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01-26-2012, 01:10 PM
Looks like they are ripping off a very popular mobile title.


The new Zynga game for the app store, 'Dream Heights' is extremely similar to 'Tiny Tower' from indie dev Nimblebit.

Zynga, best known for its successful Facebook games like Farmville and Cityville, is being accused for ripping off a very popular iPhone game, 'Tiny Tower' from indie iOS dev Nimblebit.

Their new 'free' (with in-app purchases) iPhone game, Dream Heights shares a lot of similarities with the mentioned game. "Nimblebit's Ian Marsh got word out about the similarities between Dream Heights and Tiny Tower with an image that's still making the Twitter rounds. The image is made up of screenshots showing how Dream Heights' interface and gameplay mechanics appear strikingly similar to Tiny Tower's."

"We noticed you are about to launch a new iPhone game called Dream Heights! Congratulations!" reads the image, which was addressed to "all 2,789" of Zynga's employees. "We wanted to thank all of you guys for being such big fans of our iPhone game of the year, Tiny Tower!"

(You can check the attached image below, to see clearly what the problem is!)

Looks like Zynga had plans to acquire the indie gaming company before:

Marsh also said on Twitter that Zynga "did try to go the honest route and try to acquire us first." He added that inside Dream Heights' app binary, the Zynga project "is named 'TowerVille' and its inhabitants are named zitizens" -- Tiny Tower's are called "bitizens."

There are a lot of game clones and game copies on the iOS app store, but with Zynga involved, this story is becoming extremely controversial!

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01-27-2012, 11:30 AM
Nimblebit is just crying. They copeie dthe game themselves. See picture below.