View Full Version : Lego Game Uses iOS To Combine Digital And Physical

10-19-2011, 09:10 PM
Welcome to 'Life of George' where you build a real-life Lego character to match the virtual iOS one!


You spend $29.99 at your nearest LEGO supplier, and you get a building mat, and 144 lego bricks and one cute little iOS app that rates your accuracy and speed in building various physical characters!

You are bored at 'lunch hour', you need a break from hard 'homework', whatever the reason, reach into your desk drawer, pull out a bunch of lego bricks, push away your keyboard, grab a cup coffee and your iPhone, and go inside the world of George, and you quickly assemble the various characters on your building mat, and then snap a picture of it, and get rated on your design accuracy and speed.

We understand consumers' powerful connection to casual gaming, and we have seen how successfully the LEGO brand can translate to a virtual experience, so we pursued development of a fun way to combine both physical and virtual play into one product. ‘Life of George' is a result of our desire to provide an innovative way for existing and new fans to play with LEGO bricks and interact with the brand.

Sounds like alot of fun, make sure you hide the plastic bricks before your boss comes back from his golfing break. -- And don't build any LEGO guns or you might have the Swat Team crashing thru your office door. (Inside joke, google it!)


NEWS SOURCE: Life of George (via) PSFK (http://www.psfk.com/2011/10/new-lego-game-uses-ios-app-to-combine-digital-and-physical-play.html)