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03-13-2012, 12:39 PM
The new Square Enix's RPG coming to iOS devices


The sequel of the amazing Chaos Rings is almost here.

The release date of the awaited Chaos Rings II has been revealed today. Developed by Square Enix Chaos Rings II will be launched on March 15 for iOS devices. The price for this great RPG has been set to 2000 for iPhone/iPod touch and 2,200 for the iPad version.

Check out below the last trailer of the game, which comes with the Celestial Diva song:


NEWS SOURCE: Chaos Ring 2 Date (via) Andriasang (http://andriasang.com/con09t/chaos_ring_2_date/)

Our thanks to 'Robe24' for another news story!

Captain N1
03-13-2012, 09:19 PM
wanna know something funny, Square, not to long ago, said they will only be developing final fantasy games for advanced hardware like ps3/360. Square said they only will make a ff game on powerfull hardware that will advance the series. I remember them saying that when asked if they would do a true final fantasy on the wii.(crystal crap dont count) well aint developing on the ipad/iphone/ios going a step back? At the moment ipad cant do much better then ps2/gamecube/xbox 1 graphics. We can clearly see that they are full of ****. they just did not want to develop for a Nintendo console. Just fess up square and admit it. I bet even when the wii U is released they still wont develop a real final fantasy game for it. Instead they develop the crystal series on Nintendo consoles and complain that it did not sell.

I just wanted to point this out. no troll dad please

03-16-2012, 03:02 AM
Nice game. Missed on the ps2, will see if its available now.