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03-13-2012, 12:13 PM
The most expensive game on iTunes ever?


Wizardry: Prisoners of the Battles can be found in the App Store but... would you buy it for $38?

59 Studios has released Wizardry: Prisoners of the Battles in the App Store for iOS devices. The game is a port of the Ps2 and Pc version released in the past, but with some improvements and features, like 30+ dungeons and 200 types of monsters.

Wizardry: Prisoners of the Battles seems to be very expensive for an iOS game, as the price has been set to 3.200 yen, that's $38.

If you want to try the game there's also available a "lite version" for free, but you can play only until the second level of the first dungeon. Is this the most expensive game on the App Store ever?

APPLE APP STORE: http://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/wizardry-wai-chuan-zhan-douno/id507096696?mt=8

NEWS SOURCE: And you thought Final Fantasy Tactics war of the lions for iOS was expensive (via) SiliconEra (http://www.siliconera.com/2012/03/12/and-you-thought-final-fantasy-tactics-war-of-the-lions-for-ios-was-expensive/)

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03-13-2012, 07:33 PM
i don't know anything about the later wizardry titles, but i loved the wizardry games on the apple 2e. many many hours spent on those titles, that and the ultima series on the apple 2e also.

03-15-2012, 02:21 PM
I used to like these games, but they became boring after a while.