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03-08-2012, 10:13 AM
And Epic shows the first game trailer.


Epic's Action role-playing game series gets another sequel. This time showcases the New iPad graphical capabilities

Infinity Blade: Dungeons is an upcoming action role-playing by Epic Games, specially designed for the New iPad.

Set several thousand years prior to the events in the original Infinity Blade games, the new instalment is a Diablo-style dungeon crawler that has players assume the role of an apprentice weaponsmith who serves the Master of the Forge, "sent forth on a perilous quest to forge the one thing the Deathless will come to fear most: the Infinity Blade."

This is a prequel and according to Epic, it "unleashes the power of the new iPad", as the game keeps using the Unreal Engine 3.

"Just like Apple has raised the bar for mobile computing, the Infinity Blade franchise has continually re-defined expectations for mobile gaming," said Epic Games president Dr. Michael Capps. "With Infinity Blade: Dungeons we continue the tradition of melding exciting gameplay with beautiful, rich worlds powered by Unreal Engine technology; and Apple's new iPad allows us to push the boundaries even further."

"The Unreal engine is unleashing the power of the new iPad," the developer said at Apple's San Francisco press conference. "[It has] more memory and higher screen resolution than the Xbox 360 or PS3..."

The game actually looks pretty good, and most likely will look truly incredible with the device new Retina Display.

Check out the trailer below!


NEWS SOURCE: Epic announces Infinity Blade Dungeons for iPad 3 (via) CVG (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/339023/epic-announces-infinity-blade-dungeons-for-ipad-3/)

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