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11-26-2009, 08:26 AM
Drivekey (http://www.eotdeals.com/genuine-drivekey-wii-modchip-with-screwdriver-100-solderless-modchip-p-75.html) sits on the bus between the Wii motherboard and the DVD drive. It transparently monitors all data transmitted. When a backup disc is inserted DriveKey (http://www.eotdeals.com/genuine-drivekey-wii-modchip-with-screwdriver-100-solderless-modchip-p-75.html) emulates an original game disc by transmitting and patching necessary data. DriveKey (http://www.eotdeals.com/genuine-drivekey-wii-modchip-with-screwdriver-100-solderless-modchip-p-75.html) has full control and can read the entire DVD media.


Installation Steps:

1)Configure DriveKey (http://www.eotdeals.com/genuine-drivekey-wii-modchip-with-screwdriver-100-solderless-modchip-p-75.html):Remove DriveKey from it's packaging and switch the dip-switches as follows:JAP:ON ON,USA:OFF ON,EUR:ON OFF,KOR:OFF OFF,

2)Open your Wii:With a tri-wing screwdriver, remove the Wii cover, exposing the DVD drive.

3)Disconnect the DVD drive:Lift the hinge and gently pull out the cable from the DVD drive

4)Connect the DVD drive to DriveKey:Insert the included cable gently (pins face down) intoboth the DVD drive and DriveKey (at the end marked "DVD") and close the hinge.

5)Connect the Wii to DriveKey:Insert the cable previously removed from the DVD drive into the other end of DriveKey (at the end marked "Wii") and close the hinge.

6)Insulate DriveKey (http://www.eotdeals.com/genuine-drivekey-wii-modchip-with-screwdriver-100-solderless-modchip-p-75.html),close your Wii cover& enjoy:Stick the included DriveKey PVC sticker (or a few strips of insulating tape) over DriveKey to keep it out of contact with the chassis, replace the DVD drive and close the Wii cover. You will now be able to play backups (copies) of your favorite Wii titles as well as imported originals from other regions! It's as easy as that!

11-26-2009, 06:30 PM
very handy - i had a very old wii with the orginal drivekey in it (think it was its name) long time ago!
this wii developed a hardware fault (i think gfx chip overheated a lot)
purchased a new wii and noticed had the new drive in it (boo hiss)

had originally planned to buy:
digitalera.co.uk/products/DriveKey_Solderless_Wii_ModChip_Free_Tri_Wing_Scre wdriver-1273-138.html

But now going for the digitalera.co.uk/products/Wiikey_Fusion-1298-138.html
the loading from sd card will save some dvd-rs for backups as the kids never play them for long anyway (dunno why i bother sometimes!)