View Full Version : PSP GO for North American comes with 3 free games. New bundle coming out

06-01-2010, 03:04 PM


06-02-2010, 01:09 PM
No back date allowed. Your PSP GO must never log on to PSN and never have demo download until after June 1st. It's not about registration, it's about when was the first time PSP GO onto the PSN.

Sad. Very sad indeed. I will wrap up my PSP GO and return and re-purchase.

Here is the response I got.

================================================== ===============
We apologize for the frustration, but please allow to inform you about our promotions and contests.

Please be aware that once a promotion date has passed, there is no way we can revert back to that date to credit you for not registering your system in time for that promotion. If there are future promotions that are related to demos, what we suggest is that you ensure your system has been registered, then purchase a free demo, then follow the instructions for receiving your promotional item.

Again, for any inconvenience caused, we apologize, but if there are additional questions feel free to email back.