View Full Version : Synching 3rd-party Wireless Guitar

02-26-2012, 10:35 PM
I bought a Pega Crazy Band which has a mic, guitar and drums. My Wii is soft-moded with ciOS 249 (rev 20) and I'm running games using USB Loader GX v2.2.

I already tested the mic and drums on my PC since both can be connected directly to it without synchronization. Works well on my PC but my Wii can't detect it, my guess was because port 1 is being used by my HDD which has my installed games and USB Loader GX. No luck re-configuring the USB Loader GX to port 2, already tried installing a lot of stuffs, I read that re-installing some of the ciOS with the device attached and turned on at port 2 will fix it but it didn't.

Btw, the Pega Crazy Band guitar doesn't have a slot for a Wii remote, its a wireless guitar that needs to be sync with the receiver attached to the USB. Anyone knows how to resolve this?