View Full Version : **help** IOS249? and back-up launcher??

09-22-2009, 07:10 AM
Greetings everyone,

I will provide you all with a quick run-through of my Wii system. When i unboxed it it was on v4.0E. i ran bannerbomb and installed homebrew channel. then i installed "cIOS38r14" but i couldn't see cIOS249 so i installed cIOS36. the i ran back-up launcher only to find that none of my games worked :( . I received an error "DVD Error 324 No cIOS" and i'm running IOS36 according to some writing at the bottom right hand corner. After doing some more research i came across a guide located here:


After looking at this guide i can see that i have missed quite a lot of steps namely step 8. If possible could a kind should out there be able to help a noob like me get the back-up launcher working? I would appreciate if you could refer to the guide above or another guide. NOTE: I do not have wireless internet so am i still able to patch IOS35?

many thanks in advance,
Babaquazi (your local forum n00b)