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10-12-2011, 11:30 AM
One of the problems with owning Jailbroken PS3 Console, is old content you purchased before expires


Now thanks to the hard-efforts of a number of PS3 researchers in how Sony's NPDRM system works, they been able to develop tools for you to re-enable your previously purchased PSN content on your PS3

Great news this morning!!!

PS3Hax member 'mallory' has released improved tools to help you reactivate your legally purchased PSN games, sitting dead on your Jailbroken PS3 Console.

This will really help those that purchased a bunch of 'content' before in the days of Jailbreaking, or during when Jailbreak'ers could go 'online', and now thanks to Sony's NPDRM system, can no longer use the 'content', because their PS3 has not see an 'recent' online packet from PSN, so instead of going 'legit' and updating your CFW console to the latest v3.72 so you can activate your old 'content', you can now use these improved tools by 'mallory' that will help you recover your previously purchased PSN 'content'.

Here is his readme on what he changed and how it works:

Based off of gitbrew’s 215d8903bc86539ca1da53519e2ac10eeafc4c27 ps3tools. .git folder not included to protect senstive info about the author.


Add the files in the npdrm_keystuff folder to your ps3 keys folder.
Create a file with your console’s 16 byte IDPS in the ‘idps’ file in your ps3 keys folder (e.g. ~/.ps3/idps).
Copy your PS3′s exdata folder containing your act.dat and rif files to your ps3 keys dir (e.g. ~/.ps3/exdata/act.dat).
Compile and have fun with your LEGALLY purchased NPDRM games!
Also works on free games without exdata/idps.

Apologies for any existing bugs in unself. Adding these changes to unself2 is left as an exercise for the reader.

v2 info:

Added npdrm magic to unself2 and readself2
unself2 doesn’t like the metadata section with type 3 in my game.
This section looks to be some kind of linking information. Here is a snippet:
crt0190002crt1190002libaudio_stub190002libaudio_st ub190002

I haven’t yet looked around to see if this is type of section is documented anywhere.


fail0verflow for the orginal tools
JuanNadie for figuring out NPDRM
euss for his endless hours of work on the wiki

Why didn’t you beat me to the punch, Team PS360? I didn’t need to reverse a single instruction! It isn’t that hard…

These tools are not for the PS3 'noobie', you still need to have some knowledge & files, plus it is just the 'code', you need to compile it into a working program!


NEWS SOURCE: Access your Legally purchased NPDRM games (via) PS3Hax (http://www.ps3hax.net/2011/10/compile-your-legally-purchased-npdrm-games/)

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What was wrong with my 'headlines'?

First, someone tells me to stop using ! or . in my headlines.

But what is your point? -- Or am I just replying to a 'spam bot' pushing a URL link! :mad:

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There is no need to complain about grammar or other errors. Those who doesent understand whats written in news, isnt *forced to even visit this page. People who complain about this should really go out of the door more often, and have a more social life.

Internet is what it is. There is spelling errors everywhere online.

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What was wrong with my 'headlines'?

First, someone tells me to stop using ! or . in my headlines.

But what is your point? -- Or am I just replying to a 'spam bot' pushing a URL link! :mad:

pay no mind to them gary, just a bunch of inet dweebs who really miss being able to use their Britannica encyclopedias since the net has now taken over.

you're doing a great job, eh piss on 'em...

Captain N1
10-12-2011, 07:09 PM
yeah don't pay attention to pumpkin-head he has 2 posts. I thank you for your contribution to maxconsole.

Back on Topic :

I dont think its fair for sony to prevent you from using legit DLC if your console has not been online in a while. what happens in 6(future) years when the server for it is no longer operational? all them DLC you paid real money for you cant use. what a waste of money. its like saying in 2 years your 60" LCD tv will no longer function. bunch of crap if you ask me. now if a user has installed DLC with a hack then sony should prevent it from being used once the console goes online. It should be easy to check if a user purchased the DLC legitimately.

Now i know there will be hacks/servers that will enable legit DLC in the future but that's not the point. Is it just me or do people like being told when they have to stop playing a DLC?

10-14-2011, 05:52 PM
What was wrong with my 'headlines'? First, someone tells me to stop using ! or . in my headlines. But what is your point? -- Or am I just replying to a 'spam bot' pushing a URL link! :mad: There is absolutely [email protected] all wrong with your headlines, I think the problem lies with the fact that so much s4!t was posted here before that people got used to it. This link was very deleted off of my links list a long time ago (see join date), the only reason I'm here now is because it's under new management and I want to see how things pan out. Congrats by the way on being one of the best (read reliable) and now prevalent sources online for gaming info/hacks. This site should benefit greatly from it. .. EDIT: Forgot to say, hi mate! lol - all the best.