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06-10-2010, 07:19 AM
the open rights group who are dedicated to protecting consumers from draconian laws and intrusion into our digital freedoms have announced they are holding a workshop event in london, top of the bill is tackling the Digital Economy Act and the new Government.

Sessions will include

James Boyle on the future of copyright, in London especially for this talk
Coy Doctorow talk and panel on how artists can make copyright work for them
What MPs are doing about Digital Economy Act (Tom Watson, Eric Joyce, Julian Huppert)
What does the 'Right to Data' mean? (Heather Brooke, Rufus Pollock)
Opening up the Data Protection Directive: Can of Worms or Opportunity (Privacy International)
Dismantling the Database State (No2ID)
Theft! A History of Music (Jennifer Jenkins)

any chance you can give this event some publicity?


org http://www.openrightsgroup.org/
orgcon2010 tickets http://orgcon.eventbrite.com/

what is the open rights group?

The digital age is transforming society: bringing us greater democracy, transparency and new creative possibilities. When these freedoms are under attack, the Open Rights Group is there to defend them. Founded in 2005 by 1,000 digital activists, ORG has become the UKs leading voice defending freedom of expression, privacy, innovation, consumer rights and creativity on the net.

Getting into the political trenches in the UK and EU, we mobilise our supporters to stop bad laws. Working closely with other campaign groups, we lobby government and talk to the media whenever our rights are threatened.

ORG is a non-profit company funded by donors, mostly by people like you. We depend on regular contributions to run and win our campaigns.