View Full Version : YLOD fixed and problems again

11-18-2009, 04:15 AM
hi guys
i have the YLOD on both my ps3's in my household

first one is the first model
the second is the newer model
motherboards differ slightly

anyways i have a pro infra red rework station for reflowing BGA chips which the cpu and gpu are in these machines are.
now ive done hundreds of 360's no problem
i did these 2 and did all spots on the board not just the 2 mentioned in the YLOD.pdf

so upon rebuild and testing the came back on fine
but after an hour they fluff out again lol

any ideas any1 ?
am i not flowing the chips long enough >????



11-20-2009, 04:16 PM
A good 30 seconds at 450-500 degrees with a swirlling motion and about a 2 inch gap from heatgun to board per designated part should do it.

Also make sure the board is perfectly flat (for both sides) and wait 30 minutes before turning to let it cool down properly before doing the other side. Then give it a further 30 minutes before you go through the rest of it.

Arctic silver is also the way ahead when looking for thermal paste - just make sure all components have been 100% cleaned before heating and dont put it on too thick when it comes to application time.

I have to be honest, once YLOD happens to you, your PS3 is never gonna be the same and you either pay $ony to get it replaced or upgrade to a Slim.