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03-09-2004, 11:08 PM
OK, as I mentioned... there are a couple threads that I would like to point out... and will hopefully set a new foundation on already existing rules before posting.

Topic #1
one is the Direct connect thread... the other is the Who's the Idiot thread... these types of threads will no longer be tolerated... but I'm sure they occurred as a direct cause of not having an active moderator in the forums. Hopefully this will not be a problem anymore.

But regardless... I do have to bring up a few things. Flaming and belittling anyone will also not be allowed. Administration has made me aware of a few people, ( I will not give names). That usually instigate such situations. I will give the worst example...

User1 says:
User1 talking about piracy or where to obtain ISO's or worse yet spreading viri...

User2 responds:
User2 responding... WTF... "F" this and "F" you... and go to hell...

Well I'm sure you all get the idea. Responses like that just flare up other people and start a chain reaction that leads into a full thread of just Spam and flaming. Accomplishing nothing. Like I said, mainly this was due to not having a regular MOD. I appreciate what DrEggman and Rockman can do around here but sometimes it was just too late. I am on a PC all day at work, and keep an eye on the forums at home. Hopefully this won't change anytime soon...

So please if someone must respond to a thread like mentioned above (or any other negative or illegal concern), if you must, just say this is not allowed here and leave it at that... DeaZ said it best... there's a MOD now and hopefully he won't have to call everyone "F"tards anymore. I will not hesitate to remove those posts or threads, so if you do not want your post numbers to start counting backwards because I removed a thread or one of your posts... just don't bother responding negatively to them.

Topic #2
People who can't speak English all that well... it may come as a surprise to all, but not everyone in the world can speak English. Actually, some of the brightest people don't speak English. If you read some posts, we are not the most welcoming bunch of people in the world. People who try to speak English should be given the benefit of the doubt that they at least tried. How are we suppose to bring in more people into the scene(possibly even coders) if the first post they put up gets replied with a flame at them against their manner of speaking or grammar. People trying to explain something in English is better than just posting it in a different language (as some people do)... I know that sometimes people's English does sound like its in a foreign tongue, but we all should still try and be helpful. The regulars of this site will hopefully assist me and set an example.

Please feel free to post your thoughts and concerns. If there are other topics that arise, I will make it publicly known for everyone to give their feedback.

Again, Thank you all for your time... and have fun


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Thank u ...

Taz Devil
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Might as well get it out of my system here.


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thanks for the notice

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Post Whore.

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