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  1. Rumor: KOEI confirms Classic Controller Pro coming West
  2. Nintendo crowned world's best company ahead of Google and Apple
  3. Nintendo: Digital downloads actually benefit retail
  4. Miyamoto 'definitely' interested in Little Big Planet style Mario
  5. Nintendo: Nintendo will move into HDTV technology
  6. Homeland security testing Wii balance board for airport security plan
  7. Oops! Shopping show smashes TV on air with Wii remote toy
  8. Mario voice actor lets slip of new Mario game and it's not NSMB or Galaxy
  9. EA: Copycat publishers will FAIL on Nintendo platforms
  10. New Nintendo game will 'shock you' says IGN staffer
  11. New 'secret' Wii title revealed
  12. Wii 2 specs leaked, Blu-ray and 1080p support in 2010?
  13. Nintendo: We have failed with the Wii
  14. Nintendo hints at HD Wii once again
  15. Nintendo: PS3 and Wii are neck and neck in Japan
  16. Infinity Ward: Wii can't deliver on our goals
  17. Nintendo: High definition is important depending on the game's content
  18. Reggie: New Super Mario Bros. will outsell Modern Warfare 2
  19. Reggie denies Wii HD but do we believe him?
  20. Nintendo: Piracy is a cat and mouse game and endless
  21. Nintendo: New Wii will be more than just HD enabled
  22. Miyamoto: Nintendo wouldn't employ me now
  23. Analyst: Wii bubble is 'deflating', quality is going down
  24. Dev: Too many substandard games on the Wii
  25. EA: Wii is confounding to people because it's so big
  26. Nintendo: EA must innovate or they can't compete
  27. Analyst: Wii is full of shovelware
  28. Nintendo: Wii has a very long life ahead of it
  29. Next Wii will not be just a HD upgrade says Reggie
  30. Third party developers call out Nintendo over lack of online support
  31. Wii could have had 360's Natal, but declined due to cost
  32. Opinion: Wii is actually the most 'hardcore' console?
  33. Nintendo Chief unimpressed with iPad, call it just a bigger iPod
  34. Nintendo: 3D gaming won't catch on because people will look silly with glasses
  35. Netflix VP: HD service isn't great, Wii owners aren't missing out
  36. Nintendo: Wii will be here for a while, no Wii 2
  37. Nintendo: Traditional controllers are not dying, people want a range
  38. Nintendo VP: I don't think there will be a Wii 2 anytime soon
  39. nintendo confirms wii 2
  40. Paid DLC due for 3DS and Wii U
  41. Wii U is not a 'next generation' console
  42. Nintendo planning to turn Wii remote into Touchpad
  43. Nintendo 'working on Wii U support for two tablets
  44. RUMOR: EA to supply Wii-U online service?
  45. Nintendo Trying to Avoid 3DS Price Situation on Wii U
  46. Wii Releases Looking Weak, Wii U to Come This Summer
  47. Wii U will be present at CES 2012
  48. RUMOR Supposed Super Smash Bros Universe New Character List
  49. Yet another round of Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS rumors
  50. Nintendo stealthily building app store for its next-gen console
  51. Rumor: Epic Mickey 2 almost confirmed for Wii, PS3 and XBOX 360
  52. Rumor: Wii U 'e-reader'
  53. Miyamoto working on a new, unannounced, original title
  54. Wii U Tokyo Street (Panorama View) Demo
  55. HD Just Isnít Enough For Wii U
  56. New Darksiders 2 Footage For Wii U
  57. Nintendo Network To Rival Xbox Live And PSN?
  58. Nintendo Reconfirms That The Wii U Controller Still Isnít Final
  59. New Racing Game Confirmed For Wii U
  60. RUMOR - Wii U dev kits are not final
  61. Wii U To Launch In Time For Year-End Holiday Season
  62. Rumor: Nintendo could change the Wii U name
  63. 'Nintendo Network' is now confirmed
  64. Wii U: Near Field Communication
  65. Nintendo: Zelda Wii U graphics won't disappoint
  66. 'Dead or Alive 5' could come to Wii U
  67. Metro: Last Light For Wii U Delayed Until 2013
  68. Nintendo has a patent for a 3D/HD Wii U controller
  69. Nintendo could be approaching big Media Firms for Wii U
  70. Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata gets mad over a Nikkei article
  71. Wii U controller originally had Analogue Sticks
  72. Wii U to be priced at $299 in NA?
  73. Rumor Nintendo Tweaked Wii U to Run Unreal Engine 4
  74. Pachter: Wii U wonít be 'as popular as probably Nintendo thinks'
  75. Do you think Wii U won't be a success?
  76. Royalty listing reveals Your Shape for Wii U in the works
  77. Darksiders II confirmed as a Wii U launch title
  78. Assassinís Creed III for Wii U details
  79. Darksiders II devs: 'Wii U is on pair with current gen offerings'
  80. Aliens: Colonial Marines has 'much more to offer' on Wii U
  81. No one knows when Super Mario Bros. came out in the US?
  82. Wii U release date leaked by Japanese retailer?
  83. Rumor: Wii U has $180 worth of Parts... meaning it will retail at $300 or more?
  84. First Wii U online shop game announced: '1001 Spikes'
  85. New Super Mario game for Wii U to be revealed at E3
  86. GT: Wii U launch line-up is looking 'pretty damn good'
  87. Wii U rumors: A new Metroid using UE3, VoD services and... Android OS?
  88. Nintendo's IM 26/04 Summary: No Wii U price at E3, NSMB2 e-Shop/retail release, and more
  89. Rayman Legends Wii U leaked trailer!
  90. Wii U Controller mystery feature revealed at the Rayman Legends trailer?
  91. 'Project Cars' slide shows the game's first Wii U details?
  92. Nintendo patents Wii U tablet cradle
  93. Rumor: Retro Studios preparing Star Fox Wii U reveal
  94. Nintendo's Wii U: 'What to expect from next month's E3 re-introduction'
  95. Could Blockbuster UK have leaked the Wii U launch games line-up?
  96. Survey company reveals $300 Wii U price point?
  97. Gamers much more interested in PS4/720 than Wii U, according to IGN poll
  98. Insane Rumor: A Star Fox - Metroid crossover coming to Wii U?
  99. QA tester leaks redesigned Wii U tablet with analog sticks?
  100. Gearbox: 'Aliens - Colonial Marines will look best on Wii U'
  101. Inazuma Eleven Strikers (Wii) coming to Europe?
  102. Metro: Last Light 'un-confirmed' for Wii U
  103. Wii U System Specs leaked?
  104. Epic: 'Unreal Engine 4 has not been publicly confirmed for any system beyond PC'
  105. Metroid - Star Fox crossover rumor debunked...
  106. Developer: ĎPeople Will Be Genuinely Excited With Wii U Gamesí
  107. Nintendo will host a pre-E3 'Nintendo Direct' show!
  108. Pre-E3 'Nintendo Direct' complete Summary
  109. The Last Story - Limited Edtion unveiled (NA)
  110. Nikkei: Wii U Price expected at 30,000 Yen
  111. E3 2012: Zombi U coming exclusively for Wii U
  112. Rumor: Nintendo to release Zelda Majora's Mask remake for Wii U
  113. E3 2012: Nintendo Conference complete summary
  114. E3 2012: Wii U launch-window Game List released
  115. E3 2012: Platinum Games announces 'Project P-100' for Wii U
  116. E3 2012: Nintendoís Wii U Ushers in New Age of Video Games with Integrated Second-Screen
  117. E3 2012: Wii U Panorama View announced
  118. E3 2012: 'Game & Wario' is Wii Uís equivalent of WarioWare
  119. E3 2012: First Wii U 'problems' arise
  120. E3 2012: Japanese Wii U titles to be announced later
  121. E3 2012: There's a F-Zero mini-game in 'Nintendo Land'
  122. E3 2012: Turtle Beach to develop gaming headsets for Wii U and 3DS
  123. E3 2012: First Wii U 'problems' arise - Part 2
  124. All currently known Wii U games will only run in 720p!
  125. E3 2012: Take a look at these Wii U accessories by Mad Catz
  126. E3 2012: Madden and FIFA coming to Wii U this year
  127. E3 2012: Miiverse messages will be moderated and delayed
  128. Tomb Raider not coming to Wii U
  129. E3 2012: Ubisoft to release Zombi U on other platforms
  130. E3 2012: Zelda for Wii U in R&D stage
  131. Retailers start listing Wii U, GamePad prices
  132. Splinter Cell: Blacklist listed for Wii U
  133. TIME: 'Why the Wii U Isnít the Dinosaur Some Are Making It Out to Be'
  134. Rumor: Silicon Knights to close as Nintendo cancels 'Eternal Darkness 2'
  135. Mass Effect 3 on Wii U features an 'enhanced storyline'
  136. Is Nintendo readying a 'Wii U Tour'?
  137. CoD Black Ops II for Wii U coming in November?
  138. SK confirms lay-offs but denies Nintendo rumours
  139. No multi-touch on Wii U as it wouldn't 'feel right'
  140. THQ: uDraw stock 'won't be buried in the desert'
  141. Wii U's Pikmin 3 skips multiplayer over the Internet
  142. EA an Activision 'holding fire' on Wii U announcements
  143. Nintendo: Xbox SmartGlass offers 'a small facet' of Wii U capabilities
  144. Wii U will support free-to-play games and microtransactions
  145. Iwata: Devs are currently utilising 'only half Wii U's full potential'
  146. Iwata: Xbox Live and PSN are too far developed for Nintendo to catch up
  147. Miyamoto 'kinda' wants to make an FPS
  148. Sony: Wii U 'is in its own generation'
  149. Iwata doubtful about Xbox 720/PS4's graphical leaps
  150. Jimmy Fallon calls the Wii U 'a Wii add-on'
  151. Nintendo acknowledges the Wii U message is 'confusing'
  152. Amazon Germany lists Wii U date and price
  153. Nintendo offering 'insane incentives' for devs to publish on Wii U's eShop
  154. Nintendo UK boss leaves the company
  155. Crytek: Wii U is at 'minimum as powerful as Xbox 360'
  156. Japanese Developers comment on Wii U
  157. Nintendo secures co-ownership of Fatal Frame series
  158. Namco Bandai working on new Super Smash Bros.
  159. Reggie Fils-Aime feels gamers are 'insatiable'
  160. Nintendo: 'We wonít repeat 3DS pricing mistake' [with Wii U]
  161. Smash Bros. 4 may not feature 'more characters'
  162. Mighty Switch Force HD coming to Wii U
  163. Japanese College Student arrested over Wii Homebrew Software
  164. Iwata: Smartphones and tablets have changed the industry
  165. Epic: Unreal Engine 4 games could be ported to Wii U
  166. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two - Trailer/Intro released!
  167. Pachter: 'Activision forced Nintendo to create Wii U Pro Controller'
  168. Gearbox has ideas for Borderlands 2 on Wii U
  169. Iwata: Wii U being first next-gen 'not important', pricing is
  170. Nnooo receives Wii U developer approval
  171. MC Japanese Sales for Week 29, 2012: Kirby's Dream Collection tops the charts
  172. Nintendo Direct 2012.7.30: Dragon Quest X presentation!
  173. FIFA 13 confirmed for Wii U launch
  174. Mass Effect 3 'Leviathan' DLC announced, Wii U version confirmed at launch
  175. Madden NFL 13 Wii U shipping without certain new key features
  176. Rumor: EA wanted to integrate Origin into Wii U
  177. Amazon, GameStop and Target 'leak' Wii U Box Arts
  178. MC Japanese sales for Week 31, 2012: Dragon Quest X has a strong debut (for being a MMO)
  179. Nintendo Is Serious About Nintendo Land
  180. Nintendo Representative ĎConfirmsí Wii U Will Launch In Black & White
  181. Rumor: Wii U release date 'delayed' to December across Europe
  182. Nintendoís Portable Game Lineup Offers Boundless Fun for Everyone in 2012
  183. Nintendo Patent Reveals Wii U GamePad Acts Like A Second TV Screen For Multiplayer Games
  184. Wii U Marketing Materials Arrive At GameStop
  185. Separate Audio For Wii U Gamepad And TV Confirmed
  186. Wii U To Have Achievement System Called ĎWii U Accomplishmentsí?
  187. Rayman Legends Officially Exclusive To Nintendoís Wii U
  188. Team Ninja Wants To Work With Nintendo On Another Metroid Game
  189. 'Good Stuff' Coming To Nintendo Fans Soon
  190. Nintendo holding a Wii U event on September 13
  191. Warren Spector Desperately Wants To See Epic Mickey HD
  192. GameStop Conference Leaks 18th November Date For Wii U Accessories
  193. Burger King To Start Selling NFC-Integrated Wii U Toys On October 25th?
  194. Ubisoft Says ZombiU Is 'Very Hard'
  195. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 For Wii U Shows Up On Resume
  196. Star Beast Confirmed For Wii U
  197. RUMOR - Capcom's Wii U game is Monster Hunter related
  198. RUMOR - SEGA bringing multiple XBLA/PSN games to Wii U eShop
  199. Video Game Developers Income Higher From Wii U eShop Than XBLA & PSN?
  200. Existing Characters In Smash Bros Wii U And Nintendo 3DS Will Have New Moves
  201. Scribblenauts Unlimited Supports Three Wii Remotes And One Wii U GamePad
  202. Wii U Conference Happening In Japan Prior To September 13th
  203. ZombiU - Buckingham Palace Gameplay
  204. Ron Gilbertís The Cave coming to land on the Wii U eShop
  205. Nintendo Announces New Tour Dates for The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses
  206. Rumor: Wii U out November 11, costs from $249.99 to $349.99 (3 SKU's)
  207. Developers Finally Reveal Wii U Specs?
  208. Mass Effect 3 to run 1080p on Wii U
  209. The ZombiU Box-Art
  210. Bethesda has no plans for Wii U
  211. Metroid Revealed For Wii Uís Nintendo Land
  212. New Super Mario Bros. U - New details from GI
  213. Wii U-focused Nintendo Direct for Europe announced
  214. Rumored Wii U *final* Tech Specs - More details emerge
  215. Wii U Nintendo Direct Announced For Australia & New Zealand
  216. Nintendo shows us 12 new pictures of New Super Mario Bros. U
  217. Wii U release date and price announced for Japan
  218. The Castle Rock Footage From Rayman Legends
  219. Dead Or Aliveís Ayane to be in Wii U version of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razorís Edge
  220. Developers NOW have access to the new Wii U dashboard
  221. Wii U release date and price revealed for US and Europe
  222. Bayonetta 2 coming exclusively to Wii U
  223. CoD: Black Ops 2 confirmed for Wii U
  224. Nintendo announces 'TVii' for Wii U
  225. Tons of new Wii U game trailers released!
  226. Darksiders II confirmed as a Wii U launch title, includes all DLC
  227. Project P-100 renamed to 'The Wonderful 101'
  228. New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land priced for Japan
  229. Disney Epic Mickey 2 coming to the Wii U
  230. New Zombi U trailer unveiled
  231. Skylanders Giants announced for Wii U
  232. All the Wii U UK launch games listed
  233. Xenoblade Developer Reconfirmed To Be Working On Wii U Game
  234. GameStop Begin Taking US Wii U Pre-Orders
  235. Wii U console package art and accessories unveiled
  236. GameStop already selling out of Wii U Deluxe Set pre-orders
  237. Activision Announces Wii U Launch Window Games, Includes 007 Legends
  238. Angry Bayonetta 'fans' explode on Twitter after sequel announcement on Wii U
  239. eBay user selling Wii U Deluxe set for $900
  240. Wii U GamePad Replacements Will Be Issued For A Fee
  241. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 coming to Wii U
  242. Wii U pre-orders selling out !!
  243. Chinese factory that produces parts for Wii U closes temporarily due to protests
  244. Skylanders Giants new trailer released
  245. Reggie: Don't call the Wii U GamePad a Tablet
  246. Wii U Browser features Tabs and HTML5, but no Flash
  247. Third Party Games Wonít Automatically Be On Wii U eShop On Release Day
  248. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed will be a Wii U launch title
  249. No More Heroes 3 to hit Wii U
  250. Capcom Confirms Monster Hunter Ultimate Will Use Nintendo Servers