View Full Version : Namco figuring out how Pac-Man fits in the modern world

05-18-2010, 06:20 AM
With Pac-Man turning 30 this year, there's no question the game will be celebrated all over again.

Details are scarce and Namco Bandai are keeping an Apple-like lock on information, but one of the most recent releases to come out of the game's camp is a Pac-Man version for the iPad. Released in April, the game has already chomped its way into the top-five apps for the tablet. Pac-Man has already been released through Namco's Museum series for many different consoles.

Other anniversary plans for the title will apparently have to wait until the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles in June.

"We're figuring out how Pac-Man fits in the modern world," says Todd Thorson, the director of marketing and public relations for Namco Bandai, the game's original developer. He's well aware that, if the legend is messed with, the outcry will be deafening.

"On one level, people have this absolute nostalgia: 'Don't mess with my Pac-Man,' Thorson said from Santa Clara, Calif. "They want it in its purest form, and there's a power in that purity. With that, though, there are also examples of how Pac-Man does evolve with the world. (We're) figuring out, 'How do you blend that?' "

"I think there are fundamental rules that Pac-Man lives by, and there's lots of room to have variety in there. But there are rules ... just like any classic character."

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