View Full Version : multiMAN UPD PKG to enable 'backups' on DEX

02-05-2012, 04:03 PM
One of the problems with owning a DEX (aka) TEST PS3, it would not run 'homebrew' like 'multiMAN'


Now finally, thanks to unknown developers a 'update' package has been made available that enabled 'multiMAN' to fully run and play all PS3 'backups' on DEX just like Jailbreak retail PS3 owners could

One of the problems of owning a DEX machine is it very useful to develop 'homebrew' on, but if you want to sit down and enjoy some nice game 'backup' love, you are out of the picture and you needed to own TWO PS3 machines. -- Finally, recently with the latest 'mmCM' update, there was some background work added to make it possible now to run 'multiMAN' on a DEX (aka) TEST machines, and magically this UPD PKG was handed over to me to test and pubicly release, and it seems to do the job very nicely :)

You need to install the 'mmCM' v04.01.00 released yesterday first on your DEX, then run this UPD PKG to get 'multiMAN' to now run & play games from your HDD :)

This makes the 'mmCM' function as normal 'multiMAN' on DEX machines running 3.55 just like on CEX, but of course without the Cobra exclusive functions!

Not much more can be said about this release, but it seems to work on QA flag'ed CEX machines also thanks to LV2_LOADER and the previous 'dexl0ve' posting :)

For More Information, please see the News Source link!

NEWS SOURCE: multiMAN running on DEX (via) PS3Crunch (http://www.ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/2643-EXCLUSIVE-multiMAN-UPD-PKG-to-enable-backups-on-DEX-machines)