View Full Version : get an xbox to mod?

11-22-2009, 04:40 AM
i've not done any modding/emulation since GBA emulation...so i am very horrible at this stuff and out of sync.

if i just get an xbox 360 completely new, do the mod methods work no matter what? other than banning, whats the risk?

i'm def considering getting a 360 just because it is moddable. does anyone know if arcade is sufficient and where to get a cheap/trustworthy deal on 360s?

i know a friend a long time ago when it was just out who bought a broken one off an online dealer for 40$! the catch was he had to send it in to MS and they would give him a new one. the dealer coudlnt do it because its limit 1 per address or something. i have desperately searched for that but it seems to be obsolete.

11-22-2009, 09:06 PM
get elite with MW2 and forza3 bundle from Game, then sell your games on ebay. other bundle choices from Amazon or Argos are also considerable.
but by now, I reckon all consoles from Game and Gamesation are unhackable due to the damned 93450c firmware. the only place I saw hackable elite console is PCWorld but they dont have decent deals. they even have stock dated with 2007-05!:eek: