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01-09-2012, 09:22 AM
A Neat Homebrew App for Jailbreak (CFW) PS3 users, that allows them to activate PSN and DLC content


The famous reActPSN app designed by Hotz8611 for the Jailbroken Sony PS3 Console v3.55 CFW users has recently been updated to v2.10

This one seems worthwhile upgrade, and it no longer needs any VSH patching, and it seems to be able to 'convert' demo PSN to full game without the need of sharing of any 'edat' or 'rap' files, at least from the reports of users testing it out. -- I personally have no need for this program, so try at your own RISK. -- Backup First!

reActPSN v2.10

1. Compatible with reActPSN v2.00.

2. Changed v2.0 backup file format to one zip file, backup speed fast more than 20 times. Fixed some rap long name bug.

3. Added edat fix mode, this mode working on any CFW, no need aa user or patched vsh.self.

(1) Auto generate XMB purchase full activation edat, no need any raps or official edat files.

Install official LIMBO.pkg TERIS.pkg HCU.pkg, Run reActPSNv2.10 and keep pressed BUTTON_CIRCLE about 6s, all will be full working.
Higher PS3_SYSTEM_VER also be fixed in SFO files (old save data could not be accessed).

(2) Fix PSone PSP THEME with raps. raps from USB0(1)/exdata/*.rap.

Install official PSone PSP THEME, copy raps to USB0(1)/exdata/ folder(not in subDirs!).
Run reActPSNv2.10 and keep pressed BUTTON_CIRCLE about 6s, all working.
And also fix PARAM.SFO to enable PSP remote, higher PS3_SYSTEM_VER also be fixed.

(3) DLC, in game purchase PSN games not working on this fix mode.

Please using reActPSN v2.00 raps mode. Raps mode is flawless!

NEWS SOURCE: reActPSN v2.10 (via) PS3ISO (http://www.ps3iso.com/applications/98470-reactpsn-v2-10-update.html)

01-09-2012, 10:07 AM
Nice!!! For those interest on dlc..Gary check the thread for true blue cfw v.2