitch for older PlayStation 4 consoles including his own CUH-1001A that allows free PlayStation Plus for life!
Below is an older video showing you the steps are basically almost the same as this new way, but its very strange how this has been patched by Sony on later firmwares but seems to only apply to newer consoles not the older ones.
Deank of multiMAN fame has been testing a patched stage2.bin for Cobra 7.5 CFW which allows you to play unencrypted ISO images burned on disc in your PS3.

Dean already checked that original disc still works with the patch and it supported many different formats for recordable media as outlined below, and hopefully in the near future the next release of REBUG firmware and other CFW packages will include this update.
Great news for those that love having their 'backups' on burned discs, now your PlayStation 3 console can finally enter the era of PS2 and PSX generations, with a nice stack of freshly burned backups sitting on spindle next to your gaming console.
Demonstrating Java Homebrew running on native unmodded PlayStation 3 console, thanks to its BD-J support!

Ukko’s Journey was originally a cellphone game developed by LuBlu Entertainment in 2008-2009, but recently they have been porting it over to Blu-Ray Disc Java (BD-J) format as 'Proof-Of-Concept' that is possible to have good Java games running on our gaming consoles!
Interactive Discs have been around for a while, it all started long time ago back with 'laser discs' those big 12" costly suckers that were easy damaged and we had a few interactive games on it, then 3DO and Panasonic come along making it better with their direct CDi format and we saw much better games and even electronic encyclopedias were born back then, but in today's generation of gaming consoles buried in them is the support for Blu-Ray Disc Java (BD-J) and even tho it has the power to handle simple games,...
So you played all the PSVR games on your PS4 console and are now bored with VR, but guess what you can do now?

Yeah, that is right its now possible to make usage of your costly PSVR as an nice StreamVR device on your PC Gaming Rig!
Recently, a PSVRHACK subreddit was setup, and soon afterwards a nice step-by-step guide on how to get PSVR working on your PC using the current PSVR Frameworks that are still in development, but its now at a point that some major features of the PSVR work well enough to use on your PC Gaming Rig to get some nice StreamVR gaming/video action going for you enjoy while you wait for more PSVR games to get release besides of course the recent very scary RE7 game that been making people throw-up playing it! :)
@Goku76 recently shared on NGU how you can currently get the full Watch Dogs 2 PS4 digital download for FREE

Its all due to a 'glitch' in how your PlayStation 4 console handles the 'date/time' setting and how the game checks it later on!
Watch Dogs 2 is of course all about 'hacking', so why not do some neat GLITCH'ing of your own, with no harm to your PS4 at all, accept for a bit of time wasted to get it right, you will soon be enjoying the full game of WD2 all thanks to your amazing 'hacking' skills. :)