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maxconsole - 29.11.2015
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Turn a GameCube into a handheld using... a Tupperware container?    

  Turn a GameCube into a handheld using... a Tupperware container?
Added by Gauss on 15.04.2012

Done by user CKmods...

A Tupperware cereal container forms the casing for a fully functional portable GameCube!


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Yeah, there are plenty of other portable GCN attempts out there, but this is the first time I see one using a Tupperware container as a case... an user called CKmods, managed to do it, and well... it works.

This Tupperware cereal container (I think that's what it is) forms the casing for a fully-functional handheld Nintendo GameCube built by user CKmods of YouTube. You can pop the top off it to get to the guts of the machine, but I wouldn't advise laying the thing down on its back.

Apparently, the disc drive in the back is completely exposed, and there are some buttons missing, like the Z button, and left and right triggers, but according to him, this is still a WIP!

"Do you ever worry about hitting your hand against that rapidly spinning disk while you play?" asked one YouTube commenter. "i do a lot haha it doesnt hurt it," writes the modder. The device also appears to lack the Z button, and left and right triggers. Still, it's the most useful design involving Tupperware I have ever seen.

Pretty cool. Watch the video below!

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