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03-03-2012, 11:59 AM
Several websites confirmed it according to their traffic analytics


Apple employees are using iPads 3 with iOS version 6 to surf the web. A recent discover by Ars Technica and CultofMac revealed it.

Wow, these are shocking news! Ars Technica and later CultofMac have confirmed that they are having visitors running iOS 6 on devices that spot a 2048×1536 screen resolution. Actually there are no devices with that resolution so they have assumed it are retina displays of the upcoming iPad 3. All the registered IP's for those devices matchs block of adressess of Apple at Cupertino.

This doen't means that we are going to see iOS 6 on the March 7th keynote but asures us that the thing exists.

According to ArsTechnica:

Are employees at Apple already using the so-called iPad 3—possibly running iOS 6—to surf the Web ahead of its expected announcement on March 7? We're not sure, but the Ars magic 8-ball says "signs point to yes."

While digging through our logs in preparation for our monthly browser stat report, we found 346 (update: actually 365) visits from a device with a screen resolution of 2048x1536—the exact resolution rumored for the "retina" display in the next-generation iPad. Although a screen resolution by itself isn't much to go on, a quick search around the Web indicates that there are very few devices in current use that have this same resolution.

In the other hand, CultofMac says:

The next thing I checked for was to see if any devices told our servers that they’re running iOS 6. While I didn’t find any devices that are running iOS 6, I did find a couple visitors running iPad iOSX, and iPad iOSU.

To be perfectly honest I have no idea what that means. It could be a new version of the iPad’s iOS software, or it could just be an odd glitch with our analytics. There were only a couple of visitors that were using that screen resolution with a weird iOS title. As Jacquie Cheng of Ars Technica points out though, the iPad 3’s running iOS were not running the older WebKit 534.46, and neither were these.

More coverage and info on the links below.

NEWS SOURCE #1: iPads using iOS 6 high-res displays showing up in Ars server logs (via) ArsTechnica (http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2012/03/ipads-using-ios-6-high-res-displays-showing-up-in-ars-server-logs.ars)
NEWS SOURCE #2: Apple employees are surfing the web on iOS 6 enabled iPad 3s (via) Cult of Mac (http://www.cultofmac.com/149973/apple-employees-are-surfing-the-web-on-ios-6-enabled-ipad-3s/)

Our thanks to 'Kaos2K' for another news story!

03-04-2012, 03:44 AM
I think we all know its being announced on the 7th.

03-04-2012, 07:22 AM
I think we all know its being announced on the 7th.

The iPad 3 is what is going to be announced not iOS 6 :P.