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maxconsole - 24.05.2016
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Priiloader 0.8 beta 3 available    

  Priiloader 0.8 beta 3 available
Added by Kaos2K on 19.04.2012

Dacotaco updates this homebrew app for Wii

Priiloader is a modded version of Preloader that places itself in boot sequence before the system menu allowing you to charge on boot whatever you want.


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The Priiloader 0.8 beta 3 is now available for all of those Wii hackers.

Here are the main features:

-Bootmii IOS booting option to menu and autoboot (handy for restoring and/or sneek)
-Support for all HBC title Id's
-Removed need for ES_DIVerify
-Killed the DVD spin bug (crediar forgot to close the dvd drive in ios)
-Re-added online updating
-Added our own installer (phpgeek's)
-Re-added the old black theme
-Added a check on boot so some apps can reboot/launch system menu and force priiloader to show up or start system menu
-Added start of Wiiware/VC titles
& much much more

Here's the changelog:

v0.8 : Beta 3
* fixed random small bugs
* new libogc -> new wiimotes supported

v0.8 : Beta 2
* fixed loading compressed dols
* fixed title menu crash
* fixed installer some more
* Dropped language mods.
* set black background as default
* added argument + ahbprot support for dols
* all dols use IOS 58,61 or 38(with ahbprot)
* EasterEgg removed
* Gecko output will now be dumped to fat:/prii.log

Direct download link below.

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