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Tomorrow (Wednesday 26th April) at 6pm BST

Activision will officially reveal Call of Duty: WWII with a global livestream hosted at the London IMAX.
This will be the first opportunity for fans to get an initial glimpse of the highly anticipated new game.
Check out the full history of the previous Call of Duty WW2 games, by reading up on their blog post!
Today, Rockstar is happy to announce that latest mode for GTA Online, Tiny Racers is now live in-game.

In addition, players who log in this week on PS4, Xbox One or PC will be eligible for a GTA$425K 'tax rebate' compliments of the San Andreas State Treasury Department.
See below for full details and let us know how you enjoy playing this new mode in GTA Online!
Watch The Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Launch Trailer Below!

Well, today is the big day! Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is officially out in the wild for all systems.
Today is the day Sniper Ghost Warrior fans around the world have been waiting for. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 officially launches today globally on Windows PC, Xbox One, and on PlayStation®4 systems.
Play Playstation 1 (PSX), Playstation Portable (PSP), Nintendo 64 (N64) and Game Boy family (GBA) emulators on Xbox One!

A group of loyal Xbox fans have gotten together and formed a site dedicated to porting emulators for Xbox One and that kind of thing over for all to enjoy side-loading into their Xbox One console, without fear of Microsoft removing them from usage!
Microsoft has officially banned using the UWP feature on the Xbox One store to access emulators, but with the recent way discovered to side-load these unofficial apps onto your Xbox One console, a group has decided to form one central place to purchase these emulators and install them without fear of Microsoft removing them from their official online store and stopping your retro gaming!
The wait for Lock's Quest is nearly over!

THQ Nordic hereby announces a new release date for Lock's Quest, for PS4™, Xbox One, and Windows PC: May 30th 2017.
In this remastered version of the critically acclaimed 2008 Nintendo DS-Game, you play as Lock, a boy who stumbles upon an invasion of his Village, which triggers a wider war between Kingdom Force and a revived Clockwork Army, led by the nefarious Lord Agony.
Get to Know Your Prey

The latest video from Bigben Interactive showcases the variety of species you'll encounter in Hunting Simulator and takes you through the pursuit of a brown bear.
To exhibit in full detail all of the available content within Hunting Simulator, Bigben and Neopica release the first video out of three revealing the true authenticity of the game experience.
The earlier rumors has been now officially confirmed, its back to soldier in World War 2!

The next Call of Duty is probably set during World War II, as is evidenced pretty strongly by its title, Call of Duty: WWII.
Activision announced the game today, adding that there will be an official “reveal” next Wednesday at 1pm ET.
The big question still to be answered is if the Call of Duty is moving back to Xbox platform for its 'exclusive DLC' and what have you extra, due to the fact its rumored to support Native 4K via the Xbox One Scorpio which most likely will be launched around the same time.

Soedesco Teams Up With 'Broforce' Composer To Create A Custom Soundtrack For Its Original IP For Consoles And PC

SOEDESCO®, a worldwide publisher of digital and boxed video games, is now adding AereA®, its second original Soedesco IP, to its repertoire.
AereA will be available in a boxed, special edition and on digital storefronts for the PC, PlayStation® 4, and Xbox One on June 30th. AereA is a music-themed, action RPG where you command four characters as they embark on a quest to return the nine primordial instruments to their rightful places and restore balance to the world of Aezir.
Let the Great Migration Begin!

Syberia 3 will be available starting tomorrow in Europe and Tuesday next week in North America on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
The last trailer of Syberia’s epic saga new chapter, takes us on Kate Walker's enchanting adventure and outlines her path through the challenges she will face in helping the Youkols complete the great migration of the snow ostriches.
Watch the Trailer

Get ready for a new spin on classic Grand Theft Auto action, with Tiny Racers, coming April 25th.
Watch the new trailer to catch a glimpse of the retro-inspired stunt racing this all-new mode will bring to GTA Online next week.
Deck13's upcoming hardcore Action-RPG The Surge comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 16, 2017.

Today’s Combat Trailer challenges you to survive the deadly CREO facility, making use of The Surge’s fast, technical combat system.
As showcased in the Target, Loot & Equip Trailer, make use of vertical and horizontal attacks as well as strike power to target and dismember specific limbs and loot what you cut off.

Beginning Tuesday, 4/17, player favorite and mayhem machine the Duke O’ Death and a range of items previously exclusive to returning players are now available for all players in GTA Online.
See below for full details as well as a look at the latest discounts and bonuses available in GTA Online.
Watch the Launch Trailer

Indie studio Enigami's Action-RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC!
Watch the launch trailer promising to take you on a journey through an enthralling universe on the verge of collapse following the fragmentation of the planet Mahera.
WinPDFReader by JarlStudio does more than just Display PDF files on your Xbox One console!

Microsoft has decided to officially 'ban' emulators, but that has not stopped eager developers in trying to find a way around the rules, even tho it might cost them their account to publish apps, another one has slipping thru the cracks and it plays PSX games!
And JarlStudio is not planning on stopping, he going to use his new found trick to quickly publish and N64 emulator and PSP emulator.
Xbox loses Remedy as an Exclusive Third-Party Developer

In another major blow to Microsoft, Remedy, one of its better known third-party exclusive developers, is dropping its exclusivity with Xbox.
Microsoft might have just bragged their 'Xbox Live Engagement' is at an all-time high, but their 'sales' are very low, infact even lower than Switch last month, and they have not beaten the PlayStation sales for over 5 months, and are losing exclusive developers left and right, plus even with their big early pre-unveiling of Xbox Scorpio with all its fancy high-powered specs only Forza was mentioned.
March 2017 NPD: Nintendo Switch Outsells PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

While the Nintendo Switch ended the PlayStation 4’s four-month winning streak, the NPD did reveal that the PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One in March 2017.
Sony didn’t offer a statement about the March 2017 results. And you can read Nintendo's Switch bragging statement posted earlier HERE. :)
PlayStation 4 Pro Update Details

Focus Home Interactive is pleased to announce that The Surge, Deck13's hardcore action-RPG, has officially gone gold on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
The game will release digitally and at retail on May 16 and is already available for pre-order on consoles and PC.
The Surge arrives May 16 and is available to pre-order now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, and PC.
And most intriguingly, it has some HoloLens DNA.

For Microsoft, the future of computing is not only virtual reality but also "mixed reality," the company's term encapsulating AR and VR experiences.
Unlike PlayStation, Microsoft is going for a mixture of AR/VR and also licensing out the 'idea' to third-party people to make their own design, and second one out of the gate of 'affordable AR/VR headsets', is from Acer, and recently EnGadget did an in-depth review.
Be warned that some of the shots in the video are ... graphic.

CI Games, the team behind the Sniper Ghost Warrior and Lords of the Fallen series of games, is ready to show just how deadly one can be in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.
Strap on your seat buckles, because you’re going for a ride.
Microsoft is revealing what its Project Scorpio dev kit looks like today.

Gamasutra has published all the details on the Project Scorpio dev kit, and at first glance it looks a lot like a slightly bigger Xbox One S.
The next Xbox One console is 'more powerful and much bolder', but it might just look the same and be roughly the same size also!