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04-26-2010, 07:08 AM
ok for 4 days now i have been trying to get online with monster hunter tri, progress bar gets to 75% and i get a 11613 error which is netowrk related apparently.
so far i have tried a dmz, port forwarding 1-63353 udp and tcp, static ip, changing wireless channels, changing the incription and even tried connecting my broadband through an adsl moden and connecting with the nintendo wifi usb stick.
all my other games work fine online for wii, and i can connect to weather/news channels, wii shop etc etc.
i emailed phoned nintendo about it they said they aint got a clue cos all other games work, capcom are not responding to me or countless others with the error.
tried this on 2 wii's one modded one brand new unmodded wii, same on both.
my broadband is 10 meg with consistantly high speeds and according to my ps3 i get nat type 2.

really at my wits end now anyone else here encountered such an error or know a fix for it?

i read that adding a friend on the wii may help so if someone can volunteer for that it would be much appreciated as i am up for trying anything at the moment.
my friend code is 5709 3362 7889 5606 so if anyone wants to post their code here or send me a pm with it i would be greatful.

just want to get the damn game working online as i shelled out 60 for it.


04-26-2010, 09:47 AM
After a quick search, it may be that it's capcom/Nintendos fault:


I would suggest leaving it for now.

edit: I am currently trying to install several IOS files and getting error 116 (short for 11613?), so it seems to just be nintendos servers being overloaded.

04-29-2010, 06:49 AM
well, thought i would post an update on the 11613 error.
we found the issue as to why the game couldnt connect (and still cant yet).
after alot of testing it seems that us customers on the isp murphx are unable to connect to the game because we are blocked by nintendo from accessing the monster hunter tri servers, nintendo have confirmed this now after we sent countless emails about it pointing them towards the issue.
they put it down to a global routing problem and not just european isp's, and say they are now working to resolve the issue a soon as they can as they were not aware of this problem until we figured it out.
so its a waiting game now, hopefully it will be resolved soon.