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12-10-2011, 01:40 PM
Developer 'andbey0nd' has updated his 'gameDATA' tool which is handy for moving the install location of PSN data from 'Internal' to 'External' USB HDD


The main new feature of (rev. 2) is that it supports all CFW, and includes support for those running 'Cobra' or 'True Blue' dongles.

A new version of the handy tool 'GameData' has been released, something that everyone should install on their PS3 system! :D

With this new version this time round 'andbey0nd' tells us that his tool now has the ability to be used with ANY CFW (Cobra/TB/Kmeaw/Rebug/MFW 3.41 and 3.55) utilizing syscall35, and fixed a bug that was present in Rev1 and made the package smaller.

So with that said we present you with gameDATA Tool (Rev2) and changelog below:

What does it do?
Allows the user to switch location of [game data] between internal HDD and first external USB HDD
Allows to install PSN games (or any application/pkg) to external USB HDD
Allows to get back to normal mode when you use "Ext. Game Data" option in multiMAN
Allows saving space on internal HDD
GameDATA (rev 2)
Installs on all connected USB drives (but uses the first detected USB for the game-data storage)
Works properly after a clean PS3 start (when no payloads are preloaded by other tools/managers) (bugfix from rev 1)
Added "(utilizing syscall35)"
Supports all firmwares: MFW/CFW 3.41, 3.55, including Cobra 3.55 and TrueBlue 3.55 (utilizing syscall35)
Smaller in size (124KB on internal HDD and 47KB on external USB)


Off-Site External Download Link: --> gameDATA TOOL v2.rar (via) Mediafire (http://www.mediafire.com/?jaiquzekzjg6c64) (123.25kb)

NEWS SOURCE: gameDATA (rev. 2) Released (via) PS3Crunch (http://www.ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/1966-gameDATA-(rev.-2)-Released)

Our many thanks to 'nickxab' for submitting this cool PS3 homebrew app! :)

12-10-2011, 08:06 PM
The question I have is this, I have a large external hard drive for my PS3.
What I want to know is that can I use this to install something like Gran Tourismo onto the external hard drive VS the internal hard drive?

Not sure if GT has file larger then 4GB's, I know it works from internal just fine... I just hate to spend money upgrading the PS3 since thats the only device I have that would use that drive. GT works fine on my machine but it does eat up like 90% of the drive by itself.

If there was one thing I would wish for from hackers is a way to just force the PS3 to use an external drive instead of the internal one and format it as such. I know this is probably not possible but it would be cool.

I know some PSN downloads also do not like to be forced into using the external drive lol