View Full Version : Nintendo GameCube ISOs burning! Help!

11-28-2010, 11:37 PM

Please, anyone can help me in this issue? I am still noob about it and don't know aything at all. So please advice me before wasting my money om blank mini DVD discs.

I have got 2 Nintendo GameCube(s), 1 is modded and the other is not.

The one which is modded here is its information:

Device: qoob SX
REV: hw1 Sw13c
DRIVER: 2001/06/08
System: DOL - 001 (EUR)

Can anyone please tell me which brands of media mini DVD-R , DVD+R , which will work on my model?

Can I also use a HP mini DVD-R 8x , 16x?

The other one is not modded, which is DOL - 001 (USA)

What branded media (Mini DVD Discs) does this model read??

Thanks for any help!