View Full Version : Can you put the original xclamp back on

06-18-2010, 07:30 AM
I gave some RROD xbox's to some guy to try and repair, after i saw an add and he lived fairly close. He couldnt fix any of the 3 i gave him

One of them was an elite that had an E74 that i gave him, i had already tried changing the xclamp and the penny fix, when i got it back it doesnt power on at all, it got microsofts xclamp back on and the board looks a bit too clean from my attempts
Is it possible to get the original xclamp back on, i mean it looks like its never been touched

The other xbox as far as i can tell has a different drive in, he said it might be a mistake

and the other one wasnt repairable at all so i know thats the same

I just need to know before i go see him about it tonight

i couldnt remember my old account so ive had to create a new one