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Indie game 'A.D.O.N.' gets new Gameplay Trailers    

  Indie game 'A.D.O.N.' gets new Gameplay Trailers
Added by Gauss on 9.02.2012

A big mashup of Sonic, Shinobi, Megaman, and Abuse

The independent A.D.O.N. project is still in Alpha stages, but it already looks very good. Dev has plans to release it on iOS and Android soon


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An interesting indie game, A.D.O.N., got a few new gameplay trailers. According to its developer, Alessandro Salvati, this game is a big mashup of Sonic, Shinobi, Megaman, and Abuse.

A.D.O.N. will feature a level up system, an in-game tech tree for the main character, and a lot of special abilities such as wall-jump, wall-run, and walk-on-water.

The game looks pretty good, the animation is fluid and the action/platforming sequences looks a lot fun. Very impressive, considering the game is being created in Game Maker.

A.D.O.N. is being created in Game Maker. The developer stated on YouTube that it will be ported to iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and HTML5. The one-man project was last dated as a Q1 2012 release, but I hope Salvati takes the time needed to make this a winner.

So, a Q1 release? That is not far away. Coming to the two most important mobile platforms could also lead to a great user feedback, and even better if he releases it on Web Browsers too.

Be sure to check out the gameplay videos below!

(See the 'discuss in forums link' for both Gameplay Videos)

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Youtube video

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