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You can earn money by submitting news and reviews to Maxconsole.

Each news which are published earns you 1 Euro (or equivalent in US$), each
review earn you 5 Euros
. Payment for news goes from 1 to 2 Euros if you reach 25
like/dislike in your news, 3 euros if 50 of them, and 5 euros for more than 100.
Submitting news is easy with our clear interface, and creating an account only
takes a few seconds (accounts are different from the ones on forums).

Welcome / Release notes - User login - Open account
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News that is submitted to MaxConsole first and foremost should fit any of the following example categories:

Key product announcements/updates or videogame business news.
Fun & Entertaining/Bloopers or any important 'Console customization' or 'Console Hacking' genres.

Some basic examples are listed below.
Remember our audience is made of advanced gamers, they don't always play more, but they always want to know more about their console, how to use it to the limit, and want to be entertained.

Reading Maxconsole must be a combination of pleasure/fun
and news that can't be found on 'mainstream' gaming news sites. Reviews can be of games or hardware compatible with consoles and smartphone/tablets.

Examples for accepted news :

Ground-breaking 'underground' things like Jailbreak for v4.0 or PS-Vita has been 'hacked', etc.

Weird funny glitches in games, like you can 'walking through a car' at level 2.

Industry changing news, like Sony buys Microsoft, or PS3 is cancelled.

Major gaming issues such as 'PSN being 'hacked' or all of EA games suddenly going offline.

Un-Expected developments, like a proper game being cancelled, major EULA changes to games etc.

Whistleblower news such as uncovering new revelations regarding a product or company, missing features, false game advertising or bad business moves.

Exclusive details about 'product' before it is released, photos, information, prices, dates.

Surprising 'sales figures'
, like 'X360 taking over in Japan', or 'Battlefield outselling COD'.

News/rumors of known people behind videogames directly from a paparazzi :)'Champion female PES player poses for Maxim magazine'.

Funny or strange gaming related news
'Guy robs bank because he wanted to buy a PS3'.

Rejected news, Reasons Why Your News Might Have Been Rejected:

Clear bias or personal opinion in news submissions of a product, game and/or company. The front page is not a personal debate forum. Personal opinions are best left for reviews, or forum comments.

News must contain a source or proof for the information provided. Otherwise they must contain easily obtainable research for facts

News is a direct 1/1 copy of another website/magazine article. Short quotations are accepted, but main article text must be original.

Reviews must be 100% original content. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

Reviews for games must be for a recent title
no more than 2 weeks of its release date.

Review for hardware must be for interesting, unique products/accessories.
'Rapid Fire', 'Nyko Zoom' or 'XCM XFPS', not for generic products like a carry bag or a cable.



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