View Full Version : Move has 22ms delay? 3D Motorstorm not as clear as one would expect

05-18-2010, 06:09 AM
Sony have apparently said Move has 22ms delay.

The other playthings on show at todays launch included Sony’s entrant in the motion controller world, the PlayStation Move. In conjunction with the PlayStation Eye I got a chance to try out the PlayStation Move motion controller with a couple of titles.

The archery demo used two Move’s, one for putting behind the head, to take an arrow, one to represent the bow, and with a drawback action and releasing the trigger, watching the arrow fly. Graphically this looked great, and the feeling was accurate and worked well in the demo.

The other game used a single Move controller only – I did not see the third component, the Sidekick at the demonstration. In this game I got the chance to swat bugs on the screen, with my hand (holding the Move) turned into a tennis racquet.

This game highlighted the slight lag between actions and on-screen reaction, Sony says this is 22 ms, and it is a little noticeable. On the plus side however the accuracy of movement puts this motion controller above the Wii experience.

Twisting the wrist shows an impressive corresponding flick of the faux tennis racquet, but the game itself was a little underwhelming, it was a tech demo more than anything. Mention should also be made of the rumble feature in the Move, it feels more buzzy than I expected.

The Move demo was impressive overall, and the software on display has more work to be done before release.


Donning a lightweight pair for active shutter 3D glasses, I had a go at Sony’s 3D gaming experience. Whilst the patched version of MotorStorm on display was initially pretty impressive fun. But whether it was the lighting or the pre-3D enabled Bravias it was soon apparent there is a little work to do.
The HUD display was too ghostly and the image not as clear as one would expect.

The PlayStation arm of Sony is waiting on the TV division to announce a release date for 3D enabled panels. While the PlayStation 3 is game ready for 3D, with new titles, plus promised patches for existing titles to allow gamers to move dimension, it won’t be until the TV announcement before the PS3 gets the firmware upgrade to enable 3D Blu-ray fun. Upgradability does set the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player apart from most of the competition.