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01-02-2012, 08:51 AM
Kado has released a patch for users who have downgraded their PS3's


One of the problems with 'Downgrading' a PS3, is there is 'system checks' still in place, which stopped the installation of the 'True Blue' CFW, but now thanks to 'Kado' that is no longer a problem!

One of the problems with being able to use the 'True Blue' dongle is that it needs a v3.55 PS3 Console, and alot of owners have already updated to v3.60 or v3.73 or even v4.00, and even tho 'E3 Flasher' and 'ProgSkeet' and other homebuilt NAND/NOR flashers, are able to 'downgrade' your PS3 back to older firmware, some hardcoded 'syscon' checks stay in place, meaning in short you could not installed the special CFW that is needed to operate the 'True Blue' dongle.

Well now thanks to 'KADO' that is no longer a problem, and he has released a patch to allow those that downgraded their consoles to be able to use the 'True Blue' dongle.

How to use it:

If you attend to downgrade 3.56+ console and use TB dongle after that then use this steps (if you already at Rogero CFW V2.0 do the same steps also):

1 - Dump your NOR flash using Progskeet first if you didn't have a good dump from your console.
2 - Download patch file attached to this thread.
3 - Extract this file and you will get 4 folders use patch in folder "Coba_2" to patch your dump using WinSkeet.
4 - Apply this patch to your dump then flash it to your console.
5 - Enter a Factory Service Mode using any method you like.
6 - Use TB CFW with Lv2diag.self to flash your TB CFW in FSM.
7 - Start your console normally, if it brick just dump this NOR flash again then patch again using "Coba_2" patch.
8 - If it still bricked use "Coba_3" patch to patch your dump again then flash it back to your console.
9 - Start console normally, now your console can run TB CFW on downgraded console.
10- Power off your console, plug your TB Dongle then power it on again and enjoy http://www.ps3crunch.net/forum/images/smilies/wink.png.

Credit goes to Kado for this patch
Also a very big thanks goes to:
Abkarino (Me kado gives me this not me),nice69, uf6667, rogero,muggi, eusnl, ago, and all ppl.

Download KADO True-Blue JB2 Patch for Downgraded consoles (http://www.sendspace.com/file/75uwc2)

PLEASE REMEMBER, this is NOT for the 'noobie', you must have a solid way to 'downgrade', good clean connection, verified your NOR dump many times, and another dongle other then the 'True Blue' that able to enter into 'Factory/Service Mode', and a few stable USB sticks to hold the files, and time on your hands to take it slow and do it right, or you will end up with a nice shiny black brick!

NEWS SOURCE: True Blue Downgrade Patch (via) PS3Crunch (http://www.ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/2192-KADO-True-Blue-JB2-Patch-for-Downgraded-consoles)