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10-10-2009, 07:29 PM
I might have messed up ... not sure. I had not turned on my wii in a while and after turning it on today saw that there was an official update. Like always in the past I said no to that and went to google and found a waninkoko update to do the same thing but leave out the bad stuff. I downloaded a waninkoko 4.2 updater and ran it. Everything went fine but when I got done the HBC was gone. I didn't expect that to happen, in the past the waninkoko updates prevented the unwanted stuff from happening. Maybe I should have researched more before doing this ...not sure.

Not I am on 4.2 and have no HBC. My installed WADs all still run no problem but I have not been able to get HBC installed. I used the new bannerbomb and got to the hackmii installer but it says "The installer can not continue. There is no known vulnerable IOS installed on this Wii."

I have never had a problem installing homebrew before and I thought that meant that I had the proper cIOSes installed and everything would be fine going forward. It looks like I was misinformed.

So ... am I stuck for now? I would like to get HBC installed again so I can use wad manager and other homebrew. Please help.

Thank you!

UPDATE: I just found a tutorial on another site. Reading through now and will give it a try later (probably). If anybody has more advice or info I am open to it.


10-10-2009, 09:52 PM
Sounds to me like you have cIOSCORP installed, yes? Now, I can't give you step by step instructions because I don't know if this is exactly right or whether this will work/fail, but there's two methods I've heard discussed which you should look into. Just so you know that!

A. Use Bannerbomb/SmashStack/IndianaPwns to load cIOSCORP installer, update to cIOSCORP 3.4 (if you're on an earlier version, if not, skip this step) and then do the same to run the cIOSCORP uninstaller.

B. Use Bannerbomb/SmashStack/IndianaPwns to load WAD Manager and install a clean, unmodified IOS36.

Basically HackMii searches for fakesigned IOS's which mostly come from cIOSCORP (cIOSCORP customizes almost every important IOS), however some people have reported that the culprit is IOS36. I can't confirm any of this, I can't say that these methods are right, but what I can say is that this is the kind of thing you're looking to do in order to get it back. Just note that if you do anything i've said here without researching first, you do it at your own risk as I've never done it my self

I'm sorry I don't know the exact solution to your problem, but yeah, this is a complicated one...

10-10-2009, 09:59 PM
Thanks, sounds like you have a better handle on this than I do. I am not 100% sure if I have cIOScorp installed on my wii. I have a hardmodded wii and anything I play is off of a disc (other than wads). I am not sure how to check if I have and cIOSes installed or not. I will search around and see what I can figure out though. Thanks again for the help.