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03-06-2012, 02:04 PM
iOS and Android phone to benefit of this new feature


The mobile browsers now shows information about places you have recently searched for on any of your devices

This is for all "smartphoners" out there (Almost all the people i know). Google has rolled out another search feature for the browsers of Android and iOS Phones. The new update allows you to remember easily what places have you searched before on your computer or other device when you plan to go there or need a direction.

The post at the official blog explains it better:

How often are you doing a Google search from your computer to find information about a place before going there? Now, next time you go to Google.com on your Android phone or iPhone, information about that place will be conveniently available under the new “Recent” icon. Calling, getting directions or seeing details about the places you just searched for is now only one tap away.

We provide this new convenience feature for users who have Web History enabled and are logged into Google when doing their search. Start by searching for a place on your PC or other devices, then login to Google.com’s mobile homepage and check the Recent icon. Information about previously searched places will be available under the Recent icon for about a day.

The new “Recent” icon shows information about places you have recently searched for on any of your devices. Try swiping to the right to see more icons for other categories of places.

Next time you are heading to a place you have recently searched for, no need to worry if you can’t remember the address or phone number. Just go to Google.com on your smartphone and tap on the “Recent” icon. We hope you find this new feature useful!

Now you can be sure that Google knows where you are...

NEWS SOURCE: Introducing new local search experience (via) Google Mobile (http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/2012/03/introducing-new-local-search-experience.html)