View Full Version : Team Cobra Releases Updated 'mmCM'

01-26-2012, 10:01 AM
'mmCM' (aka) 'multiMAN Cobra Manager' is now at v04.00.01 with tons of new features & improvements


The support team behind the Cobra-USB dongle have posted new of a minor update to the 'mmCM' (aka) 'multiMAN Cobra Manager' that was released earlier today.

The new v4.00.01 update brings along with it a nice selection of themes and other improved visuals, besides fixing up some minor issues, etc. :)

Added new display mode (Board 5x4x5), replacing the oldest "Game list (plain)" mod
"Board" display mode shows ICON0.PNG game images by default.
You can use covers by changing the option "XMMB Game Icon Swap" in Settings
Improved File Manager visuals when used in SD resolution (480p/576p)
Fixed an issue, which prevented operation on CFW/MFW 3.41 when Cobra USB is not used
Added support for showing PSN titles in all display modes from internal/external HDD (PSN titles cannot be loaded and you have to put empty RELOAD.SELF in game's USRDIR folder to make it show!) (requested)
Added lastGAME2 and bdRESET applications
Added 11 new themes to the theme download section (total of 14 now)
Updated 15 language files
Added separate background images for Board and XBDM display modes (PSVBG.JPG and XBDBG.JPG)
Updated mmCM Original Theme (includes new images PSVBG.JPG, XBDBG.JPG, PBOX0.PNG, PBOX1.PNG)
Preparations to support loading of network PS3, DVD and Blu-ray ISO files
Preparations to support firmware version spoofer (auto-spoofing to latest official FW or to user-defined fixed version)
Required Cobra USB update will be announced when network ISO and firmware spoof support is available

Hmm... -- I just noticed the words 'preparations for network loading of ISO' -- Team Cobra is really packing in the features! :)

Remember all the recent v4 releases of 'mmCM' will work also on Sony PS3 Consoles running v3.55 CFW or with the 'True Blue' device.