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01-26-2012, 11:53 AM
More details on the whole 'Nintendo Network' system to be revealed at E3


Recently there has been alot of 'rumors' regarding the status of the up-coming Nintendo Wii U developer kits, with some claiming the 'final' version has been shipped out already.

Last we heard from Wii U devs, final dev kits were out there in the wild, and the system was a bit more powerful than they originally thought.

Now we have an inside source that claims a few more details.
dev kits now perform somewhat better than previous dev kits
dev kits are not absolutely final
still be some tweaks to the controller
Nintendo Network detailed at E3
NEWS SOURCE: Rumor roundup the real deal with the Wii U devkits (via) NintendoEnthusiast (http://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/2012/01/25/rumor-roundup-the-real-deal-with-the-wii-dev-kits-retro-star-fox-rocksteady-tmnt-and-more/)

Our thanks to 'Stevetry' for another good rumor tip!

01-26-2012, 01:59 PM
This wouldn't surprise me one bit, the original GC dev kits only ran about half speed and really only hit full speed almost at release of the machine. (But you have to have the new machines its not a software upgrade....)


01-26-2012, 03:42 PM
lol the first dev kits wore only twice as powerful as the ps3 but it was made clear that they were far from final