View Full Version : Team Cobra Releases Updated 'mmCM'

02-23-2012, 03:19 PM
v04.01.04 (aka) 'multiMAN Cobra Manager'


Another update from Team Cobra for their 'mmCM' backup manager with a number of improvements and optimized features

Team Cobra has released another minor update to the 'mmCM' which improves on a number of features, and remember this New & Improved 'multiMAN' is useful for all Jailbreak PS3 owners, not just for those with 'Cobra-USB' dongles, so enjoy this handy update! :)



Improved FTP transfer speed even more
Improved FTP compatibility with certain clients (wininet)
Improved "Game list (4x2)" display mode
Improved "Game list (poster)" display mode
Improved overall speed and stability and fixed some GUI glitches
Optimized memory usage (10MB more RAM available for operations)
Optimized caching procedure for game icons and backgrounds (ICON0/PIC1.PNG) - faster and less HDD space used
Added "Group Titles by Genre" option in the SIDE menu and changed the function of [SQUARE] button: now opens "Game Settings" menu

Cobra USB

mmCM ver 04.01.04 BASE (20120223).rar (21 MB) (showTIME, ps3NETSRV, lastGAME, bdRESET) >> VIA >> http://www.sendspace.com/file/1a56ok

mmCM ver 04.01.04 FULL (20120223).rar (296 MB) (showTIME, ps3NETSRV, lastGAME, bdRESET, 1 motion background, 10 themes, 7020 game covers) >> VIA >> http://www.sendspace.com/file/znkbs2