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02-09-2012, 06:13 PM
According to iPhone operator profiles


Jailbreak tools helped to discover this inside code-guts of current iOS devices.

It appears that some smart-guys from Yourdailymac website have just discovered the day when the next version of the popular Apple iOS system will be rolled out. It appears that we are getting iOS 5.1 on March 9th as it is indicated in carrier's profiles files.

Here is some paragraphs that clarifies the fact a bit more:

We today discovered that Apple published eleven new profiles for various iPhone-operators. These files are compatible with iOS 5.1 and are set for release on March 9.

This could indicate that iOS 5.1 will be released around that date, is will be available for the following devices; iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 3G/4G, iPad, and iPad 2.

The profiles that have been found by us are intended for operators in Japan, France, Greece, Finland, and Sweden. By updating the profile on the iPhone, it will make sure that the network connection will work correctly after Apple releases iOS 5.1. The iOS updates are normally rolled out at the same time worldwide, so everyone should expect iOS 5.1 to become available next month.

However, the question remains if March 9 is also actually going to be the release date. We expect that Apple could release iOS 5.1 simultaneously with the announcement of the next-generation iPad, which will likely take place early next month. But these are all rumors and it is hard to give a more precise indication about the iOS 5.1 release date.

We suggest the Jailbreakers to start backing up your SHSH Blobs and stay away from the update until further indication. (A.K.A be relaxed and wait for 5.1 jailbreak).

If Steve Jobs were still between us he will be infuriated for this leak for sure ;)

NEWS SOURCE: Operator Profiles show that iOS 5.1 may be released on March 9 (via) YourDailyMac (http://www.yourdailymac.net/2012/02/operator-profiles-show-that-ios-5-1-may-be-released-on-march-9/)

Our thanks again to 'Kaos2K'