View Full Version : Worst Wii Game ever - Wheelspin gets 11% from ONM

11-27-2009, 05:09 PM
Looks like Wii officially has its worst ever game so far and this award goes to Wheelspin from Bethesda. The game has received a score of just 11 percent from the Official Nintendo Magazine with its abysmal graphics and 'beyond a joke' handling.

<blockquote>How about that eight-player splitscreen? That's got to be fun, right? Admittedly, we like how well it detects every type of controller that's connected: we played with three GameCube controllers, three Remotes, a Nunchuk and a Classic Controller. Then the race started and it was business as usual. Those '60 frames a second' claims were blown out of the water and it became abundantly clear that it doesn't matter how many people are playing if the game's still as fun as having a bath with defensive hedgehogs. We started with eight players and by the end of the race only three were still playing. Others had either given up in frustration or crashed near the loop-the-loop and were caught in an endless cycle that saw them respawning in front of the loop and not being able to pick up enough speed to clear it.

Wheelspin might have a smooth frame rate (in single-player at least), but that counts for nothing. A racing game can be as smooth as the Fonz but if it handles like a yacht in a storm it's to be avoided at all costs.</blockquote>

News Source: <a href="http://www.officialnintendomagazine.co.uk/article.php?id=13563" target="_blank">ONM</a>

11-27-2009, 05:39 PM
Puzzle Collection on Wii is the worst game ever..by UBI soft.. it only have some 2 or was it 4 color puzzle games..lol ...Why make Atari 2600 games on Wii and sell it in retail store? It would probably fit a floppy disk too. ;)

...and i bet the Data Design games is worse than Wheelspin, because all their games uses same shitty menu and shitty engine.. and they only change some of textures and re-release the same game 10 times with different titles..lol

I think their game(s;) have average score of 1.5/10 or so..

11-28-2009, 08:43 AM
Have you not played the 1 game possing as 10 games, in the form of rock n roll adventures, ninja bread man, anubis or whatever its called.

These games are LITERALLY ONE GAME, with different character models and textures on the same level.

HORRENDOUS. I think some games for wii took videogames on a whole to a new low.

11-28-2009, 08:56 AM
This is Data Design's games for Wii and i think they were only released within 1-2 years. The average score is 1.5/10 i think..maybe 2/10...

Try and find 10-20 equal games here. ;)

Action Girlz Racing
Anubis II
Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing
Classic British Motor Racing
Connie Talbot: Over the Rainbow
Counter Force
Earache Extreme Metal Racing
Farmyard Party: Featuring the Olympigs
Golf Training
Hamster Heroes
Kawasaki Jet Ski
Kawasaki Quad Bikes
Kawasaki Snowmobiles
Kids Sports: Crazy Mini Golf
Kidz Sports: American Football
Kidz Sports: Basketball
Kidz Sports: Crazy Golf
Kidz Sports: Crazy Mini Golf 2
Kidz Sports: Ice Hockey
Kidz Sports: International Soccer
London Taxi: Rush Hour
Mini Desktop Racing
Monster Trux Arenas
Monster Trux Arenas -- Special Edition
Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom
Myth Makers: Super Kart GP
Myth Makers: Trixie in Toyland
Ninjabread Man
Offroad Extreme -- Special Edition
Rig Racer 2
Rock 'N' Roll Adventures
Urban Extreme: Street Rage