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maxconsole - 27.06.2016
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Wii U controller originally had Analogue Sticks    

  Wii U controller originally had Analogue Sticks
Added by Gauss on 28.02.2012

Instead of Circle Pads as we saw at past E3.

A few new surfaced images from Wii U tablet controller shows that it originally had proper Analogue Sticks. Do you think these would have been a better choice?


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We all know that Nintendo Wii U tablet controller has two Circle Pads, just like the one on the 3DS. Well, a few recent images posted at NeoGaf shows that Wii U Controller originally had 'Proper' Analogue Sticks.

These images are from an early controller revision, and we can see two Analogue Sticks in the same place as the Circle Pads are in the E3 design we all saw. We can also see some other minor changes, like the button placement and the stylus. Probably all of them are just aesthetic choices, but makes you think if proper Sticks would have been better.

However, Nintendo has said that the upcoming Wii U, including its controller, are still in development, so the controller could still change and we could see something totally different at this year E3.

You can check the images below! (Before and After)

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