View Full Version : Using SD cards to play Wii Games

01-09-2010, 06:01 AM
Hi I have two SD cards, a 4 gig and an 8 gig.

Now, I can play games from my 2 gig SD card, however everytime I put the 4 or 8 gigs in my Wii and boot up Gecko loader it says it lost connection to wbfs manager or it tries 30 times to mount the SD slot and then fails.

do i need to install or uninstall a certain IOS wad or something?

any help is greatly appreciated.

01-14-2010, 05:58 PM
Could be. post more information about the IOS you installed and what program and version you are trying to use. make sure you formatted the SD to FAT

01-14-2010, 07:06 PM
. . . i think you mean formatted to WBFS. . .

anyways, I'm currently trying to run my SAN DISK SDHC 4 and 8 through neo gamma rev8 beta 17 and 15.

I've had no problems playing from my 2 gig SAN DISK off neo gamma.

the sdhc cards just dont want to work.