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10-10-2011, 08:36 AM
Research shows Video Games help patients in intensive care


The usage of Nintendo Wii in Healthcare, and new research paper recently studied this usage, and it gives it the thumbs up. It does indeed help!

There been few studies done before that some forms of video games can infact help people get better again faster, like from stokes.

But now thanks to some solid research done by John Hopkins, it proves that the Nintendo Wii can help patients in intensive care.

"Patients admitted to our medical intensive care unit are very sick and, despite early physical therapy, still experience problems with muscle weakness, balance and coordination as they recover," says study leader Michelle E. Kho, P.T., Ph.D, assistant professor of Physical Medicine and at Johns Hopkins. "We are always looking for creative ways to improve rehabilitation care for critically ill patients, and our study suggests that interactive video games may be a helpful addition."

So, researchers did just that. With the help of a Nintendo Wii and its balance board, researchers had 22 critically ill patients do various games including bowling and boxing on the game console and found patient's stamina and balance improved.

Doctors think it is the HAVING FUN that helps them thru the normally boring daily therapy, but they also say some video games can have negative effects if played outside of a supervised settings.

Oh'well maybe the new age saying will be "Break Out the Wii Everyday" instead of the old "Have a Apple everyday"! :)

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