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03-12-2012, 01:46 PM
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The App is called Marvel AR and will come to Android and iOS devices allowing you to enjoy comics in a whole new level.

Bored of reading standar digital/paper comics? What about a new and interactive experience with augmented reality features that allow you to experiment the action more closely? The answer is Marvel AR, a new Android and iOS app that Marvel Comics has just announced to experiment super-heroes in and augmented reality way.

According to CNET:

Marvel Comics unveiled a new way to read comic books today at South by Southwest Interactive that involves an augmented reality app and the physical comic itself.

The app, called Marvel AR, is half of the entertainment company's new push to further integrate digital and print comics, an effort it's calling Marvel ReEvolution. The other half is a digital-only line of comics called Marvel Infinite Comics, which will be available to readers from the standard Marvel Comics app for free when they buy the print comic with a digital coupon, when they buy the standard digital comic, or separately as a 99-cent digital download. The first Infinite Comics story will tie in to Avengers versus X-Men and be written by Mark Waid, with art by Stuart Immonen and colors by Marte Gracia. These are big names in the comics business, so Marvel's clearly not publishing throwaway stories, even if they are digital-only and feel more disposable.

Whereas Infinite Comics tells a superhero story available only digitally, Marvel Augmented Reality supplements the printed comic as you're reading it. Peter Phillips, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Marvel Digital Media Group, compared the AR app to DVD extras. "The AR app will show readers what the editor was thinking, what the writer was thinking, 3D extras, and pencil art."

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More info and a video of the app running on the link below.

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