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01-26-2011, 04:34 PM
Hmm I don’t know how to review this without making it seem so bad. I was really looking forward to playing Atomic Games newest xbl/psn arcade game Breach as it would take me away from black ops and battlefield for a while but I was extremely let down. In my opinion this game is neither appealing nor addicting.
[story] There is none it’s a multiplayer only title

This game sure isn’t going to make your mouth drop with its decent graphics. The levels are big with not much creative or realistic design. There are a few instances when you’re at the top of a mountain or on a bridge and you see all the buildings and trees under you and your like hey this looks cool but the lack or artistic design and polish in this game make the cool turn into ew I felt like I was playing a very low down versions of bf 1943. The character models all pretty much look the same with their faces being the only thing that changes some are white some are African and some are Latinos. The guns also look bland and simple no camo or at least cloths wrapped around them.

31034[Gameplay] Sure the destruction in the game can be fun and all you know making big holes in the wall with your c4 or punching halls on the floor to see the enemies under you. The animations in the game feel and look stale your character’s movements seem and feel stiff and unanimated. There’s a variety of weapons in the game some of which you have to unlock by ranking up. The recoil In the assault rifles are big if you hold down the trigger like you would do in most games you will find yourself looking at the sky. The cover system in the game (similar to rainbow sis Vegas) is another cool feature in the game. The cover system allows you to take cover on walls sand bags etc. This allows players to see over sand bags or around corners to see oncoming enemies and surprise them with a burst to the face. Also some weapons mostly the assault rifles allow you to switch between single and auto fire by pressing up on the d-pad. This is a bad thing since your attachment (grenade launcher) shares the same button so you will find yourself pressing up on the d-pad a couple of times just to noobtube some one.

The game has no story mode but it has plenty of game types and maps for players to enjoy.
[Game types]
Infiltration-A Conquest like Game Type in which both teams compete to capture and hold strategic locations throughout the environment. Points are earned for time in possession of each location.

Convoy-Similar to Assault and Defend games, except, the target of the assault is a convoy of moving vehicles. One team advances the convoy to safety while the opposing team tries to stop it. Roadblocks and a destructible environment build on the challenge.

Retrieval-Each of the two teams compete to locate a randomly placed Bioweapon canister and deliver it to the drop-off location. Points are scored when a successful retrieval has occurred.

Team Deathmatch-Do I really need to explain this?

Sole survivor-Eliminate each player on the other team. There are no respawns. Combine Sole Survivor with Hardcore mode for authentic training.

The passage-Located in the mountains of central Asia, The Passage features a central tunnel choke point connecting an isolated village to the outside world. The Passage is critical to the transport of supplies throughout the region and is a known smuggling route.

Ascent-A mountain road ascends to a summit compound. Wooden shacks built on cliff faces, rickety bridges, and tunnels create choke points and alternate paths. Finding and controlling high ground is key to victory.

Silo-Located in an isolated mountain range, the silo stands alone in the middle of an ancient basin. There are old guard structures to watch over the exposed valley floor. Small bridges, narrow paths and tunnels connect the areas.

Peak-A communications complex is located high in snowy mountain tops. Besides containing crucial equipment, each of the complex’s stations is strategically positioned to watch over exposed roads and paths, creating a perilous approach.

The passage nocturnal-The passage but night time

31038The ranking system in the game which unlocks weapons and classes by giving you experience points to buy them may also be something that gets players hooked. There are 5 player classes in breach rifleman, gunner, support, sniper and recon you should know what rifleman gunner and sniper are. The support class is predominately a short range class with weapons specializing in smaller ranges but high lethality and stopping power and the recon class is a hybrid of the Rifleman and Sniper classes with weapons effective at both long and mid ranged combat. The Recon is a faster moving class with higher agility but with less armor the other classes.
There are also 23 weapons that can be used in breach most of which you have to unlock You can also buy perks and gadgets with the points like bionic ear which lets you hear enemies like ninja pro from mw2.
The match making system is easy to use you can either quick match it or search for a custom game of your liking. The thing is that right when you think you’ve found a game and are loading you will most likely get disconnected or a server error will occur and when you quick match it will say searching for game for like 10 minutes just for it to say failed to connect to game.

[Over All]
The only enjoyment you will have in this game will be in the first 5 minutes of game time (if you even get in a game) when you’re walking around blowing up holes in walls and using the new cover system to try and kill some enemies. I only recommend this game if you really have nothing else to play and I mean nothing and also have the spare points/money.

Score 2/5

01-26-2011, 04:43 PM
Nice try but I can't read a word of that.

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Nice try but I can't read a word of that.
i know idk what the hell is going on it was fine then when i hit post all those [appeared im trying to get it fixed

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i know idk what the hell is going on it was fine then when i hit post all those [appeared im trying to get it fixed

I managed to read through ignoring the [tags] and it's a decent little review. At least I know I shouldn't be wasting money on it, though the blowing everything up does sound fun.

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Nice try but I can't read a word of that.
alright you can red t now its fixed