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10-17-2011, 04:43 PM
Professor Layton Leaves The Nintendo Stable, Adds iOS To Supported Platforms


One of the biggest Nintendo DS franchises is jumping ship and no longer going to be an Nintendo’s exclusive for the 'Professor Layton' series, as 'Layton Brothers: Mystery Room will be for iOS devices

Tough times are headed for Nintendo's bottom line, as one of their major developers Level-5 has decided to jump off the big 'N' money-train and try out their hands in doing the next 'Professor Layton' series for iOS devices.

A developer making the jump from DS to iOS isn't the biggest news in the world, but Layton is one of the DS's most successful series, critically and commercially. The three games in the series so far (not counting Professor Layton and the Last Specter, released today in the US) have sold over eleven million copies, and reviewers have embraced the game's mix of quirky characters and taxing puzzles.

But Nintendo must be fuming. It's possible they locked in Level-5 to a certain number of titles before anything from the franchise appeared elsewhere, but clearly now they no longer have that hold, if they ever did. The company has always prided itself on taking its own road and more or less ignoring competitors, a strategy that has led to some big wins and catastrophic losses. This independence from trends occasionally gets infected with complacency, and in this case, with the 3DS lagging in sales, they may end up with the iPhone eating their lunch.

No release date yet, but here is the Japanese trailer for their next release.


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10-18-2011, 04:56 AM
I guess the following is suitable in this situation....

OH Sh*****T!!!!!! o___O

I really wish Nintendo did 3DS better, I mean I sold mine, I just did not feel it, the built quality was cheap, screen rez and colors were pathetic, the power was not enough in current generation, it LOOKED the same!

I am more excited about the PSVita...

Companies do NOT learn, they must loose and LOOSE and then learn the HARD way!

10-18-2011, 05:19 AM
This is one of the nails in the 3DS's coffin!!

It's one of my favourite games, and now headed to iOS, well I am happy becasue I enjoy playing on iOS devices, and this is perfect game for iOS!

EDIT: just now saw trailer, man title is misleading, it's not the Layton, it's Layton's spin off, not the real thing!